Purple Passion, The Beginning

by Frank (NYC)

Kim is a tall good looking blonde,28 years old, loves endless hours of exercise but unemployed due to wandering hands of her former employer. She was fired once her old boss awoke from the beating she gave him because his hands were all over her tight ass one morning. The fact that ass was mostly exposed under the tiny tight mini dress she wore did not help matters from a male stand point.

Answering an ad for a lab tech at a private company outside the city sounded interesting so she took a chance and after the interview thought she got the job mainly on her looks. She knew none of the questions the female doctor asked her though she kept looking over her well built body.

The owner, as she was called, interviewed Kim as well. Kim never got the owner's real name, it was kept a secret for some reason. Standing at an even 6 foot and weighing 145 #s in a mini skirt Kim could turn heads anywhere she went. No one knew her secret packed tightly inside her thong.

The first day on the job Kim was introduced to an older, 6' 5" black woman, Doctor Windthrope, who explained Kim was to help her with experiments. They were creating a super woman capable of being a crime stopper to rid the city of a recent crime wave. Kim jumped at the chance to do something helpful. Of course this was going to take some time but she thought eventually Kim would be involved somehow.

After weeks of being nothing more than a coffee gurl and having her tight ass pinched by everyone in the lab, Kim was approached by the owner asking if she would like to make some real money. Kim jumped at the chance and soon found herself to be the subject of this testing process. She had dreamed of this since she was hired. A superheroine, WOW!

Doctor Windthrope was the first to discover Kim's secret when she was asked to strip for her physical. Embarrassed she was reassured by the doctor it was all right. The doctor told Kim she knew right away about 'her secret' just looking at her.

The doctor removed her lab coat and pulled her short dress up to show Kim the bulge she had in her panties before giving Kim's cock a good warm hand rub. Kim fully erect was at 8 inches when measured and now aroused Kim reached inside the doctor's panties and gave her a rub as well. The doctor was almost a full 12 inches of thick uncut cock when hard.

The doctor knew what she was doing and brought Kim to a fast orgasm, shooting cum all over the doctor's lab coat and dress. Weak kneed the doctor pushed Kim to a kneeling position and fed that large cock to Kim. When she came she made the young gurl choke as the older doctor came in huge spams. Kim thought it odd the doctor recovered so quickly while Kim was still a bit woozy from her orgasm.

The doctor was rock hard in less than 30 seconds while Kim was flaccid and was forced to continue sucking. That big hunk of dark meat sent a second huge blast down her throat and all over her face. The doctor knelt down and lapped her own juice off Kim's face.

As days went by Kim became suspicious of the doctor. They worked out together and the doctor always managed to out lift Kim by a lot, sometimes double the weight Kim could lift. The doctor was becoming more aggressive and any sexual activity meant Kim was certain to get a face full of cum from the larger woman.

That kept the clean up crew busy as well, huge amounts of cum all over the place, furniture knocked over as Kim would have to fight off the doctors advances. She also noticed that after she would get her injections the doctor was also injecting herself with something GREEN IN COLOR and it was a much larger dose than what Kim was given.

Even though Kim was getting bigger the doctor was growing in leaps and bounds. Her strength could not match the doctors but Kim felt strong indeed. Kim's nipples had grown to 2 1/2 inches long when teased and they were very sensitive. She liked the effect but again was concerned.If her nipples were rubbed she would lose her strength fast.

Something was going on with the doctor's formula. She was required to wear a skin tight thong leotard when working for the doctor. The doctor had designed a material in purple just for Kim.

When it came time at the 6 month mark to measure Kim for progress everyone was pleased. Kim wanted to get out in the world but testing had to be completed. Her breasts were now a 38 DD, waist was 24 inches and hips a nice 36 inches. Her cock had grown to 11 inches ERECT. The doctor's serum was doing wonders.

Her muscle tone made her look larger than what they measured. She had nice shoulders to help accent those full breasts with now thumb sized nipples. She was fast on her feet but even through all the injections and constant working out her body weight actually went down a bit. She was now a very solid 138 pounds of blonde haired beauty.

