Personal Maid

by Kemper (MO)

Back during the start of covid in 2019, my mother became my lover.

Maureen had lost her job and with no income, we decided it would be best for her to move in with me.

I have plenty of room and make plenty of money.
So mom wouldn't need to worry about much.
I told her if she will take care of the house, I'll pay all the bills and get her whatever she wanted.

"I can be your live-in maid." Mom smiled at me making me laugh.

Maureen is a tall, voluptuous green-eyed redhead.
5'9" tall with a very sexy 40G-30-39 figure.
At thirty-eight she is a traffic stopper.

There are just barely fifteen years between Maureen and me.

My dad passed away from a massive heart attack leaving mom a widow and she has just never really moved on.

Maureen had been living with me for about two months when one evening she came to my room and climbed into bed with me.

"Just relax." Mom said in Voice I almost didn't recognize.

That first night we made love.
Deep passionate love.
It was sex like I had never had before.
Intimate, deep, and intense.
There was no rushing and no forcing.
Everything just came easy.

I don't know how many times Maureen came.
But, she worked three very intense orgasms from me before we passed out from exhaustion.

It was the next day I learned my mother was a nympho slut.

We had finished breakfast and Maureen had cleaned the table.

I was watching her with a raging hard-on, thinking about the previous night, when she walked over and kissed me deeply.

Climbed up on the kitchen table in front of me. She spread her sexy legs and pulled my head between her legs.

"I need to cum!" Maureen groaned as I devoured her yummy now bald pussy. "
"Don't stop! Make me cum!" Maureen cried in pleasure as lapped at her warm yummy juices.

Eating Maureen is way different than any of the girls I've been with.
When she starts to cum, it's like someone turned on a faucet, she cums so much and hard.
Plus, if she gets really turned on she will squirt.

This is the same time I learned my mother was a tushy girl.

I started fingering her ass I ate her out.
Playfully, I started rubbing her asshole with my finger.

"Don't fucking tease! Finger my asshole!" Mom cried in pleasure.

When I started to push my finger into her asshole.
Maureen relaxed her asshole.
Hooked her heels behind my back and held my hair as I worked my finger in and out of her greedy asshole, devoured her oozing slit.

"SHITTTTTT!" Maureen cried in pleasure as I stuck a second finger in her asshole.
instantly her asshole contracted and pulsing around the two fingers I had stuck in her asshole as her juices flowed.

After a very hard cum, Maureen pushed me away. Sliding off the table, and grabbing a chair, mom leaned over it and looked over her shoulder smiling wildly.

"Mommy wants her asshole fuck!"

"Lube?" I asked.

"Spit on it and stick your dick in my asshole and fuck me!" Maureen grinned.

I did what she wanted and pounded her in the asshole until I filled her guts with a very hard orgasm, forcing her into her own squirting orgasm.

"Holy fuck!" Maureen smiled at me as she leaned against the table catching her breath.
"That's a fucking cock!" she smiled eyeing my cock with a wild smile.
"My asshole is never going to be the same again." She finished with a laugh.

"Is that so?" I chuckled.

"Honey. That fucking thing is huge." Maureen laughed.

After a good shower, Maureen grabbed a tape measure from her sewing closet and measured my dick.

According to her.
It measured seven and five-eighth inches in length and seven inches in diameter.

"Yep. It's official." Maureen laughed.

"What's official?" I asked confused.

"I'm a size queen." Maureen grinned playfully.

Pulling her to me.
I pulled her up onto my lap facing me.
Eagerly she slid my dick into her wet pussy and started riding me.

As we gently fucked, we talked about us.

Mom laid out some rules for me I had to follow and her exceptions.

Her one big exception from me was sex.
A lot of sex.

"You can bang the fuck out anytime you want." Maureen grinned at me.

"Anytime I want?" I teased.

"Honey, God gave me a pussy to use. Not to set on a shelf." My mother grinned at me.

We fucked most of the rest of that day away and into the night.

The following weekend we were at the fair.
Mom was leaning against me with her back to me.
Her sexy ass was in the right position to be pushing right against my hard dick.

Leaning in, I whispered in her ear.
"I want some of that pussy."

Thank god we were setting out away from everyone else.

Maureen didn't hesitate.
She reached behind her and unbuckled my pants and pulled out my cock.
Adjusting a bit she slid my hard prick inside her wet.
"Just set there and enjoy. I'll do all the work." She moaned softly and deeply.

Slowly she started working her pussy muscles milking my hard cock.

Two minutes later, I felt Mom cum soaking my balls with her juices.
I didn't make her wait and filled her full of my seed.

"Shittt!" Maureen hissed as my dick swelled, pulsed, and twitched inside her gripping pussy as I filled her full of my seed.

"Maureen. That was amazing." I smiled as we walked down the street.

"Don't make me wait so long next time." Maureen giggled.

We are still lovers today.
Maureen still amazes me.
When she's horny. She's horny.
And when she is horny nasty.
She is a wild child in bed.

We will never have any kids and we will never be able to marry legally.

But, we will have each other.

Oh, and she does own a maid outfit that she wears on occasions.

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