Quickly Mom

by Aj (OR)

Brad was surprised when he came home that afternoon to see his mom naked in the kitchen.

She just smiled without embarrassment, enjoying her naked exhibition in front of him. She laughed. “It’s not every boy who gets to come home had see his mom naked.”

“I think it’s great,” Brad said, smiling back at his mom’s appealingly naked display.

With a broad and teasing grin, she asked, “Did you want to do it?”

Brad was surprised, not sure if she was joking.

“You’d better get your clothes off and do it before your father gets home,” she warned.

Bard started taking his clothes off to join his mom. By the time his pants came off he was presenting her with a stiff erection. Diane smiled at her son’s maleness.

He stepped over and they slipped into each other’s arms, with her leaning back against the counter, positioning her legs apart. Taking a hold of his hard penis, Brad guided it into place and pushed it up into is mom’s soft, moist vagina.

“Ooo …” she said, and she looked at him with a kind of intensity, and he looked back at her in the same way over the significance of their doing this together as mother and son.

Brad started to fuck his dick in and out.

“Ooo …” she said again. “Ooo … that feels good. Yes. Ooo … Ooo … Ooo …”

It was so great getting to do this with his mom. He had never imagined that she would want to do something like this. Brad continued to fuck her passionately, loving how it felt to be giving his own mom his hard dick.

“Ooo … just come in me,” she said. “Just come in me.”

In a moment more Brad was doing just that, as his hard erection was ejaculating and wetting inside of her, his sperm-filled pulses taking place deep inside of her vagina.

“Oh, mom …” Brad gasped.

“Oh, honey! That feels so good!” she breathed, leaning back, her hands grasping the edge of the counter as his male organ discharged fully and completely inside of her.

Then it was over.

They were both drawing breaths recovering.

“Oh, that was nice,” she said. Then with a small look of concern on her pretty face, “Don’t let your father know that we did this.”

“I won’t,” Brad assured. Already he was thinking now that he had done it once with his mom, that she would let him do it again, and he really liked that and was looking forward to it.

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