Private Lunches

by Cricket (Phoenix, Arizona)

Hi Everyone, Cricket Here!

I really enjoyed sharing my story about how my naughty grandpa started eating my little pussy at night when I turn 18. I forgot however, to tell you hell we would play on the weekends. You see, My mother worked almost every Saturday, which was great for grandpa and I! The only problem was, my mother only worked the day shift and that meant grandma wasn’t asleep to leave us alone.

Grandpa and I used to sneak into his bathroom sometimes, when grandma was in the kitchen making lunch. Sometimes he would pull my panties down and set me up on the bathroom counter To give me a few good licks or sucks. There was just never enough time to come!

Even if grandma went grocery shopping or got busy with the craft, there was always the chance that she would walk in while I was laying back, legs spread pussy dripping wet from grandpa’s mouth. Now, even though grandpa was amazing at sucking my closet, tongue fucking my whole, and just eating me out in general… he never brought attention to his own cock.

I hadn’t really thought about it, until one Saturday morning. Grandma was on a tear. She had been cooking, and cleaning like crazy! You just didn’t know where she was going to turn up next and it was clearly getting on grandpa’s nerves.

Every time he tried to find a little time alone with me, grandma would be right there! That’s when I noticed the very large bulge and grandpa‘s pants. He kept pushing his hands down on it, or rubbing along this side with his fingers I even saw him squeezing it as though he had a thick sausage in his underwear.

The thought of that made me giggle, but I still hadn’t thought much of it, I could tell however, that grandpa was getting frustrated. Finally, grandpa grab me by the wrist, walk to the door with his keys, and shouted to grandma that we were going out for a while to run some errands and that we would return with lunch. His mood improved almost immediately!

As soon as we were in the car, he became so excited and happy, telling me how he was going to introduce me to one of his special friends. About 20 minutes later we pulled down an old road by the inlet. It was quiet and a little wild looking, with chocolate reads and upturned row boats, son chairs, and picnic tables.

At the end of the road, there was a wooden shack with a sign that said hush puppies and shrimp sandwiches and fried oysters Were served for lunch. Grandpa parked the car and we headed to the shack, where an old man in a red fishing hat nodded his head to grandpa and shirt his thumb to the side, signaling for grandpa to go around the back. “This is my friend, Danny.” Said my Grandpa. “He doesn’t like to talk much, but he’s good company and can keep a secret better than anybody “.

Then my grandfather patted me on the head and smiled at Danny, telling him how I was that precious granddaughter he been talking about, And could we visit for a little while? I could tell that Danny was very shy. You might think Danny was a young man or even a boy by how shy he was, that he wasn’t! Danny was a big big man. He had big strong shoulders and big strong hands and was tall like my grandpa.

Danny cracked a small smile for me nodded his head, and then put one finger up to show that he be right back. When Danny returned he had a big lunch chair cushion. I didn’t understand what that was for, Danny had just been icing down fresh shrimp, and shock and oysters to get ready for the next rush. But then I noticed another work table farther behind the shrimp shack. Danny laid that big cushion on the table and then tapped himself in the chest with the finger, and asking my grandpa for something. Grandpa just smile’s and nodded “Sure, you can watch, that’s why I brought her here!”

Danny kept icing the shrimp and shocking the oysters, but his eyes never left mine until grandpa picked me up and laid me on that cushioned table. That’s when Danny‘s eyes went straight to my little panties, watching them slide down my legs has grandpa pull them off and set them to the side. The look in grandpa‘s eyes was a mixture of pure joy and pure sin. He gave me a quick wink and licked his lips, watching my legs fall open on cue.

