Ron And His Mom

by Ken (MO)

Ron was surprised at seeing his mom standing there naked in her bedroom that morning. Not that she looked especially embarrassed.

“Oh!” she said and smiled in a slightly modest, but amused fashion.

“Oh!” Ron said back. “Sorry! But your door was sort of open …”

“That’s okay,” she assured, not being upset. She grinned. “I don’t mind if you see me naked. Just don’t let your father know.”

“I won’t tell him,” Ron assured, thinking how it was a good thing that his father had just left on a business trip.

Mindfully his mom added, “Especially if you want to take your clothes off, too.”

“You mean … be naked, too?” he asked, unsure.

“Well …” his mom responded in a nonchalant fashion, “since I’m naked, and if you feel like you want to.”

“Oh,” Ron said, surprised by his mom’s easy going attitude.

His mom grinned some more. “It could be fun … just so long as your father doesn’t know.”

“Uh … yeah,” Ron said.

Seeing that his mother was obviously in an uninhibited mood, he started to get undressed, thinking that it did sound like fun. He only had on a t-shirt and jeans and was barefoot, so it only took him a moment to have his clothes off, leaving him as naked as his mother. Almost immediately he felt himself starting to get an erection. His penis stiffened sufficient to push up in a bold display.

‘Oh, my!” his mom teased, observing her son’s arousal.

They both grinned and laughed, and Ron stepped over for them to share a naked embrace.

He felt his nakedness press against hers and her full breasts squeeze against his chest, while down below his penis made its presence know against her wiry overabundance of dark pubic hair.

“Ooo … that’s nice,” she appraised, smiling at him. Ron smiled back, enjoying how it felt to be naked with his mom like this. It felt special and he felt preivilaged to be getting to do this with her.

She gave him a small, affectionate kiss on the lips and Ron kissed her back.

“Why don’t I take care of that for you?” she said in a teasing way.

She led him over to the bed and then laid down, spreading her legs apart, showing the pink folds in the depth of her wild tangle of pubic hair. Ron Joined her, climbing on top. Quickly and easily his stiff penis pushed into her invitingly wet vagina. He could scarcely believe that he was actually doing this with his own mom, that he had his penis in her.

“Mmm … that feels so good,” she said.

“Yeah …” Ron breathed back.

He started to move his hips up and down, exercising his male length in her lubricated and accommodating female organ.

His mom moaned and squeezed her eyes shut, her hands holding onto his shoulders.

“Oh … yes! Yes!” she moaned.

Ron continued to give his mom every inch of his stiff boner, thrusting it into.

“Oh! I’m going to cum!” she gasped. “Ahhhhhhh … Ahhhhhh …”

Ron was excited to feel his mother nakedly climaxing beneath him and struggling with the intensity of her orgasm. He felt the excitement growing within his stiff length and suddenly he was ejaculating, discharging his sperm-filled semen deep into his mom. It was so absolutely incredible to actually be fucking his mom. It was so unbelievably satisfying.

“Ohhh …” she let out a long sigh as their mutual release came to a conclusion. She looked up and saw the pleased and somewhat exhausted expression on his face, as she continued to lay their feeling her son’s penis n her vagina and finding that so delightfully sensual.

No, she had never thought about having sex with her own son, just as Ron had never really thought about having sex with his own mother. But now they had joyously experienced that and just how wonderful it was.

“Your father had better never find out that we did this together,” she warned mindfully.

“He won’t,” Ron assured.

She smiled. “Well, he is going to be gone for three days …”

“I know,” Ron said and he smiled back, already thinking how fortuitous that was.

“And he does take a lot of business trips …”

“He does,” Ron agreed.

They kissed, letting their lips press gently and warmly.

“We could just spend the day fucking …” his mom suggested carelessly.

“And tomorrow and the day after that,” Ron said.

They both laughed. What could better than to enjoy their new found mother and son love?

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