Pregnant Mom

by Vivia (MS)

“I can’t believe that I’m pregnant … at my age!” Sandra told her son in disgust.

Mark looked at his very pregnant mom and he did feel sorry for her, knowing that this really had been unplanned.

“I could just kill your father!” she said.

“Well, it’s not all his fault,” Mark said, being fair about the situation.

“No. But a good deal his fault. I’m just so mad at him … and right now I really feel like being screwed.”

Marc smiled over his mom’s frankness. “At least you couldn’t get any more pregnant.”

“No. It’s just that I don’t want to do it with him.” Having said this she gave him a teasing grin. “Do you want to do it with your mom?”

“Geez, mom,” Mark said.

“Well,” she responded innocently, “Your father wouldn’t know.”

“I would hope not,” Mark said mindfully.

“And you wouldn’t have to worry about getting me pregnant. That’s already been taken care of.”

“Do you really want to do it?” Mark questioned, unsure.

“I wouldn’t mind. I’m feeling very horny.”

“I … I guess we could,” Mark said a bit hesitantly.

“Then let’s get naked and do it,” Sandra said quite uninhibitedly.

His father had left for work half an hour before that morning, so Mark supposed that it would be all right. They left the kitchen and went into the bedroom where they took their clothes off. He glimpsed his mom naked before, but he had never been naked with her, and he felt a little modest. She looked quite beautiful being naked and pregnant, with her belly swollen out. She smiled at him and as she sat on the bed and he grinned self-consciously as he stood there and started to achieve an erection. He joined her on the bed and they several small affectionate kisses.

“You can’t lay on top of me,” she warned sensibly. “I have to lay back and you can get between my legs.”

Mark did as she recommended. Taking a hold of his stiff penis, he pushed it between her hairy folds and into her wet vagina.

She murmured and he gently began to slid his erection in and out.

“Oh … that feels so good having your pens in me,” she breathed. “Oh, it’s so nice to be fucked. I just want you to fuck me.”

“I’m fucking you, mom,” Mark said, surprised that he was actually fucking his mom.

“Oh, yes … yes …” she panted as she brought her fingers down to play with her aroused clitoris, doing so unashamedly in front of him. “Oh … Ohhhh … Ohhhhhhh.” In the next moment she as climaxing. “UHHHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

It was amazing watching his own mom having an orgasm. Mark was excited by this, to the point where his erection was suddenly ejaculating deep inside of her.

“OH, yes! Give me your sperm! Give me your sperm!” she cried out.

Mark let his penis ejaculate fully inside of her and doing so with a wonderful sense of purpose and satisfaction. It was so satisfying giving her his sperm, although thankfully without worry about fertilizing her as his dad had already seen to doing that, even if quite unintentionally.

When it was over they both sighed heavily and she looked at him gratefully. “I really appreciate you doing that with me,” she said.

“It felt good doing that with you, mom.”

She appeared just a tiny bit modest. “Like I said … your father won’t know if we do it a little bit.”

Mark grinned. “Can we keep doing it about you give birth?”

She laughed. “I don’t see why not … so long as we’re careful not to get caught.” She gave him a somewhat serious look. “Although I’m getting myself fixed after that. So I hope that you’re not planning on getting me pregnant.” Having said that she laughed. “Although I suppose that we could always blame your father.”

Mark laughed, too. It was great even just joking about such things with his mom. Especially now, having actually done it together.

This story is actually based on my own experience when I did unexpectedly get pregnant by my husband. My son was very understanding and we did start having sex, although he never did get me pregnant. Bur we did fantasize about that a little bit.

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