Purple Passion (Part 3)

by Frank (NYC)

This is the end of the first battle between Purple Passion and Cock Succubus;

CS moved in and using her semi erect uncut cock enveloped all 11 inches of PP with her foreskin. The docking maneuver happened so fast Purple Passion did not know what she felt.

It appeared as though the foreskin molded itself to Kim's cock and she again felt a sucking like she never felt before as her cock was drawn in.

CS head butted PP three times then put the bear hug on her again this time trapping her arms by her sides. Dizzy from the head butt Kim could do nothing to defend herself.

The large nipples of Kim's were crushed by the bigger tits and again CS's nipples found and took hold and began the sucking motion once again.

Not saying a word now, CS locked on the bear hug to the point Kim could not speak, only open her mouth in an attempt to get some air in her lungs.

Those cum coated ruby red lips again closed in on Kim's purple lips and what was left of her energy began to drain.

The long tongue of CS probed PP's cum coated mouth. Kim felt herself cum inside the foreskin of her captor not once but four times in row.

Cock Succubus, with her foreskin sealed tight to the 11 hard inches of Kim, she could feel her weak opponent's hard cock swirling around inside of that foreskin with her own cum acting as a lube.

The foreskin expanded as Kim's cum continued to drain out of the weak superheroine. Each time Kim came her cum was absorbed into the doctor.

By the time the huge black cock returned to her normal size the trapped blondes cock would explode again. And Cock Succubus would increase the bear hug after each time she came.

Kim could not break the holds on her and her last cum action made her pass out as what was left of her power drained out being absorbed by Cock Succubus.

Before it all turned black in her mind Kim thought 'well this was a real good job, for 6 months' And then nothing...........

Two weeks later Kim awoke strapped to a hospital bed. The lab owner and other techs all had a worried look on their faces.

"Kim, you're back with us, we thought we lost you."

"Once we got the GPS working again, the doctors cum somehow shorted out our communication module, we located you and sent in an extraction team."

"It took 3 injections in Cock Succubus's ass to knock her out, then we had to pry you two apart. Her huge cock was somehow molded to your cock, almost glued together."

"You had a pint of cum pumped from your belly, she had broken your ribs, your nose and just plain bruised you from head to toe."

Kim reached down to feel her cock, satisfied it was still attached.

"Where is that bitch?" asked Kim, barely able to speak.. She tried to get up but had been bound to the hospital bed.

IV's ran in both arms and she could see they were injecting her again with a serum to help with recovery.

The owner dropped her head, "she got away, sucked the life out of two guards and a lab tech then fucked the one female doctor assistant we had until she died from internal bleeding."

"You survived her attacks for 2 hours, the people we lost were only human, they had no chance."

"Somehow all of the cum you were forced to swallow from Cock Succubus actually kept you alive." I don't think the doctor knows this has happened to you."

"She left a message she will be back to finish you next time."

"We took the liberty to add some improvements to you for the next time you meet up with Cock Succubus. Purple Passion is not finished yet…."

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