Roping Mom Into It

by Carson (CA)

“Do you want me with clothes … or without?” Jaylee asked with an amused smile on her pretty face.

“Oh, without, please,” her son, Jarred, told her.

Without hesitation Jaylee began to undressed. Her son stood and watched as her blouse came off and then her bra, releasing her large full breasts. Then her pants and her panties came off, reveling her unshaven hairy vaginal area, and the rest of her full and rounded body. Jarred smiled at his naked mom as she then laid back on the bed.

Permissively he took the soft white cord and began to secure his mom’s hands and then her legs. When he had tied to the bed he smiled and she smiled back, wiggling her bare toes and enjoying their fun little game.

Jarred opened his jeans to let his hard red boner spear out.

“Suck it, mom,” he commanded as he stepped over to the bed and thrust his boner up to his mom’s mouth.

Jaylee opened her mouth and began to lick her tongue over the swollen head of her son’s dick, doing so eagerly. Jarred then shoved the hugely mushrooming head into her mouth and she began to suck.

“Oh, you suck dick so good, mom,” Jarred said.

His mom made unintelligible guttural sounds.

Jarred then pulled his dick from her mouth and he started to undress.

When he was naked and standing there with his boner curving rigidly up he said, “I’m going to fuck you mom.”

“Oh! Are you going to fuck me with your big dick?”

“I’m going to fuck your pussy with my big dick,” he told her.

Jarred climbed on top of his naked mom. With her hands tied above her head and her ankles tie and her legs spread wide apart, she was helpless to do anything but lay there.

“OHHHHH!” she cried out as her son thrust his hard dick into her vagina in one penetrating effort. “Oh! You’re fucking your mom’s pussy!”

“I’m going to fuck your pussy so good!”

Jarred thrust his hard boner in and out a dozen times. Then he stopped and reached a hand down to tease his mom’s erect clit.

“Oh … Oh …Oh … yes,” she panted.

Jarred grinned as he stimulated his mom’s pleasure organ. And then, suddenly, he stopped.

Jaylee gasped.”Oh, please … please make me cum!”

“I don’t know if I should make you cum. I should just fuck you and leave you horny,” Jarred laughed.

“Oh, please make me cum! Then you could fuck me. You can fuck my ass. You can fuck any part of me … but just make me cum!”

Jarred resumed stimulating his mom’s swollen clit and very quickly she was climaxing and gasping. Doing this with her son and being tied up always made her so unbelievably aroused.

“OH! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried out, her hands and arms and legs struggling against her bonds as she experienced a breathtaking orgasm. “AHHHHHHH!!!”

Jarred loved making his mom cum.

When she was finished he resumed fucking his dick into her vagina and was suddenly ejaculating and overabundance of semen into her.

“Uh! Uhhhhhh! I’m fucking my sperm into you, mom. I hope to get you pregnant!”

“Oh, Jarred! Please fuck your sperm into me! Get me pregnant!”

“Ohhhhh …” Jarred sighed heavily as his penis finished copulating in his mother’s vagina.

“Oh, man … that was so good,” Jarred breathed.

“Oh, you’re telling me!” Jaylee said.

She and her son had started having this kind of fun together several months ago and it was so good. And of course she would not get pregnant, but that was part of the fun teasing and joking about that.

Jarred pulled his dick from his mom’s now thoroughly wet pussy.

“You’d better untie me,” she said. “You father will be home soon.”

“Mmm … maybe not,” Jarred said.”Maybe I’ll just leave you tied to the bed. Dad might want to fuck you, too.”

“No!”Jaylee gasped, her dark eyes wide. “You father would think that this was so immoral … me being tied to the bed … and letting my own son fuck me!”

Jarred laughed. “Okay, mom. I’ll untie you. We wouldn’t t give dad a heart attack.”

He reached down and released her wrist and then her legs and his mom sat up.

“And he would have a heart attack!” Jaylee said, rubbing her wrists. “I mean … well, if he just knew that you were fucking your mother!”

“We’ll just keep it our secret,” Jarred said happily.

His mom smiled. “Yes. It’s better that way. It’s a nice secret to have between a mother and son.”

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