Please Please Me

by Tom (Illinois)

Do you want to fuck me?

Tell me how you want to do me.

I can get on all fours and spread my ass cheeks and you can take me from behind.

I’ll have to take out my butt plug and maybe you can lick my clean hairless asshole.

Or maybe you’ll want to watch me please myself jack off until I cum and use my cum for lube.

Play with my big sensitive nipples and watch my cock dance with pleasure as you tug twist and pull on my buds.

I know one thing there is a big wet spot on my boxers right now thinking about your hard cock slowly filling my backside pumping in and out.

I can feel your balls slapping against my taint in perfect rhythm with each forward thrust.

The head of your hardness is massaging my prostate and there is a sticky puddle of my precum pooling on the bed sheet below my dripping piss slit.

I can feel that tingling in my groin traveling up through the entire shaft of my prick.

Please don’t stop just slow down a little I don’t want this pleasure to end any time soon.

Oh yeah that’s it that’s the spot that’s the speed fuck I think I’m going to cum.

I feel the urge to piss so I just let it go.

Warm wet urine flowing making everything wetter.

I feel like I am floating it’s like I am high on pleasure from anal stimulation.

Now all I need is a stiff prick in my mouth so I can enjoy the taste of all the juices an orally stimulated cock can offer.

A little precum some salty warm urine and a warm musky load of man milk spewing between my lips over my tongue and on its way to my stomach.

Feed me all your juices until your sexual reservoirs are drained.

I can feel the pressure from the blood engorged cock in my ass as the pace slows and the thrusts feel deeper inside me.

The first spurt of creamy man goo splashes inside me.

That unmistakeable warmth fills me as your love load fills me and the warmth makes me feel like I am glowing.

Oh don’t pull out yet stir the cream inside my hole.

Pull out slowly ever so slowly.

I can feel your cum leaking from my colon running down the inside of my thighs.

Are you ready for round two?

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