Ron Loves Richie

by Derrick (CA)

There I was, sitting naked on Ron’s lap facing him, with his boner pushed up into my butt.

I could hardly believe that I was doing this with another guy, and thought how if anyone knew that I was doing this with him …

But it felt so good and was so exciting and it was giving me a such terrific boner as my dick stuck rigidly up.

Ron was smiling at me, looking delighted.

He was three years older than me, and just a month ago he had talked me into getting naked and messing around with him. So I shyly had, and quickly it had led to his fucking me. I had been so surprised when he had just confidently done that, not asking if I wanted to do it, but just doing that to me.

I had never thought about being fucked by another boy before, so I had been surprised and amazed by how exciting it was.

Now he had butt fucked me a number of times and I was loving it.

“It feels so good having my dick in your butt,” Richie,” he said to me. “I’m going to give you my sperm.”

“Oh, yes …” I said.

He moved beneath me, thrusting his maleness into me with a horny passion.

Then in just a moment more he was ejaculating in me, and I sat there letting his semen surge up into my anal sheath with a naked abandonment.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” Ron grunted as his boner throbbed repeatedly.

“Yeah … yeah … yeah …” I panted, wanting so desperately for Ron to do this in me once more.

The excitement of his being all-boy inside of me excited me unbelievably. Suddenly my straining penis was ejaculating, the semen squirting from my stiff length. The intensity was near torturous as it squirted uncontrollably out.

It was with a shared relief that we had once more satisfied our male passions with one another.

We kissed and I felt Ron’s tongue lick wetly over my lips and I licked back at his lips.

“I love doing it in you,” Ron said. “And I love you.”

He had never told me that before.

I looked at him. “I love you too, Ron.” I said. “I really do love you.”

“I’m glad,” he said, and we sat there, still joined and holding one another and it felt so good.

We both loved it and each other.

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