Pregnant Mommy

by Latecia (RI)

“You shouldn’t be fucking your mother,” Kendra said as her son’s penis vigorously went in and out of her vagina.

“But it feels so good fucking you, mom,” Daniel said.

“I know, honey. It does feel good to me, too. But mothers and sons really shouldn’t fuck.”

“But since dad’s not here …” Daniel remarked, referring of course to the fact that his parents were now divorced and had been for that entire last month.

Kendra had known that it had probably been a mistake to let her son have sex with her. She had thought that they might nice just do it together once or twice just to be close. Only, now they were doing it more, and she felt a womanly obligation to let her son fuck her. And she did enjoy it too, really. She loved feeling his young rigid penis in her vagina, exciting her and fulfilling her needs as well.

Still, as a mom she questioned just how proper this was, although she realized that lots of mothers and sons did have sex even if that was something that people never talked about or admitted to. In fact, probably far more mothers had sex with their own sons than fathers ever did with their daughters. It was just something about the maternal nurturing bond that made that more natural.

“Oh, I do love it when we fuck,” she confessed breathlessly.

“Oh, I’m going to cum in you, mom,” Daniel said.

“Oh …” She held him tightly as he ejaculated, feeling his maleness releasing inside of her.

“Oh … yeah … yeah …” Daniel panted as is penis throbbed out its liquid, once again doing so in the most satisfying way in his mom’s vagina.

His mom groaned just a little over his completion in her, feeling naturally submissive to his sexual demands.

When he finished and climbed off of her, he smiled in a pleased fashion.

She smiled back but chided, “One of these days you’re going to get me pregnant. I really need to get back on the pill if we’re going to be doing this regularly.”

So far they had not taken any precautions, and it was taking a risk, especially since he always ejaculated in her. Although, at the same time, she found the thought of getting pregnant to be part of her sexual pleasure as so many women did. It heightened her physical responses and she savored that her son was putting his sperm into her and found to be thrilling as well as emotionally satisfying.

The thought of her own son fathering a baby wither was not unappealing, which was perhaps why she had been so lackadaisical about the matter of using birth control. Also, as she told herself, she still believed that somehow they would stop having sex. Of course, now it really did not seem likely that they would. It was just too pleasurable and satisfying.

Kendra sighed. Tomorrow she would go and get on the pill.

Of course in the meantime, if her son did get her pregnant, she thought how that would be fulfilling too, feeling her belly swelling with her son’s baby. If that did happen, they could move away and raise it openly as their own.

No one would know. Maybe, she considered, they could have just one baby together. That would satisfy her reproductive urge. At least, she thought that it would.

Although if she was going to get pregnant and have one baby, and they were going to live together and raise it as their own, maybe having two babies would be nice.

She smiled at her son. “Why don’t we fuck again?” she said.

“Do you want to?”

“Yes. I want to come again, and I want you to come in me again,” she said, looking forward to once more feeling her son performing his male role in her and finding that so exciting.

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