Psychologist Loving Daughter: Part 1

by Emma Anthony (Ohio, United States)

My name is Emma and I just turned 19. I have natural tan looking skin year round and have black hair and grey-blue eyes.

My father is a psychologist and seemed to always bring home his work or the memories of his work. He specialized in sex therapy.

Over time I could see something was bothering him so late one night I approached him and asked if he was alright.

Actually, Emma I'm not, he replied, we need to have a talk. Ok, daddy what's up? Daddy sat on the couch with me and seemed to be in a nervous mood.

Emma, you know what I do for a living and have to be honest with you. All the time I think of you when I hear stories about daddies doing their daughter or nieces.

He paused to let that sink into my mind.

Daddy it's okay, don't worry, I understand that because I think of you and your cock all the time. I often fantasize about it and I masterbate. I also know you are not going to hurt me. Daddy I think I want you to be my first. I want you to teach me everything about sex.

Emma you are so beautiful and have to be honest I want to teach you how to be a wonderful lover even if for only one night.

I stood up and began undressing. That he stood up from his desk and began undressing as well. Once we were both naked daddy took me into his arms and began French kissing me. Our tongues met and danced from mouth to mouth as Daddy held me closely. Daddy's hands begin to caress my body sending chills from head to toe. I could feel his manhood beginning to grow and press against my thigh.

Daddy kissed a trail from my lips down to my budding breasts looking and sucking from one nipple to the other. I couldn't believe this was really happening finally I was learning about sex for my daddy my fantasy come true. Briefly I reached down the wrap my hand around his hardening penis. Daddy it's so soft but hard, so thick. How will this ever fit into me?

Daddy had placed his hand over mine was helping me to stroke his manhood. Daddy replied, don't worry about that right now sweetie daddy wants to show you how to pleasure him with your hand first and make him come. After a little while when I begin to get a good rhythm daddy removed his hand and allowed me to stroke him by myself.

Oh yeah that's my girl, keep stroking daddy just the way you are and feel so wonderful. Yeah yeah baby that's it keep going and making daddy feel so good I'm so close yeah ! Emma.. Emma oh yeah that's it Daddy's going to come baby oh yeah here it is! Suddenly I felt a warm splash across my belly and my hand as Daddy let out a groan oh yeah baby! As I look down, I could see the puddle of Daddy's incestuous seed oozing down my stomach and along my fingers. I couldn't help myself I just had to taste it so I lifted my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean.

Part 1

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