Peter's College Professor Mom

by Victoria (NY)

“Well,” Peter’s mom said, being very straightforward about the matter, which was typical for her as a college professor, “your father’s not here. I don’t mind if you see me naked.” She added, “It’s nice for a mom to be able to do that with her son.”

“Geez, mom …” Peter said, surprised by his mom’s lack on inhibition to be standing there in the kitchen like she was, naked. It was the beginning of summer, he had just turned eighteen and had graduated, and it had been eight months since his parents had divorced.

“It’s just your mom without clothes,” she stated, being perfectly matter fact about this.

“Well … yeah,” he admitted, recovering a little. “It’s just that I’m not use to seeing you that way.”

His mom gave his expected sense of modesty a playful and amused smirk. “Like I said … your father’s not here. I don’t see why we can’t feel more comfortable together … just around the house.”

Peter smiled. He could see that his mom was enjoying her new freedom of not being so constrained and that she was doing what she felt like. He thought that this was good, of course, and he was proud of his mom for being that way.

“It’s okay with me,” he said, having no problems with it.

“You can be naked too, if you want,” she said. Being entirely practical, although at the same time quite nonchalant she added, “Being naked together doesn’t mean that we have to have sex.” She paused and gave him a thoughtful look. I don’t know how you would feel about doing that with your mom, anyway.”

“Oh,” Peter said and he blushed a tiny bit.

“Although …” she mentioned, “some boys like doing that with their mom.”

“Oh,” Peter said again, not expecting his mom to be so lenient in her thinking when it came to something like that. Of course such things did take place between mothers and their sons and always had, and these days it was becoming much more of a common occurrence. “Well …”

His mom gave a careless shrug of her bare shoulders. “I mean, if we both happen to be naked … and we felt in the mood, so to speak …” She let her words trail off before saying, “You don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant.”

“That’s good,” Peter said, doing so almost automatically.

His mom laughed. “It would be better if a boy didn’t get his own mother pregnant.” She thought this and teased, “Although that’s one way of giving yourself your own half brother or sister if you felt so inclined to have one.”

Peter laughed. “It sounds complicated.”

“Actually, it’s quite simple. You put your sperm into me and your mom pops out a baby. As I recall, that’s how it worked with you.”

Peter smirked good naturedly at his mom’s plain spoken sense of humor. “I don’t think that I want a little brother or sister … of half brother or sister.”

“Then I think we could just avoid that complication.”

“Yes,” Peter agreed.

“But back to the matter of if you feel like being naked, too.”

“I guess I could be,” Peter said happily. He was gazing down at his mom’s bare feet and her deep red lacquered toenails, and he thought how she had sexy feet, and how he had always like seeing his mom go barefoot around the house. It was uninhibited and in contrasts to her otherwise more serious personality.

His mom watched as he undressed, and in a moment more Peter was just as naked as she was, and with a slightly self-conscious, but happy grin on his face.

His mom gave him a pleased smile in return. “Kind of nice for a mother and son to be naked together,” she appraised.

“Yeah,” Peter concurred.

Somewhat embarrassingly, almost immediately he felt his penis becoming erect. It was very much nakedly in response to his mom inviting nakedness. His mom was good looking, even if at that moment she had her glasses on which she wore perched down on her nose and was her only accessory to her nudity.

She had short and fashionably unkempt reddish hair, and her figure was solid rather than trim or fat, with medium sized breasts which promoted twin deep pink-brown nipples to the forefront with thick, longish rising centers. They were the type of nipples whose length just naturally made them appear as though in a permanent state of being erect. Down below there was an ample amount of lighter colored pubic hair which grew in a tangle of unfettered long stands.

He had always seen his mom as being very sensible, the staid and logical professorial type, and her sexuality was something that he had never been overly aware of. But now, seeing his mom I this way, as a woman, Peter could hardly help but to have an erection.

“That looks promising,” she remarked, observing her son’s handsome male endowment. “Maybe we should go into the living room. We can be more comfortable.”

Together they left the kitchen to go into the living room and sit on the sofa.

