Pregnant Mom?

by Keli (SC)

“Ohhhh … Ohhhh … Ohhhhh …” Deidre panted as she felt her son’s hard cock pumping her vagina.

She was lying there naked on the bed with her son on top of her and they were fucking, and she couldn’t believe that she was having unprotected sex with him like this.

But she was so horny and needed to be fucked and her arousal overrode her sensibility. She just wanted to feel that hard dick in her, and the fact it was her son’s dick was so exciting to her as a mother. She quite shamelessly had invited him to have sex with her that morning, not caring about taking any precautions.

“Oh, god! You’re dick feels so good!” she choked.

“I love having my dick in you, mom,” Brad told her as he thrust his erect penis into her all the way again and again.

Deidre felt her clitoris swollen to the maximum, torturing her naked body with its sexual urge. She could feel the intensity building and building until she could no longer stand it.

“AHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!” she cried out as she was seized by her orgasm and the wracking spasms of her release. She writhed on the bed, her large breasts swaying from side to side as she held her hands on her son bare flexing buttocks as he continued to fuck her, wanting him in her as far as his male organ would go into hers.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, Fuck! Oh, fuck!” Deidre gasped as she was overcome with her sexual passion, with the F-word coming out of her mouth like a prayer to be saved from the unrelenting torture being inflicted up her. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Then the electrical shocks shooting through her naked body began to ease, leaving her breathless and helpless as her son continued to fuck her.

Before she could manage to tell him not to cum in her, it was already happening. Brad grunted as he was ejaculating, and she could only lay there as the semen pumped from his penis into her with its wet male purpose, filling her vagina with his sperm.

“Oh, god! God!” she breathed, only thinking how own her son was impregnating her.

As the wild insanity – for that was all she could think that it was – of her sexual urge was now behind her, she realized what she had just done. She had known but not cared at that moment, only wanting to be fucked and to have her horny desires satisfied.

When Brad finished ejaculating he sighed heavily with exhaustion.

All Deidre could do was to accept the fact that he son had ejaculated in her and that now she might well have to face the fact that she would not only be pregnant, but pregnant with her son’s child.

“Oh, honey …” she said. “I’m not on the pill or anything.”

Brad realized what she was telling him and felt a sense of both surprise and shock.

“Geez, mom …” he said.”If I had known …”

“I know. I should have told you.”

Brad pulled his penis from his vagina and the two of them lay there on the bed together feeling stunned by what they had just done and what the consequences might well be.

“I …I just couldn’t help it,” Deidre confessed with remorse.

Brad half smiled in an ironic sort of way.”Neither could I.”

She smiled back at him in the same way. “Well, if I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant,” she said in a cavalier fashion, seeing no way around paying the price for her sexual madness. She certainly could not blame her son. She could jump up and go and douche and try to wash her son’s sperm from her vagina, for all the good that would do. She could try in desperation to call her doctor and get a morning after pill, but then it would be too late.

Her maternal instincts calmed her and her desperation faded. The thought of her son getting her pregnant was not without some both maternal and sexual appeal.

She gave a small laugh.”Maybe we should fuck again … just to be sure.”

“Do you want to mom?” Brad questioned, unsure.

“Why not? Let’s just enjoy it.”

To the reader –

I made this very mistake the first time that my son and I fucked and we had unprotected sex. At that moment I just hadn’t cared. Thankfully in many ways I did not get pregnant and very quickly after that I got back on the pill, knowing that if the two of us were going to continue having sex, which we have, that it would be better. Yet I must confess that the thought of getting my pregnant by my own son was not unappealing. Maybe shocking, but moms are like that.

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