The doctor was the big surprise though. She asked Kim to measure her in private one day. The black woman stood before her nude, 12 inches of flaccid cock hung between her legs with huge heavy balls. She looked good, body shaved smooth and glistening with sweat. Her breast's were 44 inches now, waist 32 inches and hips were at 41 inches with huge heavy thighs and arms twice the size of Kim's.

Kim stared at the doctors breasts. As large as they were her nipples appeared to be inverted. Kim tried to stimulate them to see how long the nipples were but they remained inverted. The doctor liked her touch but after a while Kim gave up rubbing the breasts. She thought the nipples should be standing out but they remained almost flat, still slightly inverted.

She was amazed at the size of this woman and wanted to find out if she was using more than one secret formula. As she measured the doctor, the 12 inch uncut cock grew to a full hard 16 inches, thick enough that Kim could not get her hand all the way around it. The doctor just smiled as Kim looked at this huge tool with amazement. Kim had to find out what the good doctor was really up to.

That would mean sneaking behind the doctor's back, but she was a crime fighter, right? She had to know what was going on in case the doctor was injecting her with something dangerous. Turns out the doctor was experimenting on herself using huge amounts of steroids both for humans and also for horses not to mention a "special serum" she had developed in the lab.

The color of this liquid was darker than what Kim had been injected with and the injection sites were different as well. Kim watched as she carefully injected her massive cock, then between her toes several times with different needles. The doctor at first looked to be in pain but then stood and smashed her fist into a locker crushing it in.

Kim took this up with the lab owner who did her own investigating and promptly fired the doctor on the grounds the doctor refused to share all her experiments and files. When she was escorted out she threatened everyone in the building telling them they would be sorry they chose a young gurl over her to become their super heroine. When things quieted down Kim asked a tech how old Dr. Windthrope was and with a shocked look found this gurl/woman was 65 years old.

Going back to the owner Kim told her they made a mistake and should have put their efforts into the doctor and not her. Kim was told the doctor was too old and would probably die soon. The amounts of serum and steroids she was taking would kill a twenty year old, this woman was in her mid sixties.

It appeared to Kim though there was no way she could fight someone that size and ever win. The owner of the lab told Kim not to worry, they had seen the last of the doctor. She was who they wanted and presented Kim with a box containing her new outfit to wear in the field of crime fighting. "You will now be known as Purple Passion from here on out."

"The doctor was modifying YOUR body with her injections and the cum she fed you over the past several months."

"Through testing we found you now have the ability to render someone helpless with your cum injected in them orally. You can fire off 3 cum loads before you need at least 15 minutes to recover."

"Your strength is double of what you had when you came here but your sexual desire is out of this world now."

"Any prolonged sexual contact with another human will cause your 11 inches to stand at attention, and that could get in the way during a battle." The lab owner continued, "this prolonged erection problem could cause you not to recover at all during a battle," "Be careful."

The large box that was handed to Kim contained her super-heroine outfit. Her spandex outfit consisted of a purple mask, only eyes and lips were visible. A very high cut long sleeve thong leotard in dark purple with a lighter pair of purple tights capped off with 6 inch heels in black.. Her favorite colors !!

Kim had trouble concealing her new 11 inch weapon but the tights helped keep her balls somewhat in check. This leotard was even briefer than the one she wore in the lab. A lab tech came over as she stood, hands on hips, in the classic super heroine pose, and applied purple lip stick and eye shadow to her. This completed Purple Passion super heroine..

Everyone was thrilled with the new super heroine they helped create. Kim was a bit more subdued, worried about where the doctor might be.

"We will monitor activities from the lab as you go out on patrol."

"Make sure if you get into any sexual contact during a battle you do not cum."

"We cannot get your recovery time down below 15 minutes so if you ejaculate 3 times in a row you will be vulnerable for that 15 minutes time period."

"Your mask has headset built in, we can hear you, you can hear us."

And with that Purple Passion made her way out into the world after many months of training in the lab.

(Part 2 coming if anyone is interested)

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