Raped by a Black Man

by Ramalhm (Laurens, SC)

When I was twenty three years old I was being transferred from Fort Jackson, SC after completing basic training to Fort Gordon, Ga. for my AIT.

A friend and I were put on a Greyhound which delivered us to the Bus Station in Augusta, Ga. where we had a two hour layover before the bus from Fort Gordon would pick us up.

I went to use the restroom right after we arrived and while using the urinal a large black man, about 275 to 300 lbs., walked in to use the urinal next to me.

I happened to glance over toward him and could not believe the size of his dick. It was at least ten inches long and big around as my arm. Also uncut.

He saw me and said, what are you looking at. I said nothing and he said, I’ll show you what nothing is, and he turned toward me and shook his dick at me.

He then reached and grabbed my shoulder and forced me to my knees in front of him. He told me to suck his dick and he forced it in my mouth.

It was all I could do just to get the head in my mouth. He started pushing harder and forcing more of it in my mouth and throat. I finally started breathing when he would withdraw to keep from choking.

He was now forcing almost all of it down my throat. I heard another voice and it was a friend of his wanting to know what he was doing? He said what do you think. The other guy said I want some.

He told him that I have another hole and he is welcome to it. He pulled my pants down and got down behind me and started forcing his dick up my ass.

He was hung almost as well as the guy in my mouth. They both were working me over pretty good. The big guy told me to get ready because he was fixing to fill me up.

The guy in my ass said he was also. I think that was the most cum that I have ever had shot in me at one time in my life. I did manage to swallow all of it.

The big guy looked at me after he pulled his dick out and said you liked that didn't you? I didnt say a word but I loved it.

I have been sucking dicks for many years before this and after and still love to feel a big load sliding down my throat.

When he left he handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it and said anytime I want a repeat to give him a call.

I did manage to hook up with him at least 12 more times after this and my wife even got to watch on a couple of occasions.

She has known since before we were married that I was bi-sexual and loved to suck dick and has watched numerous times. She even fixed me up with a neighbor once, but that’s another story.

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