Raped In The Woods

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I always go for long walks in the woods. Take a long walk in the woods at the same time everyday. This one day it happened to be extremely hot out.

So on this day I decided to wear very skimpy top. I didn't wear a bra. I also put on a very, very short pair of shorts I wasn't wearing any panties.

I walk for about twenty miles I had walked five miles into the woods when all of a sudden I was grabbed by three 19 year old boys. I was taken far off of the trail. we came to a old cabin. we went inside the cabin.

After we entered the cabin they began to grope me, beginning with my breasts and down to my pussy, suddenly I was grabbed and lifted on to the big table, once they placed me on the table they tied my arms and my legs to the table with my legs spread very wide apart.

My top was ripped off of me exposing my huge breasts, they started groping my huge 46c breasts, they squeezed them slapped them, tortured them too, my nipples were twisted, pulled, and sucked. They tortured my nipples making them to become erect and hard, they began to tie my breasts, my breasts was tied very tight.

They then moved their hands down my body and began playing with my now extremely wet pussy, my pussy was licked with their tongues first, this was starting to make my pussy wet.

When they saw it becoming wet using their tongues it excited them, they did it even more, they were licking me to where at times their tongue went up my vagina, then I was fingered, they began with one finger, then two, then three, and finally four.

They now dropped their pants and then they repeatedly raped me. I was repeatedly raped for two hours.

Finally I was untied, they left me put the clothes on, they had turned my shorts into a extremely short skirt, the skirt was so short that my pussy area wasn't even covered, the top that they gave me was very short and a hole was cut so that my still very hard and stiff nipples stuck through.

I was allowed to walk back home, but as I was walking back home I was groped and fingered. I was groped and fingered by about thirty men and boys.

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Jul 16, 2019
Poorly written
by: Anonymous

Ridiculous size of breasts and obviously the writers fetish. Pity about the poor writing and grammar.

May 30, 2019
Bad writing
by: Anonymous

Booo. Also 46C aren’t large breasts, it’s a fat person with average breasts

Mar 06, 2019
best story of being raped in the woods
by: Anonymous

I love my breasts groped and allowing men to rape me. after I get raped I also get my clothes back although they are changed to look like something else. like changing shorts into a very short skirt and tops getting hole cut out so bbobs and nipples sticking out.

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