Quickies In The Car

by Gill (Yorkshire)

I had a date with my boyfriend. So I got ready had a shower shaved my pussy completely so it was absolutely bare put on a thong and a balcony bra, short skirt and a shirt, said good night to my husband and got in my car and drove to meet my gorgeous boyfriend.

I parked my car next to his and got in his car we had a quick kiss and cuddle and drove off to a nice little pub. We sat in a corner and had a couple of drinks. Under the table he ran his hand up my leg.

He stood up and asked if I wanted another drink and I said yes or he said would you prefer to go back to my place. I said let’s go back to yours.

We got in his car and drove off. I had my arm around the back of his neck and started kissing his ear and with my other hand I was rubbing his crotch and feeling it swell.

Stop stop he said I can’t concentrate on driving when you are doing that.... ok I’ll stop then .....no I don’t want you to stop....well make your mind up. I could feel his dick getting really stiff now.

Suddenly he pulled the car over into a large car park brightly lit. Turned off the engine. And leant over towards me. He undid my seat belt and reclined my seat. He started kissing my deeply and fondling my breasts at first outside my shire then inside.

Then he climbed on top of me his hands moving up my skirt reaching my thong which he pulled at and I lifted my bum to allow him to remove it and it fell into the foot while his fingers slipped into my bare pussy but I really didn’t need it I was already so wet.

I helped unbuckle his belt and unzipped his jeans and got out his huge throbbing cock I guided it inside my wet glistening pussy. He pumped away and we both had an amazing orgasm. Filling me with his hot spunk that just kept pulsating into me.

We lay there for a minute recovering. I said what now and he said to my place like we said. No point putting my knickers back on then ....no he said.

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