Raped By A Police Officer

by Karen (Iowa)

I was 28 when this happened to me. I’m married have our first child my husband wants another do I'm not on birth control it's been a while since I been out with my girlfriends my sister asked me to meet her at a local restaurant by her house, I say ok when this Saturday night ok.

Saturday evening comes looking at my outfits my breasts are much bigger size since I been breast feeding I put on my jeans they fit perfectly my ass looks good a bit plumper then before cute top I show some cleavage I drive to the restaurant meet my sister and other girlfriends we talk I have a couple of drinks of wine then I saw a friend I haven't seen in years.

Went over we talk I noticed it's getting late I called my husband not to worry catching up with some friends ask about the baby she's asleep ok I have s couple more drinks the restaurant is closing I walk out my friends asking me if I'm ok to drive I said yes they left I get in u car I drive away not really sure where to go I get my phone out trying to get directions.

A police car put his lights on I pull over in a abandoned apartment complex the officer walks to my car I see you been swerving have you been drinking? I say yes but I was trying to get directions on my phone oh well that's just as bad see your license and registration he goes to his car it takes forever until he comes back then he asked me to step out of the car I do he tells me to turn around he put hand cuffs on me I ask why you are you doing there's a warrant for your arrest.

I say that must be a mistake he puts me in his car then I see him moving my car into the back of the complex he comes back we drive into the back of the complex now no one can see our cars from the road he takes me out of the car forcibly he says scream bitch I will shoot you as he pressed the gun to my head we go into the basement of the complex.

He turns on some battery lights he in cuffed me only to put my arms around a pipe he asked if I ever fucked a black brother I said no he says why not white pussy of yours too good for a brother?

I say no it's not that I I I just haven't well baby you’re a virgin to black cock he comes behind me unbuttons my pants pulling them down and Yanks them off me he pulls of my panties oh baby that ass is so perfect nice bubble but and plump he gets his pants off baby I'm so rock hard looking at this ass he walks in front of me stroking his massive black cock it's gotta be three times bigger than my husband.

He's jerking off I see pre cum dripping down his shaft I say please don't please my husband and I are wanting to have another baby he says yeah so oh you not on any birth control I say no not that just seems to turn him on more he gets behind me he angles me so he can enter me doggy style he shoved two fingers into me I squirm it hurts then he rubs my gspot I feel myself getting wet.

I start breathing heavy he says yes bitch like my black fingers deep in that white pussy I close my eyes my back arches I cum he says yeah bitch white pussy liked black fingers now try my black cock bitch my pussy is lubricated from my cum I feel his cock head go between my pussy lips he entered me forcibly and fast my pussy's having a hard time handling how huge his cock is all at once feels like a jackhammer in my pussy I cum hard oh oh he says yeah bitch this pussy never be same now tell me your husband had tiny white dick he Rams me harder.

I try not to answer but I can't control my words as I have this massive cock buried inside me I say yes it's small I cum again he pushes up my shirt he unlatches my bra now my big tits are filled with milk he grabs my nipple squeezes it so hard I cum he gets wet milk I hear him moan oh bitch oh bitch and he unleashed a massive cum inside my pussy, he uncuffed me took me over to a nasty looking mattress he cuffs me again my hands in front of me now I'm seeing just how massive his cock is so long curved up.

He's hard still I lay down open my legs wide for him I put my arms above my head he sucks my breasts and playing with my clit with his cock head he thrusts deeper than before no one has ever been this deep in me, cum again like that nigger cock bitch I finally give in my pussy had betrayed me I tell him how good it feels I cum he then cums a load so big feels like a garden hose he stays on top of me until he gets soft.

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