Rainy Afternoon

by Anonymous

It was Saturday afternoon and it was raining and there was not much to do but to be indoors.. My mom and I were both comfortably barefoot and sitting on the sofa watching a movie on TV, which was actually rather boring.

"Oh, my," my mom said an yawned. "This would be a good day to cuddle up in bed and take a nap."

"Yeah," I agreed.

She gave me something of a playful smile. "Do you want to? We could go and get into my bed."

I was surprised, but it didn't sound like a bad thing to do. "Sure. I guess," I answered.

We turned off the TV and got up and padded off to my mom's room.

She paused and, balancing first on one foot and then the other, she slipped off her jeans.

"Are ... are you going to take your clothes off?" asked, unsure.

"Well, my jeans," she said. "It's more comfortable." She looked at me. "Why? Were you going to take your clothes off?"

"No," I answered. "I just saw you taking your jeans off, and I wasn't sure."

"Oh," she said, realizing. "I don't want to be the only one naked. I mean, if you were going to take your clothes off ... then I guess I would, too."

I blushed just a little.

"It would be nice being naked," she said nonchalantly and she grinned. "So why not?"

I watched as she then tugged her top off and undid her bra, allowing her bare beasts to tumble free. They were not exactly big, but they were full and pendulous, saying easily from side to side as she then slipped down her panties revealing the overabundance of dark pubic hair that she had. She grinned at me and slipped beneath the covers. I stood there for a second and I started to get undressed, too. When I had, I modestly and quickly slipped beneath the covers next to her.

She gave me a pleased smile.

"This is nice, isn't it?" she said, and she put her hands on my arms and leaned forward to kiss me on the lips. It was gentle and easy, although I was quite aware of the soft fullness of her lips pressing lightly against mine. Down below, beneath the covers, I felt my penis quickly becoming stiffly erect. I tied to hold my body away from hers so she wouldn't feel that, but it was really unavoidable.

"Ooo ... hat feels nice," she said, and I felt her hand take a hold of my erection unseen to feel and fondle its stiff length.

I was glad that she wasn't shocked or offended by the fact that I had an erection. As she continued to hold my erection I worked up the nerve to feel her bare breasts. My hand kneaded their smooth, splint shapes, which was exciting.

"You can kiss them if you want," she told me.

I moved the covers back and I kissed her left nipple and then her right nipple, and each pushed outward. Effortlessly I began to suck on them and she murmured.

"Oh ... that feel so good," she said.

She began to help me climb on top of her.

I found my legs between hers and my stiff penis was pushing up against her wiry pubic hair. The the swollen tip of my penis was pushing into her moist vaginal opening and she moved her hips to help this happen. It took a moment of her body going against mine to lubricate my erection enough for it to slide fully in.

I couldn't believe it, that I was laying there with my penis actually in my mom's vagina.

"Oh, yes ..." she said, and squeezed er eyes shut as she savored the pleasure of my sexual insertion.

I began to slide in and out, with my penis making wet fucking sounds which beaned with our elevated breathing. I was amazed that I was doing this with my mom, and that she wanted to be doing this.

After a minute or so I heard my mom moan and suddenly she tensed beneath me and gasped and I realized that she was having an orgasm.

"Oh, yes! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me!" she said.

I had never heard my mom talking like this before. But then I had never been with her sexually.

"Ohhh ... keeping fucking your dick in me ... harder!"

I obliged and gave her powerful thrust. Her hands clutched at my bare, flexing buttocks. Then with a loud gasp she went limp beneath me. I was so excited and I felt the urgency building in my erection. Then I was ejaculating. I gasped and struggled with my discharged as my male-liquid gushed out deep in her vagina.

In one glorious moment it as over for both of us, and we lay there recovering.

After what seemed like a long time my softening penis slipped from her female organ and I rolled off and laid beside her. It was a long minute or more after that when we both opened our eyes and looked at one another. My mom smiled at me and I smiled back.

"That felt so good," she told me.

"Yeah ..." I agreed. Then unsure I asked, "Was it ... was it okay that I came in you?"

My mom was unperturbed. "Yes." She added, "Don't worry ... it takes doing it more than one time to get pregnant. But in the future we'll have to be more careful and take precautions."

I was stunned by the fact that I had just had unprotected sex with my mother.

"But .... but what if you do get pregnant?" I asked in a small, tight voice.

My mom was unconcerned. "Well ... it would better if I didn't get pregnant," she said in a perfectly straightforward fashion. "But If I did ... then you would have fathered your own little half-brother or sister. And I suppose we would just raise it as your little brother or sister. No one would know."

I was so surprised by my mom's calm response.

"Don't worry," she assured. "It'll be okay."

I was wondering if it would be. But then, as I thought about this, I began to think how neat it would be if I did get my mom pregnant and we had a baby together. I really found that idea very appealing, and I suspected that maybe she did, too. Otherwise we wouldn't have had unprotected sex like we had.

I felt my penis becoming very stiff again.

"Can we fuck again?" i asked.

My mom looked at me in a dubious way. "We should be careful."

"I know. But it felt so good doing that with you."

She sighed. "Oh. Okay. One more time."

That afternoon we fucked three times.

Then the following morning I talked my mom into doing it two more times.

Each time I ejaculated in her, I was hoping that she would get pregnant. I was s excited by that idea. I was just hoping. And I know that as she laid there savoring me putting my sperm into her, that she was thinking that same thing.

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