Redwood Rehab

by Tagnasty (USA)

In my early twenties I began to get into trouble rather quickly with alcohol. Mostly combined with operating a motor vehicle

After several arrests I was looking at a substantial amount of time in prison for the latest driving while intoxicated charge.However the judge decided to send me to residential treatment instead.

Living in the Pacific Northwest I ended up spending a year as a resident in a treatment program on the coast surrounded by giant redwoods.

Each year there was a large gathering of clients from many other treatment facilities as well as people from all over the country who may have had problems like I did with alcohol or other substances.

This gathering was open to the public but those of us in treatment were not allowed to come and go as we pleased. Instead we were housed in cabins nestled deep in a Redwood forest. and required to help cook and clean up after meals.

Otherwise we were given more freedom than ever before at or facility. Many people were single at this gathering including myself and there was a lot of action at night in our cabins. Each cabin slept two people so we worked time schedules with our roommate for private time with our date for the day or evening.

One or the other person staying in the cabin would go on a nature hike for a couple hours while the other resident entertained a guest, or in some cases guests.

It was nearing the end of my required year as a resident at the time of this gathering so I was somewhat cautious about getting caught doing anything that could get me tossed out of my facility. We were not actually permitted to have guests in our cabins however nobody with any authority seemed to be paying much attention.

In fact many of the staff members were entertaining guests as well. The event lasted for a week and for five days I had resisted many offers from many beautiful women who wanted to join me in my cabin.

Then on the last day I met the most incredible woman while hiking in the woods.I entered a clearing just as she entered from the other side and we walked toward each other. Our eyes would meet then look the other up and down before meeting again.

She appeared to be about my age and in my mind, beyond beautiful as we met in the middle of the clearing. She was tall and thin with long black hair which was straight and fell past her bottom. Her eyes were deep pools of blue and seductive like none I had seen before.

I introduced myself to her and as she was giving me her name two small boys came running into the clearing yelling to her as mother. She then told me her name was Heather and these two boys were her sons Kyle and Jerry.

We hiked together the rest of the afternoon and got to know each other as we shared our life stories. Heather had lived with her mother far away from her father who was a local fisherman. Her mother was a drunk and let her do as she pleased which is why she had two children at the age of twenty three.

Heather confided that like me she got into legal trouble with alcohol and served jail time before moving back to the coast to live with her father.

The next day the event was over and I returned to my facility where I was required to stay for two weeks. I had contact information to get in touch with Heather who wished to see me as soon as I was released from treatment.

That day came and the moment I was free I caught a ride into the local fishing village to find Heather. We had agreed to wait until I was free before we had sex and as I knocked on the front door of her fathers house I was ready.

Heather's father was not home and would not return for several days because he was fishing. The door was answered by a woman even more beautiful than Heather. I was to learn that heather lived with her father and his girlfriend. The two had only recently met and apparently didn't get along very well.

It seems Heather's father went out to sea for weeks at a time leaving the two women and the two boys at home with hopes that they would keep each other company and look after the boys.

Diana welcomed me into the home and called for Heather who was upstairs with her boys. I noted some similarities in the two women as Heather entered the room. Both were tall with long sexy legs, both had striking blue eyes and long straight hair. However Diana's hair was dirty blonde in color and her breasts, by all appearances, were much larger than Heather's.

I also noted Diana had an ass that was bubble shaped and made me think of sex every time I looked at it. Being older and more mature at age forty three Diana seemed more flattered than angry each time she caught me looking at said ass the rest of the day.

It was awkward for each of us at first but we managed to spend the day in the home talking about anything and everything while it rained heavily outside. It was agreed I would sleep on the couch and the women would sleep upstairs in their bedrooms while the boys shared a guest room.

Around five o'clock the next morning Heather quietly came down and joined me on the couch while all others slept. In the faint light I could see only her shape as she dropped her robe and joined me on the large couch. Sleeping only in a pair of boxers I was soon naked also.

We fumbled in the semi darkness but found all the right things we each sought eventually. After much kissing and exploring of each others bodies it was time for more serious sex acts.

Heather took my seven inch cock in her mouth like it was not only easy but ready for more if any was available. The slurping noises that followed can be described as erotic or disgusting depending on ones taste I suppose.

I was afraid Diana would be awakened but I certainly was not about to stop Heather as she gave me the messiest, and wettest blow job I have ever known even to this day.

When I exploded in her mouth Heather gulped some down and let some gush out with her saliva into the wet mess that covered my pubic area and balls. When I finished my orgasm Heather sat on my face and began grinding her wet pussy into me until she shuddered with her own climax.

After resting for a few minutes Heather stroked me hard and told me to shove my cock in her and said she wanted me to fuck her in every position I could think of.

I did just that and as I moved her from one position to another I pounded into her wetness like a porn star. The day had begun and the room began to become much lighter. I could now see her small breasts that I had sucked ,squeezed and pinched for the last hour or so.

I could see the strip of black pubic hair and the thin lips below it which encircled the girth of my cock and slid up and down its length as I thrust forward while holding Heather's ankles up near shoulders.

I turned my head to the side to take a deeper breath and my eyes Locked with Diana's as she stood near the doorway watching in her nightgown.

I hesitated just a brief second until her smirk registered in my mind then I thrust into Heather even harder.

Diana slowly turned and crept away without Heather knowing she had been there watching us and I was just about to cum deep inside Heather for the second time when we heard the boys cry for their mother.

We quickly separated and Heather ran upstairs as the boys were coming down them both fussing and wanting breakfast. I got dressed quickly and soon Heather had the boys eating dry cereal at the kitchen table since there was no milk.

Suddenly Diana came downstairs dressed in sweats and asked if I would run to the store with her and go in to get the milk she had forgotten to buy the day before, claiming she couldn't be seen looking the way she did.

I looked at Heather who shrugged and hesitantly I agreed to ride along with Diana. As we got into he car I was nervous about what she was going to say. I was certain I was in for a scolding so I decided to take the lead and get on with it.

I said, "So I guess you want to have a word with me about disrespecting your house and couch and I appreciate you opting to talk to me alone about it."

Diana laughed and replied, "Hell no I don't want a word with you, I want you to get that nice thick cock out and get ready to fuck me with it. I want it in my mouth first so I can taste Heather's cunt juices, then you will fuck my cunt hard and deep and never mention this to anyone if you don't want her father finding out"

Diana drove down an old logging road and parked under some trees where we couldn't be seen then took her sweat pants off as she sucked my cock clean of Heather's juices. Then as she straddled me Diana lowered the prettiest pink pussy onto my shaft and rode me for the next forty minutes.

I had the biggest most perfect tits thrust in my face which kept my erection full and rock hard as Diana experienced three huge orgasms causing her entire body to shudder each time and my balls to be soaked once again.

I left after breakfast never to see either woman again.

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