Returning from the Army

by Franco (Dallas, TX)

Well I had been discharge from the Army after 5 great years. I had completed my 3rd tour of duty in Vietnam. But a grenade had gone off real close to me damaging my hearing. The year was 1971, I was 23 and ready for some fun now that I was back in the world.

When I got home first thing I did was to start looking up my old friends. They were either married, off to some college, or in jail. On my third week I running low on my smokes so I decided to make a run to the local Air Force base Homestead just of Miami.

When i went into the Army i didn't smoke, drink or do touch drugs. But after 3 tours in the jungle I drank, smoked and picked up a taste of Pot. My father was manager at a Glass factory my mother was a seamstress and she worked from the house.

So when I got up I told my mother i was going to drive to Homestead and get a few cartons of smokes. I asked her to come along for the ride. She didn't get out to often other than groceries or to get her hair done. She thought about it and said sure thing. She asked am I dressed OK? She was wearing a button up dress that was green and her flat leather shoes I said sure.

We drove down talked about nothing and everything what I was going to do next. We arrived i told her to go on look around that i could get it all at military prices. I headed for the counter and purchased 36 cartons at $3.50 per carton. She had seen a few things but wanted to think about it I said no problem we could return another time.

When we left the base I had to stop and get some gas. A teenage kid ran out and ask how much I said fill it up. I got out and asked him if he knew here I could get some pot nothing big just a few joints. He looked up and said I can give 3 joints for $10, I perfect, he ran inside and came out I paid for gas and gave him a $10, he handed me a small bag.

I pulled out and asked my mother if she would like to drive back on the beach road. She said that sound nice. So up A1A we went. About half way back to Miami we were past this deserted beach I pulled in. We got out it felt nice, My mother took off her shoes and wet her toes the she said felt chilly.

I sat in the sand enjoying the water she came to me and sat next to me. I was about to grab a smoke instead a lit up a joint. She looked at me said I didn't know you were smoking pot. I just looked at her and said how do you think I kept my head on over there? I asked her have you ever tried it. She said no.

I said here just inhale like a smoke, she did and coughed, I told her it takes a few hits to get used to it. i told her try it again, she did and she held it better. So we did our first joint together, when done the buzz started to hit her, she laid back on the sand.

Since I had shared with her I lit another, this time she was inhaling deeper, when we were done she started to get the giggles and laid back enjoying the buzz. The wind came up and lifter her dress around her waist exposing her red panties, I just looked over and saw the dark patch under her sheer red panties, she didn't seem to care her panties were exposed.

I reached over to cover her and instead I rub my fingers across her mound, she just smiled and said that feels good. So I kept doing it, I felt some moisture in the panties, I lifted the hem on the leg and slipped my hand in touching her hair then her lips under her hair.

I parted her hair and found she was wet, I allowed my fingers to rub her lips, I looked at her the eyes were closed and she was smiling. So I just pushed in with my index finger going into her pussy, I was fingering her and she was enjoying it, so I removed my hand took hold of her panties and lowered them down exposing her fully and down her legs and off her feet.

I looked up and decided why not I opened her legs and bent her knees then lowered myself between her and started to lick her, her hips moved up giving my access, she was like moaning very softly, her legs tighten around my head.

I tasted her sweetness instantly, she was cumming, I licked her faster and harder, meanwhile I was hard in my jeans, i reached down and unzipped, then pushed my jeans down to my knees followed by my underwear then moved up and pointed my cock into her pussy.

I went right in, I reached up and unbutton her dress and exposed her white bra, the fastener was in the back so I lifted the cups and flipped them over exposing her breasts, I leaned in and started to suckle each one hard biting her nipples, she moaned in my ear bite me eat my titties, this only made me also pump her harder, I could feel my cum building and it hit me hard as I started to fill her pussy with my sperm.

She said in a low voice Fuck me Good, Once my last drop had cum out of me I got off her, and rolled to her side. She sat up and looked at me, and smiled then she bent over and started to suck me.

She actually got me hard again and kept at it until I blew a load into her mouth which she swallowed it all. When she was done she leaned close to me and said thank you for making me feel like woman again.

For the past 3 years nothing at all, your father's heart meds don't let him get hard at all. I use a dildo but I wanted to be used as a woman. I just hope you don't get me pregnant. From that forward I was my mother's lover, she got on the pill. I kept having sex with her until she was 80 and she passed away at 81.

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