Raped At Home

by Grace (Texas)

I'm a 24 years old married my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant so now I'm on fertility drugs now I'm more fertile. My husband works a lot we built a house out of town. My husband called me and told me how sexy I am I'm 5'11 black hair green eyes thin 130 points 38D breasts big nipples nice plump bubble curved ass.

I asked when he be home he said Tuesday. So I talked to my friends we are going out so I put on a cute shirt skirt push up bra cute panties boots. I tried to start my car but it's dead. I called my friends but they said I live too far away from town. So I called a tow truck Company. It's about two hours now. I see s truck driving up the road. So I go out to meet him.

He pulls up he's a older black man 69 or so fat balding scruffy beard gray. I tell him my car is in the garage so I opened the door. Then I hear my car start. I'm happy so I called my friends and said it's going to be soon that I see you. I let the man in my house I give him my credit card. He's tells me cash. So I go into the bedroom and get a check.

Now he seems irritated that I have a check. He tells me again forcefully cash. I don't have any money on me so I asked his if he follow me to the ATM. He turned away then he back handed me across the face jaw . I'm dazed woozy from being hit. Then I'm thrown over the couch. I'm laying over the couch my ass is up in the air. Now he's up my skirt ripping off my panties. No no no I beg. Shut up bitch he says.

As he is undoing his belt and pants . I'm starting to scream then he puts his belt around my neck and starts to choke me. Shut up no one gonna hear ya bitch.

Do as I tell ya bitch or choke the life out of ya. I can feel his massive bulge up against my pussy. Now he asked where the bedroom. I pointed it out. He is dragging me with his belt into my bedroom. He ties up my hands over my head. He then gets me naked he's drooling at the look of my body. He then out two fingers in my cunt as he is sucking on my tits.

He's running his fingers across my clit. Having my tits sucked and my clit played with now my body betrays me.my pussy is wet and now he's more excited yeah like it bitch yeah. I'm breathing heavily then he goes down and started to lick my clit. No no no no but he doesn't listen. I'm trying not to cum but no use I let out a moan as I cum, no please he keeps playing with me. As I cum again.

Then he stands up stroking his massive black cock. Now ya gonna get a real man. I can see cum dripping off his head. It a massive cock nothing I ever had 15. Inches thick. No no please don't. Then he puts his head in my pussy lips it so round it barely can fit in. He pull me across the bed my ass hanging off the bed a bit he puts my long legs over his shoulders.

He has full access to me. I beg him not to but he puts his cock inside me. It so big thick feeling like I'm going to split. I'm saying it hurts it hurts pull out. He says yeah it's gonna feel better ya a virgin to my cock need to break ya in. As he goes deeper into me. I started to shake. I'm thinking hes to big. But as he thrusts and thrusts, my pussy is taking it.

Then I started to moan uncontrollably as his massive cock drove deeper into me. Oh fuck no I'm cumming. He then unties my hands I'm grabbing his arms now with every thrust. Then I get up on my elbows to watch his cock drive deeper in me. He had 9 inches in me the more I ever had before. His 15 inches are so thick.

Then he pulls me down all the way in me I'm cumming again and again and again and again thick white globs of cum I see dripping out of me. Now I lay back so he can fuck me. My pussy is broken open now. I can take it all. I'm screaming with pleasure never been fucked like this. Then my pussy clamped around his cock with my pussy muscles.

Start to squeeze his cock. Oh oh bitch oh bitch feels good. I then tat my legs and wrap them around his waist. He now is playing with my nipples and I'm cumming yeah bitch cum. I'm confused I don't know what he's done to me. But I'm cumming again. The I get his massive cock swell fully. I say please don't cum in me please.

But it's no use he drives his massive cock to my back wall and starts to cum oh oh oh bitch yeah baby I get what feels like a hose of cum so deep in my pussy. I'm cumming again then he bends me over and doggy style me now I don't care if he cums in me I'm getting my brains fucked out. He shoots another load in me. I'm pregnant.

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