Riding Dad

by Lori (VA)

Dad and I were naked. He was sitting in the chair right there in the living room as I mounted him, sliding his large thick and hard erection up into my wet pussy. It felt so good having my dad’s maleness in me.

“Oh, dad …” I breathed, “it feels so good having your dick in me.”

“It feels good having my dick in my daughter,” he said.

“I wish that you would have fucked me when I was little,” I said.

“It would have been nice to fuck your tight little pussy. But you were too young. It would have hurt. And fathers shouldn’t fuck their daughters when they’re that young. Besides, what would your mother have said if she found out that I was sticking my dick into your young pussy?”

“But I used to dream you doing that to me, thought,” I said. I laughed. “What would mom say now if she knew that you were sticking your dad dick in my pussy?”

“Well, hopefully she won’t find out,” my dad said. “Anyway, your mother and I are divorced and have been for a long time. And you’re thirty-two and divorced. It’s different now.”

“Yes. But its’ just as wonderful,” I said, savoring what it felt like to be fucked by the penis which had given me life. That was what made it so wonderful. It was like returning the favor to fuck my father as I began to ride my vagina up and down the shaft of his hard boner.

I shamelessly rode my father’s erection with a joyful nakedness as my bare tits bounced up and down with my efforts. My clit was right there, bugling for him to see and I loved it. I loved being that’s sexual with my own dad.

Of course lots of fathers and daughters enjoyed this. I knew of three friends who had been fucked by their fathers. I was sure that there were more. A lot more. Just that family sex was not something talked about.

I also knew of four women who had sex with their bothers. It seemed to be an innate desire for females to want to have sex with their own male family members. There was just something so thrilling and desirable about that.

My dad and I started fucking just a year ago, six months after my divorce. I had been the one to initiate it. My dad had actually been a little reluctant. But now we thoroughly enjoyed fucking. He liked how it felt to be able to stick his dick into his own daughter, and of course his own daughter, me, just loved it.

“I want you to cum in me daddy,” I said. “I want you to give me your sperm.”

My dad laughed. “What if get you pregnant?”

There was of course no chance of that, but I laughed, too.

“I want you to get me pregnant,” I teased. And actually the thought of being impregnated by my own father was an exciting one. I liked to think of my father’s sperm fertilizing my egg. Far more than I had ever thought this with my ex-husband, feeling quite thankful not to have given birth to any of his progeny.

My slippery wet vagina coaxed his erection more.

Then my dad could no longer hold back and his boner ejaculated in me. He groaned and closed his eyes as his semen pulsed nakedly out into his daughter.

“Oh, yes, daddy! Oh, yes!” I gasped, encouraging his ejaculation.

I reached my hand down to attack my clitoris with a vengeance and suddenly I was having the most intense orgasm as I sat there impaled in my father’s stiff manhood. I was quite unembarrassed to let my dad once more see me achieving my naked female pleasure. I gasped and choked and my vagina squeezed down on his embedded length.

Oh, god, I loved fucking with my dad.

In another moment we were both recovering.

I smiled and laughed. “Gawd, father-daughter sex is exhausting!”

My dad smiled, too. “Yes. But it feels so good t have my penis in my daughter’s vagina. It’s worth it.”

“I think so,” I said, and I meant it.

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