Raped By My Best Friend

by Alex (Kansas)

We talked for awhile about our lives, regular things, late into the night at his apartment. It was one of those times his girlfriend was away at her mom's for the weekend. But I had been there a few times before while she was there to speak to him shortly, and she didn't seem to mind it. She and I were casual to each other and she seemed comfortable with the relationship him and I shared.

I was going through a bad breakup and he was the closest male friend I was opening up to for the past five months. He understood me. My pain. My hurt. I cried to him so many times before that he was used to it by now. He always made me feel better. And I had grown comfortable around him.

We had known each other for 3 years now. We weren't close friends at first. He was dating my friend and I was dating my ex. We hung out a few times together, the four of us; but then he and my friend broke up and he began dating his current girlfriend, whom he was living with this moment.

We had made dinner and was watching a movie which was just about to end, in the midst of my crying and ranting. I told him that I had to go because it was getting too late. I started to get up from the sofa but that was when he pulled down. I was startled and I turned to ask him what was the matter.

We had had a lot of wine earlier so I was a bit giddy, but it was wearing off by now.

He started to tell me that all this time I was crying over someone who left me, who kept saying he didn't want me back and I kept on trying to make it work by begging him to come back.

"Why put yourself through all of that? He isn't coming back! You're so pretty and perfect. You don't need him!" He yelled.

"Stop being so mean!" I cried, not wanting to hear the obvious truth.

"Let me show you how a real man does it."

He grabbed me into a savage kiss that bruised my lips before I could have said anything else.

"Stop!" I cried and I pushed him off. "What the hell are you doing?"

But he stood up over me and started to unbuckle his belt. I tried to get up but he kept pushing me back down.

"I will scream. Stop it!" I yelled.

But he came down on me again forcing his mouth on mine while pulling down my tank top, exposing my breasts. He reached up a hand to cover my mouth and started to suck on my nipples. I tried to push him off but he was too heavy.

I bit into his hand and he removed it from over my mouth.

"Fucking stop!" I cried.

He squared up himself and got off of me. I pulled up my top and got up from the sofa, scurrying off towards the door.

"You're so fucked up, I trusted you!" I said.

"Come on, this is what you need," he yelled back as I fumbled at the door handle to let myself out, but by then he was on me again, flipping me around to face him and bracing me to the door, pulling down my top again to expose my boobs.

He bit at my nipples and I felt myself get wet. I pushed him off pleading for him to stop and asked again what was the matter with him.

I felt the bulge in his underpants as he braced up against me again pinning me harder against the door, forcing his mouth unto mine. I bit him hard and he pulled away, then slapped me.

I was surprised at the slap so I hit him back hard in the groin with my knee. As he pulled away bucking with the pain I pulled at the door handle again but it was locked. He had locked us in!

He reached for me from behind and braced me again towards the door. He groped at my breasts and pulled at my nipples with one hand and covering my mouth with the other.
Then he reached down to pull up my skirt and slip my panty aside as he kept my legs apart with his knees. I tried to bite at the hand again that stayed on my mouth but he didn't budge this time.

He knew I never had sex before. I was saving myself for marriage.

I tried to close my legs as his fingers found my vagina... wet... but his knees kept them apart. I felt his buldge grow as he pressed against me.

He played with my clit a little as the wetness slimed his fingers. His breathing got heavier. I squirmed around but he held me tightly.

He pushed his finger into my hole a little as I groaned for him to stop. He felt the barrier and it excited him more because he turned me around quickly and forced me to the bedroom and unto the bed.

I kept crying for him to stop but he was transformed from the sweet guy I knew into a mean hulk.

He slammed me down onto the bed as he was naked now and he held me in place as he pulled my panties off, my skirt pulled up on my waist.

"Don't," I begged.

"Let me show you what you need," he said gently.

He kissed my mouth and then moved to suck and bite my nipples. He sucked hard and my boobs hurt. I kept pushing but he just forced hismelf more.

He spread my legs apart.

"No," I said.

"Yes," he answered.

His cock exposed, rose to the occasion, the biggest I had ever seen, about 10 inches long and maybe 3 inches thick. He rubbed the head against my wetness and smiled.

"That's not going to fit!" I tried to close my legs but he held me open to him.

I sobbed a little as I knew he was too big to fight off.

He looked at me as he held his cock head at my entrance. Then he plunged his full length into me, pinning me down under his weight and then kept trusting like a mad bull in and out.

I screamed in pain as I felt my vagina tear and stretch and bleed. But he didn't stop as he kept raping me. Tears ran down my cheeks and I was feeling out of breath as his cock hit my cervix over and over, then he eased up his movements to look at me. His hands were over my boobs now, pinching my nipples, his cock half way in but still hard as a rock. His face softened as he saw me in pain.

"I'm sorry, baby," he said," But I have to show you."

He started moving again slower and more delicately watching me this time. I started to feel like I was getting used to him now. The pain was subsiding.

I reached up to pulled his face to mine and kiss his mouth. He kissed me passionately as he started to build up his momentum in my pussy again. It felt good as contractions started to build up in me and I felt myself orgasm on his thick shaft. My pussy closed up around him and it hurt alot.

He looked at me smiling.

Then he raised up again and started to pound my cunt and loaded his warm cum inside me as I was crying out for the pain. He went limp and came out of me to cuddle. I out my hand between my legs to ease the pain and when I brought it up back it was covered in cum and blood. He saw my hand and he put his fingers inside me. It burned as he played around a bit. I watched his fingers with the blood and rhe cum and seemed happy.

I couldn't move as our breathing got smoother. I was angry and in pain but.... I loved it. I turned to look at him and he was smiling at me, pulling me closer into a snuggle. I shifted my position into a more comfortable one but my pussy was on fire and no position could make me feel better. I glanced down to the sheets and saw the blood stains and cum. I looked at his limp cock and saw the blood there too. He hugged me more as though he knew I was worried.

"You'll get used to it soon," he said.

And I did.

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