Raped In The Woods 2

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

After I was raped in the woods on that extremely hot day, when the fellows who raped me gave me my shorts back to put on after being altered from a pair of short shorts into a very short skirt exposing my entire pussy.

Also they gave me my top back after it too was altered by cutting shorter and two holes so my breasts came through.

This is the next day after the rape and I still enjoy going for long walks in the woods, now when ever I go for the walks in the woods I wear the top that was altered and the very short pair of shorts that were altered into a extremely short skirt exposing my entire pussy.

On this day which also was extremely hot and I was wearing the altered clothes from my previous rape in the woods, while I walked up the street to enter the trail three men came up to me, two of the men began groping my breasts and the third man had his hand down and was playing with my pussy.

This time I didn't even get to go for my walk in the woods because the three men grabbed me and I was carried this time and I was put in a van. I was not going to be taken deep into the woods to a cabin.

This time I was in a van and tied up and the van went up into the mountains but they drove out of town and into the desert this time.

After they had driven somewhere into the desert and came to an old house that had been empty for a long time, the van came to a stop near the building I was carried from the van into the old house.

The only piece of furniture once again was a large table, I was layed onto the table, my arms and legs were again tied to the table, my legs were spread extremely far apart, my top was ripped from my body and my altered shorts was pulled off.

Three more men joined them, my breasts were groped again and this time rougher, there were two ropes hanging down from the ceiling, they tied a rope around each breast, the ropes was tied so tight that my breasts turned red, each rope was put over a pulley in the ceiling and they pulled the ropes extremely tight.

My breasts was now tied and pulled tight, they walked outside for a short time, after half hour the men came back in, now each man began fingering my pussy.

After they had their turn fingering my pussy, something was stuck up In my vagina, my vagina was now being tortured, whatever this was it had remote control to it.

They turned it up to the highest speed forcing me to have extremely massive orgasm, they were laughing because it was also causing my body to move around and pulling my breasts more.

Then they removed the device from my vagina and they all got naked, each one began raping me, when each raped me it was rougher then the first, they stopped three hours later.

Six or seven hours later I was untied, I was given the shorts turned to shorter skirt to put back on, what was left of my top was given back.

I had to wrap it around my body making a very small tube top out of it now, I still had my boobs and nipples sticking out, they placed me back in the van and drove me home.

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