Pool Party

by Carol (Florida)

Hi I’m Carol and I’m a recently divorced woman of 50. I have long blonde hair great ass nice legs and 34dds. I have a son Matt who lives with me. Matt is twenty one tall and handsome.

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and Matt asks me mom is it ok to have a couple of friends over to swim in the pool. I tell Matt it’s ok. All of Matt’s friends call me Ms T., I like that.

I’m in my room laying on my bed naked deciding if I should play with myself. I hear Matt’s voice say mom come join us. I tell him no that’s ok. I hear another voice say cmon Ms T come have some fun. It sounded like one of Matt’s black friends, Tamir.

I want the boys to have fun and again Matt says cmon mom come down. I tell him ok and I put on my yellow thong that highlights my tan body and down to the pool I go. I was right it was Tamir and another black young man, Aziz.

I laid on my lounge chair and Aziz says come swim with us Ms T all the while staring at my big tits. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable and Aziz extends his hand I take it and he guides me into the pool. I hear Tamir tell Matt your mom has great tits and I wouldn’t mind tapping that.

Aziz says cmon let’s get naked and now I know it’s time for me to leave, but Aziz unties my top and throws it outside the pool. The boys are now staring at my big tits. I’m embarrassed so I cover myself grab my top and go back into the house. Tamir and Matt both tell Aziz now you’re done it. I take my thong off and I put my robe on.

There’s a knock on my bedroom door and I open it and it’s Aziz. He apologizes but my robe is loosely tied and he’s staring at my tits. I tell him it’s ok but then he wraps his arms around me and tries to kiss me and he unties my robe letting it fall to the floor.

Here I am naked in front of this young black man with his mouth wide open. I say ok Aziz what do we do next. I hear Matt call me mom are you ok. I pickup my robe and tell him yes. I tell Aziz he should go. Aziz says but Ms T I want to fuck you. I laugh and tell him to go back downstairs.

Aziz pulls his shorts down and he has the biggest blackest cock and he was rock hard. He’s holding it with two hands and he says what am I going to do. Now Aziz is pleading with me please let me fuck you. I walk past him and go back to the pool.

Tamirs phone rings and him and Aziz have to leave. They both come over and I shake their hands goodbye, but Aziz wanted to kiss me. I let him kiss my cheek and they leave. Aziz made me so horny I took off my robe and jumped in the pool naked.

I look at Matt and he pulls his shorts off and jumps in the pool. I’ve never seen Matt naked but he’s got a big cock. I know he’s spied on me seeing me naked loads of times. I swim over to him grab his cock and tell him please give mommy what she needs. Matt looks like he’s in shock.

I get out the pool lay on my lounge chair spread my legs and start to lick my big tits. Matt gets out the pool and his cock is rock hard. I tell him Matt come give mommy what she needs.

Matt is now rubbing the head of his cock on my pussy and I tell him don’t tease me and I put his cock inside me. Matt is fucking me hard and deep and he asks me what happened in the house with Aziz.

I tell him Aziz had me naked and wanted to fuck me with his big black cock. Matt got so hard and excited he was fucking me like a jackhammer. Matt asked me mom did Aziz make you horny and I tell him yes Matt now fuck your mother.

I cum and squirt all over Matt’s cock and he’s still pounding me. Matt cum deep inside me and he pulls his cock out of me and puts it in my mouth. I suck him dry and he’s hard again. I get on top of Matt and guide his cock into my pussy.

I begin to ride his big cock and Matt is sucking on my big tits. I asked Matt would it get you excited watching Aziz fuck your mother with his big black cock.

Matt answers yes mom that would make me so horny watching you. I say ok Matt the next time Aziz is here I’ll fuck him and you can watch. We both cum and fall into each other’s arms. I love my big dick son.

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