Reconnecting With Cousin Cindy

by Anonymous

With this lock down from the covid. I've been stuck at home like most of us when I got a call from my cousin Cindy she asked if she could come over, I said sure we use to be close but over time we drifted apart.

Cindy brought a twelve pack of beer she smiled and said just like old times. Cindy had put on a few pounds but still looked great, I had always Admired her big round ass now it was even bigger.

We sat and drank beer talking about growing up together and the things we use to do Cindy said I always wanted you to Fuck me I smiled and said I Always wanted to play with your sweet ass.

Cindy stood up and wiggle her big ass in my face I grabbed her curvy hips pulling her in close and kissed her ass through her jeans Cindy giggle unbuttoned her jeans wiggle her ass freely she wasn't wearing panties so that big beautiful bare ass was right in my face.

My dream was coming true I didn't hesitate I kissed her big cheeks I reached up between her legs and found her clit I played with her clit as I drove my tongue deep up her ass hole.

She moaned oh Yesss! Eat my ass hole baby I tongue fucked her ass and rubbed her clit until her body started shaking her knees buckled as Cindy slumped to the floor in orgasm I followed her trying to keep my tongue in her ass hole as she spasmed in one after another orgasm.

I panted oh Cindy I have always wanted to be with you like this she said me too baby Cindy sat up unzipped my jeans I raised my hips as she tugged my underwear and jeans down to my knees.

Cindy looked at me with lust in her eyes as she leaned down and took my stiff cock into her warm mouth oh that felt so good Cindy's a fantastic cocksucker.

I was enjoying her sucking suddenly she stopped and said I want your beautiful cock up my ass, umm I sure wasn't going to refuse her for years I have fantasized about fucking Cindy's fine Ass.

My cock was still wet from her sucking so I lined my cock head up with her tiny Rose bud of her ass hole I pushed forward Cindy Moaned Oh Baby Your Huge with just my cock head in her.

I stopped letting her hole get use to the invader Cindy pushed her hips back saying don't stop now push all the way in so I pushed oh was her ass hole tight finally I was balls deep in my horny cousin's ass hole.

There was something so erotic and arousing about butt fucking my cousin Cindy used her muscles to squeeze and massage my shaft it was like a velvet vice with a thousand tiny fingers milking my cock I got a rhythm going in and out.

Ummm Cindy your ass is so sweet I took hold of her full hips and pumped her good Cindy screamed out OOH I'M CUMMING I continued fucking her fine ass I couldn't believe I hadn't blowned my load yet.

I didn't want this to end I was Enjoying my Sweet cousin's ass hole but when I looked down and saw her big fleshy ass cheeks devouring my Cock knowing I was in Cindy's Ass hole made my grab hold tighter on her hips I pushed in as deep as I could go and let loose Cumming and cumming deep up Cindy's Beautiful sweet ass.

Cindy's going to stay here with me for awhile there are so many naughty things we want to do together I'm so obsessed with her fine ass the ass I have always wanted to fuck now I'm fucking it every day 😀

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