Putting The F Into Friendship

by Jon (OR)

Devon lived in the Adobe Ridge condos.

When I went over to see him early that morning, he had just gotten up and was naked. Something that he just grinned about with me grinning back. I followed him into the bedroom where he flopped onto the unmade bed. I leaned over and kissed him. While I was doing that, I reached down to feel his dick. I felt so good being able to do that, and it was exciting to actually be able to hold another guy’s penis in my hand.

We smiled at one another.

“How about some coffee?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

Devon got up and went off to get us each a mug of coffee. While he was doing that I took off my clothes and got naked, too. When he came back we both got on the bed and sat propped up against the pillows, with our legs stretched out side by side. He got out a pack of cigarettes and the ashtray which he sat on the bed between us. I slipped an arm around behind his shoulders and we just lay there together like that. It was great being able to do that together as friends. This as something that we had started to enjoy doing together just a couple of months ago. It felt so good just to be guys like that together.

“Ah,” I said contentedly, “this is the life.”

“It really is,” Devon agreed.

We did a small affectionate kiss on the lips and smoked our cigarettes and had our coffee.

“I never thought about doing this with another guy, before” he confessed.

“Me either,” I said.

It had been interesting to discover that two guys could enjoy having such a personal side to their friendship. It was nothing new, of course, two friends being homosexually indulgent just for fun and because it felt good. This had always gone on. It had nothing to do with being gay, which meant liking guys better than girls, which was a difficult label to avoid. It was just rewardingly masculine. For girls this was something which had always been easier and somewhat more accepted, and for guys viewed as being somehow questionable.

Still, it had always gone on and Devon and I were thoroughly enjoying the luxury of while not being romantically in love, never the less enjoying sharing male love as fiends.

By the time we finished our cigarettes and coffee, both of us were starting to get an erection, feeling our penises responding pleasurably to our shared nakedness and closeness. It felt good not to have to be embarrassed about letting our male feelings show with each other like that.

I smiled at the sight of Devon’s penis becoming large and stiff as mine did.

I leaned over and kissed him, pressing my lips to his and we held each other.

Ten I reached for small bottle of lubrication that he had conveniently on the night stand, and slicked a few drops onto my hard dick. Devon turned over on the bed and I mounted him. Holding my hard dick I slowly and gently pushed the swollen head into his tight butt hole. He moaned a little with my insertion. Then I slide my erect organ fully into his anal sheath.

“Oh, man …” I breathed, feeling his anal softness enveloping my boner. It was terrific to have my penis in him again.

“Oh, yeah …” Devon breathed.

To fuck as guys was just such an incredible thing to do.

I began to gently slide my lubricated penis in and out of him as he laid there and the two of us fucked.

“Oh … Oh …” Devon moaned as he felt my hard dick pushing in and out of him, sliding effortlessly through his tight sensitive butt hole.

It felt so good to be lovingly using my penis to express my feelings of friendship like this, to be so personal with him and have my erection intimately in his butt. I felt my penis becoming stiffer in him as his anal sheath caressed by hard sexual length. I had never thought about fucking another guy before, about how exciting and male that felt.

Again and again I gave Devon my dick as he laid there and I pleasurably fucked his butt.

“Oh, yeah … your dick feels so good,” he told me, unashamedly enjoying my repeated insertions as much as I was.

We fucked for the next two minutes, each of us completely captivated by our shared male interaction. It was so delicious being naked sexual together as guys. I could feel the urgency building in my boner.

“Oh, Devon …” I said and suddenly I was ejaculating in him. My hard penis was spurting out its semen in surging pulses. It felt so good giving him my sperm as another guy in such a significant way.

Devon loved it. “Oh, yeah … yeah … yeah …” he panted, wanting to feel me being reproductive in him and to be receiving my male liquid. Then he gasped as his own physical excitement was making him climax onto the bed, with his hard dick throbbing out his own liquid response. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Oh, geez! I thought. We were coming together again!

Then our moment was complete and we both sighed heavily.

Devon managed to turn his head and we kissed, and it was so satisfying to do that with my wet penis in his butt.

“Oh, god …” he said. “It feels so good to be fucked by you.”

I pulled my penis from his butt and he turned over and we held each other on the bed and kissed passionately as friends. Nothing could be better.

I've been having a affair with a friend recently and loving it, and thought that would share this in a fictional account.

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