Purple Passion, The Battle (Part 2)

by Frank (NYC)

Out on patrol PP took down a couple of rapists, stopped two robberies and foiled a car jacking without getting her hands dirty.

She was told someone in the seedy part of town was doing damage to a lot of people.

The owner said, "it appears the life has been sucked out of each victim."

"Be on the lookout for any surprises Kim. "Kim shrugged it off, nothing she couldn't handle.

Next morning Purple Passion ventured out in the city again.

Feeling more confident she rounded a corner into a dark alley and suddenly she was grabbed from behind. Huge hands went straight for her tits. They began to squeeze her 38's hard and Kim dropped to her knees, the fingers of the huge hands squeezing her nipples hard.

Kim dropped to hands and knees as she felt her 11 inch cock grow and strain in her tights, pushing the leotard out. Then, the nipple pain stopped but, that's when everything went black as she was punched hard in the back of her neck.

Coming around she found herself on the floor of an empty warehouse. Standing over her, arms crossed over a huge chest was the doctor. "Doc, what are you trying to do?" asked Kim still groggy from the blow and nipple draining attack.

"Just what I said, I am going to get even by destroying you."

"But we were friends Doc."

"Do not call me doc, or doctor, as of today I am Cock Succubus."

The doctor laughed at Kim and hit her across the face with a back hand. Kim spun and dropped to one knee but came right back up to do damage of her own. The two exchanged slaps and punches but Cock Succubus was taking the measure of Purple Passion.

Standing face to face even in 6 inch heels the doctor towered over Kim. Cock Succubus had a one piece red bodystocking on with 8 inch platform heels and moved right into Kims space to place a lip lock on her. Kim immediately felt dizzy and then realized CS was sucking her life energy out of her through the kiss.

PP pushed back only to have the black woman swipe at her chest her long pointy nails ripping open the front of Kim's leotard. Both long nipples of Kim's were exposed. Grabbing the top of her bodystocking the black woman ripped open her red outfit to expose those 44 inch tits of hers.

She closed ground on Kim again and this time placed her in a tight bearhug making Kim groan out loud as her small waist was crushed under the massive arms of CS. Kims feet dangled as she was lifted so her pointy nipples pressed into those huge black tits. Kim pushed back with her hands on the massive shoulders to no avail.

PP hung there moaning but then started to smile as she saw her pointy nipples pressing in the nipples of the black woman. Suddenly her smile faded, CS's nipples had latched onto her nipples and now a very hot feeling flushed through Kim.

The big tits with inverted nipples began a sucking motion on her nipples again drawing energy from her body. Ruby red lips crushed against those purple lips and the bearhug tightened even more as the death kiss was again applied. Cock Succubus had turned her entire body into a giant sucking machine now!!! The nipples of Purple Passion began to disappear into the huge black tits of the Succubus.

In terrible pain and her tits glowing from the nipple suctioning Kim could not help but notice her cock getting hard pressing against her rivals belly. Then she felt CS grow hard as well. Grinding against CS drove Kim to an orgasm, a very intense orgasm, cum flying all over her purple covered mask and between the doctor's big tits.

CS placed PP back on the ground but her nipples stayed glued to the pointy nipples of Kim drawing the energy as Cock Succubus bent forward over her smaller foe. Kim could only rest her head on the doctors bowling ball sized shoulder as her life energy drained and she could not break the bear hug.

Kim dropped to one knee then the other and with a big squeeze CS forced Purple Passion onto her back. She finally released her holds on the young gurl, slid down to tear the rest of her now cum soaked leotard open and ripped the front of her pantyhose as well. The doctor took to sucking on Kim's 11 inches getting it hard again. This went on until Kim was again ready to cum but the sucking suddenly stopped.

CS stood for a moment to tear open the crotch of her costume and then sat down on the wet 11 inch cock of PP taking her all the way inside of her. The muscles inside of CS began to pull and squeeze the cock of PP and as she sat down on her CS placed her hands to Kim's nipples pulling and tugging on them. They had taken so much punishment from the nipple/ tit hold before they began to squirt a milky substance as the doctor worked them over in her strong hands. Purple Passion could not hold back and fired off another cum round deep inside Cock Succubus. CS returned the favor by shooting a load in Kim's open mouth.

Kim was pleading for CS to stop before she killed her but then screamed as CS tightened her inner muscles crushing on the cock inside her.
"I can easily crush your cock,"
"Should I apply full pressure to you, you may never get hard again but I am enjoying making you cum way too much."
"I think I will just drain you dry then fuck your defeated body for my pleasure. The cum I shot in your mouth has my serum in it."
"I know you could not recover quick so now, you will get hard and stay even harder every time I make advances on your cock. Let's say, you will cum at my command."

She again bounced on PP's cock and again Kim shot off a heavy load into CS's bowels. Meanwhile the strong hands had turned those pink nipples purple and they were now shooting streams of milk which CS leaned in close to suck on.
"Your power flowing into me is making me even stronger Kim. All you had to do is keep your mouth shut and we could have been good friends."
CS scooped up some fresh cum coated on Kim's lips and forced her fingers in her mouth.
"Suck my juice in bitch," She finally stood up sliding off PP's cock with a loud pop.

"By the way, I invented that formula so I know how to make sure it does everything I want it to, for whoever I give it to."
"I created you bitch, I know all the workings so you stand no chance of defeating me."
"I might not kill you, I might make you my play toy."

Moving up she hovered over Kim's face as cum flowed out of her ass covering Kim's face and eyes completely. Dazed and confused and too weak to fight PP just lay there as the cum from her rivals ass. Her own cum was blinding her!! Her spandex mask was now a goo covered mess of cum. CS turned, spread her ass cheeks wide and plopped her ass on the cum covered face with a splat. That huge ass was smothering her, there was no way she could lift the big woman off her face.

CS started sucking her cock again getting her hard as a rock and sucked another load of cum out of Purple Passion. On sheer will power PP blindly grabbed for CS's huge cock and started sucking on the head of it thinking she could weaken her rival as well. Kim had cum 4 times now and recovery was way out of reach to get her strength back. But her cock remained hard in Cock Succubus' mouth. CS shot huge amounts of cum into PP's mouth and throat.

Chocking and gagging as her entire mouth and face were covered in the constant flow of cum from the large woman Kim tried to push her off. The huge thighs of the Succubus clamped tight to Kim's head keeping her locked in place. The 69 fight went on for 15 minutes like this. Kim bit down hard on the big cock in her mouth, her only way out of this hold and CS finally hopped off PP holding her cock.

CS pulled off her high heels to get herself more down to Kims level. A series of backhands had cum flying off Kim's soaked mask leaving the weak gurl dazed. CS then took to using her ham like fists to pound the weakened gurls belly, the last punch hit so hard Kim thought she actually hit her spine.

Keeping hold of PP by the back of her neck CS raised her to wobbly feet and threw her against a wall. PP was still not able to recover as far as strength was concerned but she swung at CS hitting her on the jaw. It was a weak punch but slowed the big woman down, for a second or two.

She then dropped to a knee to punch up into the huge balls of CS who screamed and dropped to both knees holding herself. PP tried to move away but CS reached out with one hand and tripped PP. CS went semi erect from the ball punch but it wasn't enough to slow the Succubus from attacking her again. There was no stopping Cock Succubus at this point.

Part 3 coming up

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