Rigid Mom

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

When ever my dad was on the Night Shift Roster I used to sit up late with my mum and we watched TV together or else played a DVD film. We had a big library of them so it was usually a random choice of what we watched. Usually after supper we would get showered or take a bath, in mums case, change into our night clothes and settle down each end of our sofa to watch the film or programmed as the case may be.

OK, I'm 18 my mum is 38 so both of us were no strangers to risque or raunchy movies in fact we used to rather enjoy them and many a time I had difficulty concealing my excitement and my hardon from mum. I was fairly certain she never sassed my discomfort and consequently in bed later I would have a very gratifying wank and make my swollen truncheon spew its spunky stream onto the sheet beneath me. It was to be said that now and again I hear the odd noise from my mums bedroom, the noise which said she was masturbating or else using her jelly dildo my dad had bought her.

There was no blatant outright intimacy between mum and me but there was a certain smoldering as we sat together, and in a way a barely hidden need. Then came the night I put a movies on which was very raunchy indeed with some simulated sexual action between an older woman and youth, I was very arousing so much so that at a particularly wild scene the older woman jumps the young man and they both went to her bed, stripped naked and fucked like there was no tomorrow.

It was very near the bone and my cock was leaking heavily and if she was aroused my mum never showed it. It was in the closing scene of the film when they were in bed and locked together and fucking blindly that mum moved, lay on her side and put her head in my lap, there was no way she could not feel my heated arousal on her cheek.

I tried to relax but no chance. I put my hand lightly on mums hip, I felt her body heat through the thin fabric, then slowly my fingers traced over her bum cheeks, there was tremor through her body. When I lightly touched her bare thigh and stroked the soft smooth skin, mum began trembling. But then came a shock.

Mums whole body became rigid, her legs shot straight out, she crossed then tightly, her arms wrapped around her torso, her breath became ragged, I looked down at her face it was twisted in a grimace as if tremendous pain was being inflicted on her, her eyes screwed tight shut, she gasped and sobbed then grabbed at me. Turning to press her face into my belly and muffled her growling orgasm, her legs drawing up into fontal position until it was over.

Mum left me sitting there and fled upstairs to her bedroom in what I thought was embarrassment but later in in bed in my own room mum knocked and asked if she could come in for word with me....

"Sorry about before, son, I don't know hat came over me....are you agree or upset about it at at all"?

"No, not really mum, you probably got a bit excited and carried way by that screenplay, that's all"

"Yes but..I erm...I had and orgasm and I ......I could feel your.....You had a stiffy son, I could feel it on my cheek.....so hard, so hot, so.. so... so alive, and you were touching me, I just lost control sort of......"

"Mum, its OK, just forget it happened, its just one of those things.

I didn't know what else to say, but under my duvet my dick was rising and filling with hot blood. Mum said she felt really slutty and that maybe we shouldn't watch that kind of movie together again and not in our night clothes especially. I said that as no harm had been done then best thing was to let it pass. So we tried to put it behind us but a week later I found much on the sofa, in her Velour dressing gown, avidly watching some LGBT movie on Netflix.

The thing was about a couple of Bi wives and mothers who once attracted to each other, became lovers etc. Thinking I'd take a chance, I sat with mum who looked and smiled at me. I put an arm around her shoulder and eased her against me, she sighed. By and by as the movie became somewhat hot I gradually let my hand drop to her nearest boob, my hand inside her dressing gown and softly touching a very proud nipple, which made mum moan softly.

Feeling bolder and fiercely aroused I started molding mums soft ample tits and tweaking her thick nipples. She stretched out full length and her dressing gown parted to expose her gorgeous ripe mature naked body and the proud swell of her lightly furred pussy mound.

This time the die was cast, we both knew it. On the TV screen one of the women had her head between the others spread thighs and happily devouring her companion who was moaning deliriously.......

"Have you ever done that, son"? whispered my mum.

"Yes I have mum, with girlfriends, its nice, I like it." I answered.

"You and me could do it, if you like, do you fancy going down on your mum and eating her mummy pussy"?

"Seriously, mum? upstairs, in bed, you and me, ohhhhh mum yes, yes, yes, please.

Next thing mum and I were naked and cavorting in my room, in my bed. I was rampant, mum wildly ardent, writhing and perspiring under my duvet. I avidly suckled her thick nipples while three fingers of my hand were reaching deeply into her cunt, making wet wetness to leak heavily as she cooed, moaned, yelped and came to a series of mini orgasms before she pushed my down and get to the heart of things.

Never in my wildest dreams could I imaging going down on my mother, but when I found myself confronted by her wet fuzzed slightly open pussy, I swooped like a Falcon, fixing my mouth on her hot cleft.

"Ohhhh Yessssss!, mmmmmmm! oh God that's lovely darling, Oh you lovely boy, Mmmmmm Yessss Yesssss!, Oh I'm having little cums my angel.....don't stop my love, keep me boiling...Love it.......love it...Unnnnhhhhh! oh more cums.....another one, dontstopdontstop......."

Mums whole body went rigid, her breathing stopped, then the shocks of her orgasmic climax tore through her, then.......

"Oh! oh! ah! agh! Ah Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!"

Then suddenly it was over, mum slumped into the bed, limp had breathing hard until the aftershocks made her convulse several times until the rage was over totally, after which we cuddled together mum and I and waited for her to welcome me into her body, my rampant dick beating its drumbeat on her soft warm belly.

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