Praying for Forgiveness

by Sara horny mom (MO)

"What do you think you're doing?" Tate asked me as I climbed up on his lap and wiggled my bald pussy around on his cock feeling it start to stiffen.

"Mommy needs some dick!" I smiled sexily looking at Tate with mischief in my eyes.

"Didn't I give you some this morning?" Tate smiled at me reaching around and cupping my broad 39inch ass.

"That was this morning and that was a long time ago." I smiled mischievously at Tate reaching between us and fishing his hard cock out.

"It wasn't that long ago." Tate smiled looking at me in my green eyes.

"Maybe not you for you." I smiled leaning up and lining his hard prick up with my aching slit. "But, for me, it was a very long time ago." I smiled as I slid my moist pussy down on Tates veiny shaft.

"You're a nympho. You know that don't you." Tate grinned as I ground my stretched-out pussy around in circles on his cock.

"No, I'm not." I smiled enjoying the feeling inside me. "A slut yes. Nympho no." I smiled leaning back and pushing my fat 32E tits up at Tate's month.

Wrapping his arms around me pulling me to him and started sucking and licking my big tits.

Slowly, I rode Tates big cock till I came soaking his big shaft.

Sliding off Tates sexy body I kissed my way down to his big shaft.

Setting between his legs, slowly and seductively I started sucking his hard prick.

"What do you think your parents would think if they knew their child's teacher was sitting between her son's legs sucking her cum off his hard dick?" Tate smiled at me.

"Mmmmmmm!" I moaned smiling at Tate with his dick sticking out of my mouth.

"Envious." I smiled taking a breath, holding Tates hard prick looking at it.

Methodically I started working Tates cock as I looked him in his sexy brown eyes knowing he wouldn't last much longer as his breathing was starting to quicken.

When Tates prick started to swell, I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and started milking his cock with both my hands.

"MMMMMMMM!" I moaned deeply as his yummy seed blasted from his piss hole and down my throat. Swallowing fast and hard I gobbled down every drop of his yummy wad.

"Delicious!" I smiled sitting between my son's legs and using the tip of my finger to scoop his cum from the corners of my mouth as I looked Tate in the eye lustfully.

After coming back from getting a drink, I climbed up in Tates lap.

"How about I lay blanket out on the floor, get on my hands and knees and you fuck me in the ass with that tree trunk" I smiled at my son.

"You know for being a preschool teacher and a minister. You are a very, horny and naughty milf." Tate chuckled holding me.

"There is nothing in the Bible that forbids fornication." I smiled back at Tate giving him a quick kiss.

"This is true. But, I'm sure the church would take a dim view of their prize minister on her hands and knees whimpering in need as her son fornicated with her in her butthole." Tate smiled at me.

"Wellllll, I'd just show them your prick and they would call you a god and all would be forgiven." I giggled.
"Besides, you're my man. I don't need to explain anything to anyone." I told Tate pulling him to me for a kiss.

"A God!" Tate chuckled.

"Now, you going to exercise my demons?" I smiled at Tate wiggling my ass on his hard prick.

"Oh, you know I am!" Tate laughed tickling me.

On my knees, I arched my back and pulled at the blanket as Tates tree trunk of a prick stretched my asshole to its limits.

"Ohhhh, Fucking Jesus!" I cried in pleasure as Tates large hairless balls bounced off my fuzzy twat as his large cock pounded into my greedy asshole.

Pulling me to him. Tate started fucking me with a desperate need.

"Fucking Christ!" I whimpered in need and want.
"Pleaseeeeeee!" I begged in need as my moist hair fell into my face and Tates prick swelled inside my asshole.

With a deep gruntle groan, Tate pushed his yummy prick as deep as he could into my guts and erupted.
With short, sharp jabs he pushed his naughty prick deeper into my stretched-out asshole as he filled my guts with his seed.

Falling to my belly, Tate followed me.
Gentler now, Tate continued his assault on my asshole.

"Fucking christ!" I chuckled from underneath my son.

"Mmmmmmmm, that felt good!" Tate laughed as he slowly slid his prick in and out of my sloppy asshole.

"No. This feels good!" I laughed enjoying the feeling of his hard prick sliding in and out of my cummed fill asshole.

For at least ten more minutes Tate reamed my asshole out bringing me to another hard orgasm.

Rolling over I looked at Tate laying beside me.

"Damned! I needed that." I giggled.

"We are going to hell." Tate laughed.

"I'll pray for our forgiveness." I smiled leaning to kiss him.

"Let's go shower so I can start us some dinner before I starve to death." I giggled happily.

"God, please forgive me for fucking my sexy mother in her sensational ass." Tate started making me laugh.

"What are you doing?" I asked Tate.

"Praying for forgiveness." Tate smiled at me.

"Oh, your gonna be praying for forgiveness." I smiled pushing my plate to the side and climbing up on the table.

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