Pay The Rent: Pt 3

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Mike you need to go clean up and I will answer the door!” Joyce told me.

“Hi you must be Joyce,” April told her, “Susan told me you were pretty but oh my little girl!”

“Why don’t you set down and I will tell you about our Rental.” Joyce told her. They talked for some time when Joyce walked past our bedroom door with April. “April excuse the mess . . Mike shut the door!” I was just coming out of our bathroom and only had a towel around my waist. I saw April give me a big smile as she continued to her room.

“April we have one other Renter, Tom and he should be out in a minute so you two can meet!” Joyce told her. As they were coming back towards the living room Tom stepped out of his room, still naked, and introduced himself.

“Hi I’m Tom,” He told April.

“Oh Joyce I am so happy you allow nudist to Rent from you . . this is going to be perfect.” With that April said she would take her room and off she went to get the first month’s Rent money. Just like Tom . . April came back out from her room . . totally naked! Oh my . . her pussy was so hairy and . . well her pussy hair continued down onto her thighs! I could also see dark hair bushing out from under her arm pits! As she walked on by I could see she had lots of hair in the small of her back and hair was also pushing out from her butt cheeks . . Shit . . is she part ape!

“April . . Tom,” You’ll both have to excuse Mike and me . . we don’t mind nudity but . . we really aren’t nudist ourselves . . at least not till now! Mike what do you say honey . . should we get naked too?” Joyce asked me as she was stripping right there in front of everyone! “Come on Mike don’t be a baby . . remember Susan said we would have to embrace new things to ensure our Renters were kept happy . . do you want April to help you sweetie?”

With that April turned around and walked up to me . . reaching out to unzip my jeans.
“Come on little boy . . help mommy get these big boy clothes off of you!” She instructed me. She had my pants and underwear down in no time and I was left with only my shirt on . . well. . and my small penis on display in front of everyone! “My God Joyce . . does he fuck you or do you . . you know . . fuck his pussy in this marriage . . who’s the man here?”

“Stopped it April,” I tried to tell her but she had taken my tiny penis head between her thumb and finger and started pumping on him!

“Sweetie,” April spoke as she looked up and me, “Does your little clit get hard . . I mean . . can you cum like a . . well can you cum little boi?” She asked me. As she continued talking dirty to me I felt my cum begin to ooze out of my little . . still soft penis! “Oh Joyce look honey . . she can cum . . just like a big gurl . . good job sweetie . . good job!” April swiped my cum off with her fingers and brought them up to my mouth. “Lick up your sweet cum little one . . you did real good and made your . . mommy proud . . good job honey! I sucked her fingers into my mouth and . . yes I ate my own cum . . moaning I think!

We ordered in pizza and all sat around on our deck naked . . yes again outside . . for the world to see us! As it started to get just a little dark April asked Joyce to show her were the towels were; leaving Tom and me outside.

“Mike, since the girls are busy right now . . how about giving me another blow job . . come over here and suck me off again . . come on sweetie.” Tom demanded.

“Tom I can’t do that out here . . shit the neighbors can see us on our deck!” I told him.
“Ok hell we’re already naked outside . . they can see all they want . . but if you want . . then ok . . let’s go inside!” Tome told me as he stood up and turned outward like to make sure everyone could see his big cock! “Come on little gurl turn around and show your neighbors just how tiny you really are . . shit they better have field glasses to zoom in on it . . your little clit . . you know like April called her!”

We both walked inside and I thought he would have me set in my chair again but he lead me towards his bedroom. As we came around the corner we both could hear some moaning . . and yes as we peeked around into our bedroom there was April riding Joyce’s face finger . . and finger fucking her pussy. April looked up and both of us and just smiled!

Tom told me there was room on our King bed and had me set on the edge. He placed his cock at my lips and said I knew what to do. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it a few times then sucked into my mouth. Tom was just standing there so I had to do all the work. Shortly I realized that both Joyce and I were moaning as we working on another person’s sex!

I watched April lift off of Joyce and then walk out of our bedroom. Tom pushed me around to my hands and knees next to Joyce as he climbed up behind me to begin fucking me!

“Shit . . oh God . . Tom stop please . .” I cried out with Joyce watching Tom pound his cock into my asshole! April walked back in and she was wearing a Strap-On cock which she quickly pushed into Joyce’s pussy!

“Tom you are doing a great job fucking her little pussy!” April told Tom as he had built up to a steady pace fucking me. “This can’t be her first time . . is it sweetie . . your taking his pussy pounding quite well . . were you really a virgin . . well Joyce is she a virgin . . he’s been bred by other men . . right?”

I turned my head to see that Joyce had her eyes closed and was biting her lips . . she was so enjoying April’s cock fucking her pussy too . . moaning . . shit screaming wildly!

“Sweetie,” April spoke, “so tell us are you a virgin or has another man bred you pussy . . you know taken you without permission . . like Tom is doing now?”

“April . . . no Tom is the . . his cock . . shit he is the first man that has . . you know . . fucked me.” I finally it got my words out to her!

“Tell me sweetie, what is Tom fucking . . you know where is pounding his cock right this moment . . your sweet little gurl pussy . . right little gurl . . right!” April pressed me for my answer!

“Yes . . yes . . oh my God . . he is fucking . . shit he is cumming in my pussy right now . . oh yes . . oh Tom don’t stop . . please don’t stop!” Speaking again all but crying!

Next thing I realized was Susan standing next to our bed with a video camera in her hands!
Mike, sweetie,” Susan began, “Now that Joyce is back from her sweet little mind fuck; let me share with you both . . this is just the beginning . . yes Tom and April are paying you good money to live here . . but you both can make lots more . . more that you will believe . . and without actually Renting to additional people! I can set it up for men and women to stop by . . you know by appointment to use you . . I mean fuck you both! I knew you two would take to open and wanton sex . . and just think you are both getting paid for it! “Tell me you two . . isn’t this better than going into work everyday . . oh yes isn’t it now?”

I could hear Joyce trying to answer Susan but without any success. So I began to speak with her as Tom was still pounding my pussy.

“Susan,” I spoke softly, “I had no idea that by Renting we . . I mean both Joyce and I would be . . having sex . . oh yes . . getting fucked by others . . oh shit Tom please stop . . I’m going to cum again . . ah ah ah!” With that April had let my cum drip onto her hand . . but this time she place her hand to Joyce’s lips and yes Joyce licked my cum off her hand!

“You two can thank me later . . and yes you will thank me . . I’ll start sending others by next week and you two let me know just how the money is flowing in . . flowing in like cum . . oh yes like cum!”

“Bob, sweetie,” Susan closed with, “depending on how you do with all the new men . . usually black . . well just suggesting the you be real nice to Tom . . and let him finish . . opening you up . . you know finish training your sweet little pussy so the black men . . with their extra large cocks . . they can breed you on the down low . . and not rip you a part little gurl . . just let Joyce explain it if you don’t figure it out on your own!

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