Red Satin Robe

by Carol (Florida)

Hi my name is Carol and if I must say, I’m one hot Milf. I have long blonde hair, 34dds a great ass, and very nice legs. I’ve been married to my husband, Rocky for over twenty years and we’ve done so many things together. There is one thing that stands out, and that’s my short red satin robe. I have it on most of the time when I’m home or away.

I like to keep it loosely tied so men can see my big tits and get a glimpse of my shaved pussy. I’m going to tell you about certain situations when my robe led to some great sex. I’m home alone a lot since Rocky is away on business a lot so when we need a plumber or appliances delivered I’m the one that takes care of it. I love when our landscaper, Samuel comes to the door.

I answer the door with my robe on and all he does is stare at my tits. I leave my robe almost open and I let him have a peek. I know Samuel wants to fuck me, but I’d rather just tease him for my free landscaping service. I’m outside naked a lot and when Samuel is cutting the grass I let him see my naked body. I get so wet and horny thinking about what Samuel wants to do to me.

I have an older neighbor, Frank and when he first moved in I went next door in my robe and red pumps. I rang Frank’s bell and he opens the door and says my god Carol you look gorgeous. I walk inside and drop my robe. Frank’s cock is rock hard ready to fuck me. Frank maybe older but he sure knows how to fuck. He lays me on the couch and starts to lick me all over.

I take Frank’s cock in my mouth and begin to suck it. Frank makes me cum and now I want him to fuck me. Frank’s cock is long and thin and he puts it inside me. Oh yes Frank fuck me. I love when Frank gets up on his toes and sinks his whole cock into me. Mmmmmmmm fuck me Frank I moan and he does just that. I cum again all over his cock and then Frank shoots a big load of cum deep inside me.

I grab my robe, put it one kiss Frank goodbye and I’m back home. The next morning I see the kitchen faucet is leaking so I call the plumber. About and hour later my bell rings and I grab my robe and I loosely tie it. I open the door and it’s the plumber. He’s about twenty and very handsome. He looks at me and says no disrespect but your gorgeous. I said you think so as he was staring at my tits.

He went under the sink and I walked up and put my naked pussy in front of him. He was looking at my pussy so I dropped my robe and squatted down right on his face. Rob started kicking me and using his fingers inside me. Oh I was definitely enjoying this. I pulled his cock out of his pants and it was pretty big and I guided my pussy as Rob’s cock was inside me. Oh yes fuck me Rob as I bounced up and down on his cock. We both came and Rob fixed my sink and left.

The following week we ordered a new washer and dryer. I’m waiting my robe when the bell rings and I open the door and it’s an older black gentleman named Stu. He walks in and immediately begins to check me out. My robe is now open and Stu can see my shaved pussy.

The bulge in his pants is huge so I know he’s going to really fuck me well. I drop my robe and Stu grabs me and picks me up and asks me where the bedroom is at. No Stu not my bed I share with Rocky. Stu says you fuck me here or else I’ll be leaving as soon as I install your washer and dryer. Stu gets naked and his cock is huge. He lays me on the bed and sticks the head inside me.

I grab his ass and wrap my legs around him. I moan in his ear, yes Stu fuck me and he slams his cock into me. OMG Stu is so deep inside me and he’s fucking me like the slut that I am. I cum twice and Stu cum deep inside of me. Stu gets off the bed and says to me Carol I’m going to take a shower. I want Stu to fuck me one more time so I jump in the shower with him and he picks me up and lowers me on his big black cock.

He fucks me hard slamming me on his cock as I can I feel another load of Stu’s cut inside me. I went to the casino by myself and was gambling when I walked past the craps table an older man grabbed my arm and said roll the dice baby. I had on a skin tight dress that highlighted my tits and ass. He introduced himself as Tony and I said I’m Carol nice to meet you. I was getting tired and Tony noticed and he said here’s the key to my room you can relax there. I grabbed the key and headed up to the room.

I wanted to take a shower and I took one cane out and put my robe on. I went out to the living room and Tony was standing there. He looks at me and says Carol you’re gorgeous. I say thank you Tony and he says now lose the robe. I dropped the robe and Tony got undressed and his cock was nice size. and very thick. Tony says Carol I can’t wait to fuck you and he sinks his cock into my pussy.

Yes Tony fuck me and he slams his cock all the way in. I like to be fucked rough and he was doing that to me and I had to cum. I came all over his cock and my pussy was soaked as he kept fucking me. We both came and we collapsed in each other’s arms. Tiny went to sleep so I grabbed my things and left. I had a suite down the hall from Tony and as I’m walking with my clothes all I had on was my robe.

I got to my door and there was a room service man coming out of the door next door to me. He was a small black man and he says if you need room service call and ask for Jerome. I said ok will do if I get hungry. Jerome looked at me licked his lips and said I’m hungry. I put the key in the door and went to take a shower. I couldn’t stop thinking about Jerome and what he said and when he licked his lips.

I got out the shower, dialed room service placed an order and asked for Jerome. About fifteen minutes later there’s a knock on the door and I put my robe on and open the door. It’s Jerome and he looks at my tits and says this is going to be a night to remember and he picks me up and carries me to the bed. Jerome gets naked I take off my robe and his cock is so big I hope it fits inside me.

He starts to suck my big tits and he puts his fingers inside my already wet pussy. He climbs on top of me and puts his cock between my tits. I want to fuck your big tits and I set his cock with my mouth and he starts to fuck my tits. He’s fucking my tits and my mouth at the same time and I’m loving it. He gets between my legs and puts the head of his huge cock inside me. I hear the door open and close and there’s an older black man standing there.

Jerome said I told Charles about you and he also wants to fuck you. Charles gets undressed and his cock is also huge. OMG I’m going to be fucked by there two huge black cocks and Jerome sinks his whole cock into me. I tell him yes Jerome fuck me. Jerome gets off me and Charles takes his place. I spread my legs wide open and Charles says are you ready to be fucked.

I answer yes Charles fuck me. I loved his old black cock inside me as I came all over him. Charles fucked me for about an hour and he came like a horse inside me. He rolled off me and Jerome took his place. Jerome rolled me over and fucked me doggy, my favorite. He cums inside me and all three of us fall asleep on the bed.

The next morning I wake up and Jerome is gone, but not Charles. I look and his cock is standing straight up in the air so I climb on top and sink it deep inside me. I begin to ride Charles cock and he wakes up and starts sucking on my nipples. I cum again and Charles cums deep inside me. I climb off of Charles and he says I’m going to stay and fuck you all weekend. I said to myself yes Charles and my robe did all this.

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