Room Service

by Carol (Florida)

When you’re away from home, what is better then room service. My hubby, Rocky loves to order it and he makes me answer the door in my short red satin robe, loosely tied I might add. I like to go to the casino and hubby doesn’t so I’ll go and gamble for awhile and when I get tired my host will get me a room.

I pack very light when I go but I always make sure my robe is in my bag. I’m tired but hungry so I order room service. There’s a knock on the door and it’s a college age young man standing there with his mouth open and I say come in. He’s staring at my big tits which are almost exposed.

This man is so nervous as I’m standing next to him as he is preparing my food. I see he’s getting horny by the bulge in his pants and he says ok the food is ready. I ask him if he’s hungry and I open and drop my robe. He grabs one of my big tits and starts to suck on my big nipples. He’s making me so wet so I grab his hand and put it on my pussy and he says boy you’re so wet.

I pulls his pants down and take his beautiful hard cock in my mouth. I’m sucking his cock and I’m ready to be fucked, so I lay on the bed spread my legs and tell him to fuck me. He climbs on top of me and puts the head in and I grab his ass and tell him to slam my pussy. I love to fucked rough so he slams it inside me.

He says I’m John and I tell him I’m Carol nice to meet you now fuck me. John is fucking me fast and I like that so I cum all over his cock and he rolls me over wanting to fuck me doggy. I open my pussy and tell ok John come and get it and he slams his cock into my pussy. I love it being fucked by John when he cums deep inside me.

He pulls his cock out of me I suck the rest of his cum out and off he goes. I’m laying on the bed wishing for John to come back as I fall fast asleep. The next morning I shower and I go home. Rocky asks me did I have a good time and I said yes with the young room service man. I strip give Rocky the details and now he’s fucking me with his big Italian cock.

I love when I tell him what happened because all he wants to do is fuck me and he knows how to fuck me making me cum multiple times. When we’re on vacation he’ll order room service and make me answer the door. This one time in Jamaica, he ordered room service and waited a little while and he went to take a shower.

I put my robe on and when there was the knock on the door I answered it. It was an older black man and I said come in. He looks at me licking his lips and I ask him does he like what he sees. He says like it I love it if you show me more. I was never shy so I opened and dropped my robe standing naked in front of him.

He says my name is Hal and I tell him I’m Carol and I say what’s next. He grabs my hand and brings me to the bed and I lay down and spread my legs. Hall says Carol I hope you can handle my black monster. Hal drops his pants and OMG sit was a monster alright, over a foot long. He starts to rub my pussy with the head of it and then he sinks it inside me.

Mmmmmm Hal felt so good inside me. Rocky came out the bathroom and said Carol whose your friend she said Hal this is my hubby Rocky now fuck me. Hal pushes his black cock inside me and I scream yes yes yes. I grab Rocky’s cock and start to suck it and Hal asks Rocky do you want to trade places.

Rocky tells Hal no you fuck her because I can always, enjoy yourself. OMG Hal slams my white pussy with his huge black cock and Ricky is now fucking my mouth. I tell Hal I’m cumming fuck me Hal and his cock is filling and stretching my pussy. Hal cums deep inside me gets up and leaves. I say to Ricky do you want to fuck me with Hal’s cum inside me.

Rocky rolls me over and slams his big cock inside me fucking me doggy my favorite. Rocky cums inside me and then puts his cock in my mouth telling me to clean his and Hal’s cum off my cock. We go take a shower and when we get out there’s a knock on our door.

I open the door in a towel and it’s Hal and he says he’s off now and could we fuck some more, I drop the towel and tell him yes come inside. Hall get undressed and lays on the bed and his huge cock is standing straight up. I spit on it and lower myself down on it taking it all inside me.

I feel Rocky making my ass wet and I know what’s going to happen, I’m going to get DP’d. I love when a man cums in my ass and I feel Ricky slowly pushing his big hard cock inside me. Hal grabs my face and gives me a big kiss putting his tongue inside my mouth. I cum and Hal cums inside me and I cum again when Ricky cums in my ass.

Rocky gets dressed and says I’ll leave you two to have some more fun. OMG Hal dink’s his huge cock in my ass and he says I want to cum in your ass also. I look at him and tell him fuck my ass Hal and he slams the rest of his huge black cock in my ass. He cums in my ass and I cum so hard and we collapse on the bed. Hal says Carol your such a slut and I tell him yes Hal your slut as I grab his cock and guide it into my pussy.

We fucked most of the night and Hal says come take a shower with me which I gladly do. Hal is washing me playing with my big tits and he says bend over I want some more of your good white pussy. I bend over open my pussy and Hal slams his cock again into me. We both cum he gets dressed and leaves.

Hall looks at me and says if you want I can come back tomorrow after work, I lay on the bed, spread my pussy and say it will be waiting. Hal laughs and leaves and Rocky is now back. He told me he met this woman by the hot tub and fucked her. He asked me about Hal and I told him I want Hal to fuck me again.

Rocky jumped on me and slammed my pussy with his cock and he fucked me like a wild animal and I enjoyed every minute of it. Ladies if you like to have fun, order room service. TRUE STORY.

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