Perfect Friends

by Dameon (OR)

It felt so good for Derrick to be fucking Cody’s butt. They were naked together right there in the kitchen, and Cody was leaning forward with his hands on the wooden bench as Derrick stood behind him, smoothly sliding his lubricated boner back and forth through Cody’s boy hole.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Cody was saying, loving the male interaction that was taking place between the two of them. It just felt so rewardingly male and wonderful that they could do this together as friends.

Again and again he felt Derrick’s rigid length of penis penetrating and filing his anal sheath fully, with his own hard boner curving out from between his legs like a purple-tipped spear.

“Geez, it feels so good to have your dick in my butt,” Cody exclaimed.

“It’s great having my dick your butt, Cody,” Derrick said. “I love fucking you.”

“I love to be fucked by you,” Cody said.

The two of them being together like this was something new for both of them. It had been unexpected, suddenly having this male-romance as friends. At first they had both been surprised and unsure, but it had been so easy getting naked with each other and enjoying the pleasure of having a boner together.

They had kissed and played with each other’s erection, and then they had sucked on each other’s dick, which had been so exciting to do, to actually have another guy’s hard penis in their mouth and to unashamedly enjoy that. Then impulsively Cody had wanted to know what it was like to be fucked by Derrick, and Derrick had obliged and spent five minutes fucking his hard boner into his butt, thrilling both of them.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Cody moaned, his eyes closed as he savored his sensitive butt hole being unbelievably stimulated like this in a way that he could only experience with another guy.

Derrick loved how significant it was to have his penis in another guy, and how it was such an incredibly masculine thing to do to fuck another guy’s butt. He stood there gently moving his hips and watching his hard dick disappear again and again into Cody’s accommodating butt hole, going in deep each time, all the way up to his balls, the enveloping softness of Cody’s anal sheath coaxingly caressing the length of his boner.

“Oh, man, Cody …” Derrick breathed, “my dick is so big and hard in your butt.”

“Oh, yeah,” Cody said. “It feels so big and hard having every inch of it fucking my butt.”

“I’m going to cum in you Cody,” Derrick said as he felt the urgency building within his stiff penis.

In the next moment he was ejaculating with a sudden intensity that took his breath away, as the semen surged from his hard penis. His thick male liquid pulsed out repeatedly, and it was so incredibly satisfying to deliver his sperm into his friend like this.

“Oh, geez!” Cody gasped as the excitement of his friend doing this in him was suddenly causing him to ejaculate. Helplessly and uncontrollably the semen shot from his rigid penis, sending long streams flying through the air, going completely over the bench to land four feet away on the floor with a splashing wetness. “AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHH!” he could hardly stand the powerful surges of his release as his male organ fulfilled itself.

“Oh … yeah … Uhhhhh … Uhhhh …” Derrick grunted as his boner continued to spasm in Cody’s butt. The head of his dick was swollen enormously as his semen pulsed through the opening without constraint, doing so with a satisfying nakedness.

Their culminating mutual sexual release began to ease, leaving both of them drained and catching their breath.

“Oh, geez …” Cody sighed. “It’s so great to be able to fuck like this as guys and as friends.”

“Oh, man … I have the best boners with you,” Derrick said. “And I love fucking my sperm into you.”

Even without fertilization taking place, the biological purpose of the reproductive act was not wasted between two guys. It was every bit as purposeful and intimate and personal to be so physically sharing as they had discovered and had now repeatedly enjoyed.

Derrick withdrew his now longer stiff penis from his friend’s butt and Cody brought himself up and turned.

“I just want to fuck you all the time, Cody,” Derrick said.

“I wanted to be fucked by you all the time,” Cody said.

They slipped into each other’s arms and kissed fully and wetly and passionately, with Derrick’s tongue plunging deep into Cody willing mouth. It was the perfect moment of friendship.

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