Very easily, but somewhat cautiously, they touched their lips together and then looked at one another in a significant way.

Peter reached up a hand to feel the pliant softness of her left breast, his fingers brushing over the firm projection of her nipple. As he did this without receiving objection, he felt his mom’s hand take a hold of his stiff penis to feel and pull on its curved length. Her touch making the mushrooming tip become even more swollen and pronounced, pulling the hole wider open, as a small amount of clear liquid oozed out in preparation.

Seeing this, and still holding his penis, his mom leaned all the way over and licked it with her tongue. Then, having done that, she took the entire enlarged head and a good two inches of the shaft into her mouth and moved gently and wetly up and down several times before pulling away. She moved back against the cushions, her expression was one of a kind breathless exhilaration.

Peter positioned himself between her legs and took a hold of his erection to guide it purposefully forward, the tip going into the hairy folds and into the smooth wet opening of his mom’s vagina. He had no difficulty in sliding inward, sinking his maleness into her.

“Uhhhh …” she moaned, putting her had back and squeezing her eyes shut as she felt his stiff penis violate her vaginal canal, as a mother doing so with an unprecedented intimacy. This excited her even more.”Oh … oh, honey …” she breathed.

Peter savored how this felt. As a boy it was so incredible to have his organ of sexual reproduction inserted into his mom’s. For him, like her, this was very emotionally overwhelming as well as stimulating.

Peter pulled back and went inwards and began to do this was a gentle rhythm.

“Ohhhhhhh …” His mom moaned, drawing another deep breath. “I like how it feels to be fucked by you,” she said with an unashamed candor in her choice of words.

“It feels good fucking you, mom,” Peter said, unafraid to use the same word after hearing it come out of her mouth. He had never heard his mom verbalize in this way, but then he had never been with her sexually. Before this moment, he could not have imagined his mom sucking on a penis, either.

His erection made wet sounds as it continued to go in and out of her vagina.

Her arms were around his neck and he could feel her naked body straining beneath him with a wanting desire.

“Oh, yes … yes … keep fucking me …” she panted as she endured her son’s organ thrusting again and again into hers.

Her clitoris was alive and provoked and jutting out wanting more. Demanding more, as did her vagina.

Peter kept up his insertions with a youthful vigor which served to push his mom closer and closer to climaxing.

When he succeeded in doing this, she let out a cry and arched her back.


She gave into her orgasm and suffered the wonderful pleasure it inflicted upon her, being entirely unconcerned about her immodestly sexual response.

Peter loved seeing his mom undergoing such an intense release. Her sexual outpouring excited him.

Just as her orgasm was easing, he was ejaculating in her.

His erection throbbed and pulsed uncontrollably deep inside of his mom, and regardless of outcome he was flooding her vagina with his sperm, and it felt so unbelievably fulfilling for him to be doing that.

It was not that he wanted to take his dad’s place, it was not anything so psychological as that. It was just the desire to share closeness with his mom in the very basic way which nature allowed and made possible.

His ejaculation came to an all too quick conclusion, but left Peter feeling ultimately satisfied.

When they both caught their breath and opened their eyes, they looked at one another with a modest sense of amazement over what they had just done, and with pleasure over having done that as mother and son.

Peter’s erection quickly eased from its straining state and slipped from his mom and he climbed off of her. They were both smiling.

“Well,” his mom said, “that was a first for both of us.”

“Do you think it will be the last?” Peter joked.

“I don’t think so,” his mom answered. “At least, I hope not.”

“It was wonderful,” Peter said.

“It was wonderful,” his mom agreed.

The warm sense of closeness between the two of them was quite evident, and now they knew that it would always be that way.

His mom stood up in a quite confidently naked way.

“How about a cup of coffee?” she said. “And … I think that I’ll have a cigarette.”

“Are you smoking again?” Peter asked, not knowing. Only aware that his father had never liked her smoking, so she had given it up to lease him.

“Occasionally,” she said with just a bit of an air of haughtiness.

Peter could only shake his head. His mom was full of surprises.

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