Pay The Rent: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Susan, please let me explain,” Joyce began, “yes I did get his cum on my fingers and yes I . . well I smelled them and then I sucked on off clean in my mouth! Don’t look that way at me Mike . . so I wanted to taste his cum . . get over it!”

“Listen you two, Joyce put me on speaker now!” Susan shouted! “Both of you need to get over being stupid . . and now! You both need to understand that THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT with a stranger in your house and . . if you want to make good money . . then don’t be stupid and don’t’ . . I mean don’t speak to Tom about anything he might do that seems strange or different than you two do! You got that? I can’t send you Renters if you’re going to act like children . . shit grow up you two!”

Susan continued yelling at us both and then finally calmed down enough to speak about our next tasks! “Joyce you clean up the kitchen and the living room. Mike you go and see if his room needs to be cleaned and even make his bed if it needs it. Mike also check out the Guest Bathroom and make sure it was cleaned DAILY! You want Tom to see that you are happy he is staying with you . . you know giving you money to stay with you . . and the extras of course!”

Joyce started cleaning on the kitchen and I went to his bedroom first. His clothes from yesterday were on the carpet and his bed was unmade for sure! I picked up his jeans and why . . I wasn’t sure why . . but I opened them up to check out the seat . . you know to see if it was clean or not! My God . . I couldn’t believe it . . there was shit in his jeans . . hell Joyce was telling me the truth! Then I bent over and picked up his jock strap from the bed. He must have taken it off during the night . . hell it had fresh cum . . a big load in the jock strap pouch . . just setting there! I can’t tell you why but I laid down on the bed . . well I held his nasty jock strap up to my mouth and started licking his cum . . I felt my other hand pushing down my shorts as I grabbed my hardening cock . . then I pushed his jock into my mouth . . I was sucking his cum off of it! Before I knew it I was rubbing my crouch and I even had his jeans up to my nose . . hell smelling his shit!

“Mike what are you doing?” Joyce screamed! I looked up to see Joyce standing right next to the bed watching me being a pervert . . yes her husband . . getting off on another man’s nasty cum and shit! Next I felt Joyce mashing his nasty jeans on my face as she was pulling on my cock making me cum in her hand!

“Shit Mike,” She scolded me! “You just shot your cum getting off on licking Tom’s shit . . well drinking down his fresh cum . . wow! How could that turn you on . . I mean yes you always like licking and eating my butthole before . . but it was never . . I mean never as nasty as his shitty jeans . . well was it?” I then pulled Joyce down to set next to me.

“Joyce please don’t hate me,” I said crying, “I don’t even remember how this started . . well yes I saw his nasty jeans and . . well next I did smell them . . then I saw his jock strap on the bed . . and just like to said yesterday . . his cum was literally still runny . . I mean it flowed right into my mouth as I . . well as I sucked on it! Oh Joyce what in the world are we doing . . what has come over us . . hell come over me . . sucking another man’s cum . . his shit . . oh God it was good!” I asked her crying.

“Mike I don’t know but we need to hug and kiss and promise each other that we won’t get mad at each other if we . . if either of us get carried away . . again! This is all new to us . . I mean yes we enjoy sex . . but Tom is like . . right in our face!” Joyce said kissing my shitty lips!

Tom returned to our home early in the afternoon . . ate some lunch and then went out on the deck. Joyce and I were visit setting in the house reading when Susan called again to check on us. Joyce told me that Susan asked to speak with me so she gave me to phone and said she was going to take Tom out some iced tea.

“Mike,” Susan said, “I happy for you and Joyce that Tom is Renting from you. I have a few more folks that are interested but I wanted to asked you if your prepared to ensure your Renters are kept happy . . you know REALLY meeting their needs . . giving them the service they desire . . that they are paying you money for . . you know to live with you?” I listen to Susan carry on and pretty much understanding everything she was talking about . .but I didn’t tell her about MY adventure with Tom’s jock strap cum . . or his shitty jeans . . no way!