Danny stopped everything he was doing and watched as grandpa spread my pussy lips and Fran his tongue all the way from my ass hole up between my lips to my little clit, before sucking it hard and making me moan! Danny mound to, as well as grandpa. Grandpa mound at the taste of my pussy, while Danny was moaning from the sudden arousal he felt, blood undeniably rushing to his cock. “Go ahead and jerk that big dick, buddy.” That was all grandpa said before he started licking and sucking and tongue fucking my pussy for all he was worse. It was hard to pay attention, making sure not to moan and groan too loudly and draw the attention of customers buying shrimp sandwiches.

Then I realized Danny, my grandpa special friend, had come to lay his head on grandpa’s shoulder… Getting an extra close-up of you of his tongue working my slit. All three of us were moaning , Groaning and panting. When I say grandpa eats pussy like a champ, i’m not joking! Between this sounds I was making and the smell of my wet pussy, I can’t believe we didn’t have everyone within a 5 mile radius looking to see what was going on behind ours little shack. After a bit, I pushed on grandpa‘s head just a bit, needing a moment to catch my breath and double the soreness in my pussy.

Turning my head to watch the two large man oh man over me, I saw what made Danny such a special friend… And his cock was out and it was huge! Morning Porten Lee, my grandpa had his hand wrapped around it, stroking up-and-down that big meaty cock. Now whether or not you like man on man action, this was absolutely The dirtiest thing I had ever seen so far, in my young life.

Here was this gentle giant, cock hard and dripping from watching a friend Eating out his granddaughters pussy until she came, and now he’s begging grandpa to make him come to eating out his granddaughters pussy until she came, and now he’s begging grandpa to make him come too! Grandpa wrapped his hand around Danny’s throbbing cock, and pumped it up and down until huge geysers of creamy white come shot out of the end of his dick, and onto his t-shirt. I came immediately! My young pussy was throbbing, my clit was twitching and hot juice dripped down my ass.

“Now” croaked Grandpa, “Watch and learn, BabyGirl!”

Grandpa dropped his pants to his knees and propped his asscheek on the table next to me!

Danny gave me a wink, licked his lips, and opened his mouth nice and wide. I watched my grandfather’s entire hard cock disappear into Danny’s mouth… How is there even enough room? Danny pulled up, his lips sliding to the end of grandpa‘s dick and then, he swallowed the whole thing again and made a little gagging sound. Both of these big men were clearly enjoying themselves, but my pussy was getting very very wet now.

My fingers found their way down between my pussy lips, sliding up and down and making circles around my hard little pearls. Grandpa pulled his cock out of Danny’s mouth, Making Danny whimper at the loss. “I can finish myself off, son. Wouldn’t you rather bury your tongue in some sweet young pussy? I saw you licking your lips and rubbing your cock wow this sweetheart was coming on my tongue .”

The next thing I knew, Danny had his hands at the backs of my knees, spreading my legs high and wide. His lips and tongue were licking and sucking and kissing every inch of my wet swollen pussy. He sounded like a baby pig with all of the sucking, slurping and rooting around he did with his tongue deep in the young cunt. I always thought my pussy juice tasted pretty good, but Danny thought it was delicious! He was so sweet and desperate! Just thinking about how badly he wanted to taste me, made me come that much harder.

Especially when my eyes cut my grandfather jacking his huge prick. It was long and thick, and so so hard! Pre-cum is dripping down his shaft from his slit, making each of his strokes sound sloppy and wonderful. It didn’t take much longer for me to finally see my grandfather’s cock wrapped with orgasm. And that oh so naughty grandpa of mine… He shot that wad all over my already wet pussy! It felt hot and thick as it struck my clip and tripped down passed my cunt to my little rose bud.

“Show her how good her grandpas cum tastes, Danny. The girl needs to know what she’ll be learning next" said Grandpa with toothy grin. Danny got to clean and us both up, enjoying every bit and adding a few nice sucks just for good measure.

Suddenly, the old man in the red fishing cap… The one running the counter? He exited through the back door, handing grandpa I handful of wet washcloths. I probably should have reached for the warmer one… But after all that good loving, my pussy needed to chill! Hee Hee!

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