Refreshed Drinks

by Anonymous

My wife and I had been married for some time and we build a happy life. We had a nice family with a daughter and son. We had even managed to have a new home built.

I had just finished the landscaping, put up a privacy fence and had a few bucks left over for a hot tub. Came out very nice.

My wife was beautiful with shoulder length brown hair. You could always pick her out in a crowd, one in 10,000 kind of pretty and to this day I don’t know how I managed to get her.

She was very conservative by nature and the only knock I could ever have was that the sex was plain, almost boring. It was not like she physically wasn’t sexy.

She was thin wasted with a nice round ass and B cup tits, which were her best feature. She had large pink areola and nipples that were always erect.

She had bought a new 1 piece suit for the opening of the hot tub that came down very low in the front and was a bit too big for her.

As a result, a sudden twist and a quick tit shot would be seen. I liked it and thought it was daring. It was dark by the time the tub was warm enough for us to use and we went in.

The kids were too busy on the internet to spend time with us, which was ok by me. I made a few drinks and we were in and enjoying the evening.

About a half hour later, our son came out to see what was going on. He offered to refresh our drinks and was back in a minute. He then returned about every 20 minutes to “refresh our drinks”. The wife remarked how attentive he was tonight.

At which point I told her it was because he could see her tits every time she got up to take the drinks from her. She was mortified but I could tell that she was also somewhat turned on by it.

As that round of drink went down, I told her it was actually normal for a son to be attracted to his mother and not to worry about it but she kept talking about it.

At that point, I reached over between her legs and even in the hot tub, I could tell her pussy was soaked. God, she was getting hot about all of this.

I could see the kitchen light turn on and knew he was returning to check in on us. I positioned myself behind my wife and lowered her shoulder straps down a bit, just to see what she would do. She didn’t do a thing and left them where they were.

As he returned with fresh drinks, she reaches up to take them and her tits flopped out, on cue. My son was rewarded with a great tit shot of his mom and I ended up with the best sex that I have had in a long time. I don’t know what I have started.

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