Pool Boy

by Carol (Florida)

My hubby, Rocky says Carol I’m going to hire a company to clean our pool. He said I spend more time cleaning it then enjoying it. I said to him are you sure you want to do this because you’re away a lot and I’m home alone.

Rocky laughs and says ok I’ll tell them to call you before the come so nobody catches you naked. I tell Rocky you’ll be so jealous if he’s a good looking young man. Rocky says stop now I’m jealous already and walks out the room.

The owner of the pool store is coming here tomorrow to look over the pool and give us a price to maintain it. My phone rings at nine and it’s Bill the owner of the store. He says I’ll be there about twelve. I say ok and he hangs up. Well twelve on the button my bell rings and it’s Bill.

I put my robe on and let him in. He walks in and says you’ve got a nice house and I answer thank you Bill. He says Carol right and I tell him yes and it’s nice to meet you. We agree on a price and he says someone will be here tomorrow. I say ok Bill but tell him to call here’s my cell number.

Bill laughs and says can I call and I tell him yes if you’re servicing our pool. Rocky has to go away tomorrow on business so again I’ll be home alone. Rocky put up these curtains so I can sunbathe nude without true neighbors bothering me.

My phone rings and it’s my pool boy and he says hi Carol this is Jake and I’ll be there in an hour. I say ok Jake I’ll be waiting. I grab my robe and go outside figuring Jake would be here in an hour. I’m laying naked on my lounge chair when I hear Carol are you back here.

I answer yes and is that you Jake. He says yes I got done early. I said you called about a half an hour ago and I open the curtains. Jake looks at me and says Bill said you were hot. I tell Jake thank you and I go inside we and Jake it’s doing his thing by the pool.

He calls out my name Carol I’m finished come and check. I go outside and the pool looks great. I had hand him ten dollars and he hands it back and says no need for that beautiful. I say to Jake what did you say and he said I was paying you a compliment.

I said ok Jake thank you but now it’s time to leave. He says goodbye Carol see you next week. Well a week goes by and it’s time for Jake to come and service the pool again. I said well no phone call so I have time to sunbathe. It’s so gorgeous out and it’s nice and hot.

I hear my screen door open and it’s Jake and he says OMG Carol I’m so sorry as I pull my robe over me. I said what no phone call and I think he wanted to catch me naked. Jake says I’ll go back outside so you can go inside.

He walks out the screen door, I get up and run naked into the house. Jake is cleaning the pool and he comes by the door and says what’s that table doing out here. I tell Jake I like it when Rocky massages me. I say I enjoy it so much when Rocky massages me.

Jake laughs and says well Rocky isn’t here so I’ll massage you if you like. I laugh and tell Jake you’re young enough to be my son. Jake says ok see you next week. I say to myself why Jake is being so persistent. Rocky chalks and I tell him about Jake and everything that has happened.

Rocky laughs and says it sounds like he has a crush on you. I tell him stop it and he says I would never de I were him. A beautiful woman all alone with big tits and a body to die for. I said stop already, stop teasing me. Rocky says you’re teasing yourself, I love you goodnight.

I’m thinking is Rocky right am I teasing myself. Well today is Jake’s day to service the pool and I’m outside this time with my yellow thong on. It highlights my tan skin. My phone rings and it’s Jake. He said I’m in front of your house so go inside. I laugh and say c’mon in.

Jake opens the door and I’m laying there on my back and his eyes immediately go right to my big tits. He says my god you’ve got such a great body. I tell Jake it’s from great sex and swimming. He says great sex Carol and I say yes.

Jake is looking at the massage table and then he looks at me. I say to him what Jake you want to massage me. Jake says yes Carol I would love to massage you. I stand up walk up to him turn my back and tell Jake to undo my top. Jake does what I tell him and then I take off my bottoms.

Jake says Carol you want me to massage you naked. I tell him sure, Rocky does it all the time. I still haven’t turned around so Jake hasn’t seen my tits but he says Carol you’ve got a great ass. I tell him thank you Jake and climb on the table.

Jake starts to massage my shoulders and is working his way down my back and then my legs. I open my legs so Jake can get a good look at my pussy. He’s now running his hands up and down my thighs just missing my pussy. I tell Jake so tell me when you want me to turn over.

Jake says turn over I thought you just massage the back of a person. I said no the front also needs attention. Jake says ok then Carol turn over. When I turn over Jake sees how big my tits are. He has on shorts and there’s a bulge in his shorts.

He starts to massage my tits and playing with my nipples. I said Jake that feels so nice. Jake says glad you like it Carol. I tell him I love it and with that he feels my pussy. Jake says Carol you’re so wet and I tell him you did it to me.

The next thing I know Jake has taken his shorts off and he says well look what you did to me. I grab his cock and start to jerk it and then I put it in my mouth. Jake grabs my hair and he starts to fuck my mouth. He now has two fingers inside me and he’s finger fucking me.

I tell him Jake don’t stop make me cum. I cum all over his fingers and he puts them in his mouth and says you also taste good Carol. I laugh and tell Jake climb up on the table and give me a good fucking. Jake climbs up on the table and is rubbing my pussy with his cock.

I feel the head enter me and I wrap my legs around Jake and tell him fuck me Jake. He pushes all his cock inside me and he starts to give me all he’s got. Fuck me Jake fuck me and we both cum at the same time.

We go take a shower so I could get his cum out of me, but he bends me over and fucks me again. We both cum again and he says I have to leave or Bill will be calling my phone. I said ok baby you better go. Jake looks at me and says you called me baby.

I answer yes I did because you gave me a good fucking. Jake gives me a big kiss, sticks his tongue in my mouth and says wow can we fuck every time I come here.

I tell him of course baby my pussy is yours. Jake leaves and I know when Rocky is away, I’m going to be fucked by Jake and his young cock. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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