Please Sit On My Face

by Anonymous

Me and my friend Kel are both girls and we were 18 and having a sleepover, for a while I thought she was asleep so as usual I watched porn, lesbian.

I guess the video woke her up so I quickly shut it off as she jumped on me and sat on my chest in her pink panties and white tank top.

I could see a bit off her pussy and I could see her nipples, making me so much hornier than I already was.

"Sit on my face" I accidentally blurted out loud.

"What!? No!" She shrieked, climbing off me, I was too horny at this point and pinned her against the wall, now displaying that I wasn't wearing panties when under her blanket.

"Cmon, I wanna eat you out baby, just this once." I growled into her ear, biting her neck as she moaned softly, I grinder against her in a standing up scissoring type way.

"If you don't sit on mine I'll sit on yours." I growled frustrated now, she giggled.

"Why bother when we can just 69." She pushed me off and I landed on her bed, she straddled my exposed pussy as she gave me a strip tease.

"Please baby, mummy is thirsty." I groaned, she complied smiling as she sat her delicious wet pussy on me and I locked into her sweet folds, her doing the same to me at the other end.

We are both dating guys now but get together once a month for a day long fuck, trying new things like rimming and straps on.

Am I A Lesbian?
Trisha (UK)

So lately I have being watching a lot of porn and masturbating a lot because I’m so horny all the time I’m 17 years old.

I think about being with a girl all the time and even when I get horny all I think about is rubbing a girls clit and licking the juice off and I watch a lot of lesbian porn.

I don’t know whether I’m just curious or want to actually be with a girl, I mean I have dreams about this and I wake up dripping.

I just can’t get it out of my mind I even think about licking some of my friends pussy, maybe one day I’ll try being with a girl it’s just I want a hot girl to pop up and say they are up for it.

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