I began to wonder what was taking Joyce so long just giving Tom his drink so I walked over to our back door. There I saw Joyce on her knees with Tom’s cock in her mouth! What the hell I thought . . I was about ready to run out there and save her . . but then I saw her lift off of his big cock . . shit he wasn’t cut . . his foreskin slid back over his cock head! I saw Joyce leaning up as she began kissing him . . with tongue! Then I watched her turn back towards the house . . you know . . checking on me . . then she lifted her dress and Tom began fingering her pussy! Shit she had her head back and her eyes closed letting this stranger finger fuck her pussy . . in our back yard . . on our deck . . hell some of our neighbors can see onto our deck . . oh shit Joyce . . who are you!

About an hour later Joyce and Tom came back into the house and were acting like nothing had even happened. I watched Tom head off to his bathroom and Joyce go into the kitchen. Then I could hear her talking to some one . . she was on the phone. I went into our bedroom and quietly picked up the phone in there.

“Susan I was just taking Tom out some iced tea and when I walked up on him . . he had his cock out . . my God Joyce . . it is so big . . shit lots bigger than Mike’s!” I Joyce sharing.

“Joyce just get ahold of yourself girl . . remember you and Mike must take care of your Renters . . like I told you in the beginning . . they have needs too and since they are making your home their home . . you and Mike need to allow them to actually feel at home!” Susan was still talking. “Joyce it was just a blowjob . . and yes Tom fingered your pussy . . was it that bad . . I mean it wasn’t like he raped you right . . did her fuck you yet?”

“No he didn’t force me . . he saw me looking at his cock . . and he took his glass of tea and then . . well he told me to suck his cock! I guess I had a choice but . . my God Susan . . his cock looked so delicious! Like I’ve told you girlfriend . . Mike is more of a straight fuck . . a get it over with guy . . I mean his cock feels ok but we’ve never tried . . well Mike has never finger fucked my pussy . . shit or my asshole!” I have to admit that I had an erection now just listening to Joyce speaking about their sex on our deck!

“Joyce I have some more people that . . well want to Rent from you guys.” Susan shared. “So you can have your pick . . I have 2 additional men and 1 woman that are interested in you . . well in Bob too . . I mean in your Renting to them . . so what do you say sweetie?”

“Why don’t you send the woman over,” Joyce told Susan, “at least she won’t ask me to suck your cock! . . she doesn’t have a cock . . does she I asked?” I placed the receiver back on the cradle and walked out into the living room only to see Joyce getting off the phone.
“Mike that was Susan,” She began, “she called to tell us there was another person asking about Renting from us . . I woman . . I told her to send her over today!”

“Ok, but,” I started to speak, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just have two men stay here?” Joyce was already back into the kitchen and then she was walking towards our bedroom.
“Mike I think I’ll go take my shower early today . . you know get cleaned up before I start supper!” She told me.

“Hey Mike,” Tom was talking to me now, “you don’t mind if I am nude around my house do you?” Shit Tom was standing there naked as a jay bird and his cock . . wow his big cock . . it was just hanging between his legs as he walked closer to me. “I asked Joyce earlier . . you know when she brought me some iced tea . . and she thought you might be ok with it . . so Mike . . Mike look at my face . . shit little boy are you liking what you see . . you like my cock don’t you sweetie!”

With that Tom kept walking towards me and then stood right next to my recliner! “It’s ok sweetheart . . Joyce has already sucked me off and she said you should be next . . go ahead honey . . suck on this big cock!”

Tom didn’t have far to push his cock in into my open mouth! I couldn’t realize why I didn’t move away from his cock . . or why I even let him start fucking my mouth . . with shit . . his cock is big!

“Susan told me you and Joyce would be great people to Rent from . . shit this is better than the last people . . for sure!” Tom continued speaking to me as he kept fucking my mouth deeper and deeper.

Then I heard the front door bell ring and I tried to pull back from his cock but Tom grabbed the back of my head and kept right on fucking me! On the fifth ring I saw Joyce come out of our bedroom and as she turned the corner she stopped dead in her tracks!

“My God Mike,” Joyce said, “I didn’t think you would actually suck Tom’s cock . . I mean I figured you would say no . . have you sucked a cock before honey . . I mean just look at you!” It was then I realized that Tom had let go of my head and I was now gripping his cock with my left hand and pushing and pulling myself on and off of it! My right hand was rubbing the front of my jeans . . and yes I had an erection . . that was just NOW pushing out its cum into my pants! I watched Tom pull out of my mouth . . shooting his cum ropes all across my face and chest . . then he headed towards his bedroom.

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