Raped And Enjoyed It

by Carol (Florida)

When we moved here to Florida, Jimmy my husband had to stay behind and I was here to make sure everything went as planned. The house we choose is gorgeous and we have a huge pool. I love to be naked here because everyday is hot and humid.

I couldn’t lay by the pool naked but I was almost there. I had to be sure the moving men, appliance dealers, etc. could have access to our home. I would put my short red satin robe on my lounge chair so when the doorbell rang I could answer it. Well everything is done and I’m going upstairs to take a shower.

I miss Jimmy so bad so I played with myself in the shower and I came all over. I put a terry cloth robe on and go downstairs. I decide to have a glass a wine and I’m laying on the couch. All of a sudden I feel a hand grab my hair and pull me off the couch. OMG what the hell is going on.

It’s a young black man and he says I want your money and I’ll leave. I said to him I only have a hundred dollars and it’s upstairs. He grabs me and drags me up the stairs to our bedroom. I go in my wallet and give him the hundred. He says this is all you have and I tell him that’s it.

My robe loosened up and now he was staring at my big tits. He tells meI guess I’m just going to have to take your pussy. I said that’s what you think and I try to run, he grabs my robe and now I’m naked. He says why you fighting me I’m going to fuck you.

Oh no your not as I’m standing on the other side of the bed. He takes his clothes off and he has such a magnificent cock, very big very black. He’s jerking on it and it’s getting bigger.. I’m like in shock just watching him. He says to me I’m Corey and who are you. I tell him I’m Carol andI ask him how old he is and he says eighteen. OMG he’s a baby and he wants to fuck me.

I tell him look no harm just take the hundred and leave I won’t call the cops. Corey says when I’m finished with you the cops will be the furthest thing from your mind. Oh boy now I know I’m in trouble. Corey tries to jump over the bed and he misses me.

I try to run out the room and he grabs me by my hair and says now I got you Carol. I say to myself yes you do. He throws me on the bed and he’s looking for something to tie me up with. He finds a set of handcuffs Jimmy and I use to role play. Corey handcuffs me to the headboard and I’m kicking at him. He laughs and says Carol I hope you fuck as good as you fight.

Corey comes around the side of the bed and puts his big black clock in my mouth. I wanted to bite it but he had me where he wanted me. I sucked his cock as it didn’t fit in my mouth but I tried. Corey asks me how old are you Carol and I take his cock out my mouth and tell him 50. He says your gorgeous for your age.

I put his cock back in my mouth. I’m hoping he cums in my mouth and doesn’t want to fuck me. How wrong I was. He came down my throat and I swallowed every drop and Corey says damn Carol. Corey’s cock was still rock hard and I pleaded with him look I sucked your cock and you came in my mouth.

Corey again laughs and says Carol it’s time for me to fill your pussy with my cum. Oh god no. Corey climbs on top of me as I’m still kicking at him and I can feel the head of his cock rubbing my pussy. Then in one swift motion his big black cock is inside me. I’m still kicking and fighting and Corey slams his black cock deep inside me. He starts to fuck me hard and deep.

I stopped fighting and Corey looked at me and said Carol don’t fight it anymore. OMG I said to Corey fuck me Corey. I was enjoying his big cock cumming again and again all over it. I could feel my cum running out of my pussy. Corey is now on his toes making me feel every inch.

Oh can I let this eighteen year old fuck me into submission. He felt so good inside me. Corey started to slap and suck my big tits. Yes Corey make me cum I scream. Corey asks me are you married and I tell him yes. He then says so this is where your husband fucks you. I answer yes Corey this is our bed.

Corey pulls his cock out of me and says do I fuck you better then your husband. I don’t answer and he says ok then I’ll get dressed and leave you there if you don’t answer me. I tell him yes Corey you fuck me better then Jimmy and he says are you sure. I scream yes now fuck me as he slams his big cock inside me again.

Corey asks me Carol if I take the handcuffs off are you going to try to run. I tell him no and I cum again. Oh boy Corey says your pussy is so wet and I tell him you did this to me. I grabbed his ass cheeks so I could feel every inch of him.

Corey says Carol I’m going to cum and I wrap my legs around him to make sure he cums inside me. Corey cums deep inside me and he falls on top of me. Wow I say to myself I was just raped by an eighteen year old. Corey kisses me and puts his tongue in my mouth and I start to suck it.

Corey rolls me over and says I want you doggy. I say do it Corey ruff ruff. He laughs and says yeah that’s right you’re my bitch. I tell him I’ll be anything you want me to be. He slams his cock again inside me and his balls were banging against my ass. I love doggy always have. I scream I’m cumming Corey and he gives me another load of his cum.

We fuck a couple of more times that night. I get up and I had a hard time because Corey made me sore. I go downstairs and decide to cook him breakfast. I can’t believe I’m cooking for the young man that raped me, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Corey comes down stairs hands me back my hundred dollars and says Carol are you going to call the police. I tell him what do you think as I hand him an envelope. He opens the envelope and there’s a key to our home and my cell number.

Corey says Carol what’s this. I tell him call me on my cell so hubby isn’t around and the key is for you to come inside. He laughs and says I told you after I fuck you good you’d be so happy. I kissed him and said your sure did and make sure you use what I gave you.

Corey was finished eating he gets up grabs my arm takes my robe off and puts his cock inside me again. Oh Corey fuck me Corey fuck me. We both cum he puts his clothes on and leaves. I go upstairs to take a shower and wash Corey’s cum out of me. I stick two fingers inside me to taste Corey and close my eyes dreaming when he’ll be back.

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