Pay The Rent: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

My wife Joyce and I have been married 13 years and up until the last few months it has been pretty good. Right now things are getting a little rough as I have been laid off work with my benefits dropping off next week. The icing on the cake so to speak is that Joyce just lost her job due to “Economic Cutbacks” according to her company!

“Mike we are out of money in our checking and there is only $173.45 left in savings to roll over to checking.” Joyce shared with me. “My final check is only $369.02 because they took out the final payment against that Savings Loan we had taken out for our car!”

“I had no idea that things were this bad dear!” I answered her. “What can we do to bring in the replacement money we need?”

“Well Bob,” Joyce replied almost crying, “I don’t know but I asked Susan to stop by this afternoon to share what she and her husband Bob did when he was let go from his job and Susan’s job said there was ONLY some out of town work she could take on if she was really interested in it . . as her local position was going to done away with!”

Joyce was crying now so I told her to just go out on the deck and relax and I would review our Quicken checkbook . . just to see what we could cut off out of our spending! Finally around 2pm Susan arrived at our front door!

“Susan, come on in and I will get Joyce.” I told her. I called Joyce in from the deck and the three of us began to visit in our living room.

“Look you two, I can’t tell you it won’t be easy, but if you both really try,” Susan began with, “I promise you can make extra money to get you through this mess!” Susan went on talking and sharing several things her and Bob had tried but finally brought up the one that would work for SURE! “What we found to quickly bring in the needed money was we . . well we Rented out our two spare rooms!”

“You mean you brought strangers into your home?” I quickly asked Susan. “How did Bob react to that, I mean he has his pride . . I know this for a fact!”

“Well Mike,” Susan began, “Let’s just say that Bob and I sort of warmed up to the idea when we saw we could not only make the money we needed to replace our incomes . . but how we could actually make MORE than we have ever made in our lives by Renting out our spare rooms!”

“This sounds almost too good to be true Susan!” Joyce told Susan. “How did it work out love?”

“Joyce the hardest part will be on you Mike dear . . how about letting us two women talk in private first and then we’ll bring you back in for the final plans . . ok sweetie?” Susan instructed me. So I went out on the back deck and the two wives talked . . hell I guess for a couple of hours. Finally Joyce came out and sat down beside me.

“Mike,” She began, “Susan had to run but she told me enough for me to explain how it works to you too dear! Susan also told me that it worked so well for them . . they still continue Renting out their spares rooms . . in fact, SHE said she will find our Renters and keep us in business . . at no CHARGE! Mike I know this will be hard for you to take . . I mean buy into sweetie . . but please hear me out . . please let me finish then you ask your questions . . ok?”

Joyce began covering all the basic stuff I expected to hear about as to how we would provide the Rooms to Rent, along with the clean sheets once a week and allowing the Renters to use the shared bathroom between our Spare Rooms.

“Mike,” Susan then told me that if we offer meals too,” Joyce continued, “you being such a good cook . . she said the Renters would pay more to be able to eat where they sleep too! Plus Susan told me if we really made it feel like home . . you know for them . . they should also be good tippers!”

“This doesn’t sound that bad,” I told Joyce, “and I’ll be cooking our meals anyway so I guess we could charge them enough to cover the entire cost of the food too!? If you are willing I guess we could give it a try . . you know to see if it really works out or not!”
So we called Susan and told her we were in and she told us our first Renter could stop by in just a few days! So Joyce and I began cleaning up our two spare rooms and of course the guest bathroom! I even purchased some extra food just in case we could talk the Renter into us preparing their meals!

“Hi are you Mike and Joyce,” This man asked at our front door.

“Why yes we are, please come in.” We both sort of spoke at once. Well my worst case fears didn’t hit because this man was white, about 6’2” and maybe 170lbs. He wasn’t in a suit but his clothes looked ok.

“So what are you looking for Tom?” I asked him.

“Well a clean room of course and my meals . . yes I need to eat here . . can’t afford to eat out all the time! And I need my clothes washed and dried a once or twice a week . . how much extra would that be . . I mean do you wash for your Renters too?” Tom replied back!

“Yes Tom,” Joyce assured him, “between me and Mike we can take care of all of your needs . . can’t we Mike?” I just looked at Joyce thinking she might just acting a little too positive . . you know on our first chat and all!

We both took him to the rooms and offered him his pick since he was the first Renter and all. Then I showed him the Guest Bathroom while Joyce was heading to our laundry room with his first bag of dirty clothes. We feed Tom his supper and he took off for the deck . . setting out there on his cell phone for several hours!

“Mike,” Joyce began almost in a whisper, “When I emptied Tom’s dirty clothes out of his bad . . well I was shocked to see he didn’t have any underwear . . he just had jock straps . . and Mike they were so dirty!”

“What do you mean dirty Joyce?” I asked her.

“All but one pair were just gross with major pee stains and they were even stuck together . . you know I had to pull them open. So I made up a soak tub and put them all in there to pre-soak.”

“You said all but one . . well what was wrong with the other one . . how was it different . . you know from the others that were all stuck together?” I inquired.

“Well,” Joyce began, “oh Mike . . that jock strap was soaking wet . . you know dripping wet . . with . . with . . oh hell Mike . . it was soaked with cum. He must have jacked off before coming over here . . God Mike it was just totally covered . . even dripping with cum!”

“Jesus Joyce,” I answered her a little surprised, “Are you sure it was cum . . I mean he really shot his cum in his jock strap?”

“Mike, please . . please don’t be mad but since we don’t . . you know keep secrets in our home . . it got onto my fingers and before I knew it I was smelling them . . and then . . I . . shit I pushed my fingers into my mouth and yes . . trust me . . oh God Mike it was cum . . from his cock!” Joyce told me without even taking a breath!

“Shit Joyce,” I started to answer her back, “what were you thinking dear . . hell he might have some . .” But I had to stop yelling as Tom walked back into from the deck!
“Joyce and Mike,” he started talking, “I just wanted to say that I really like it here . . you know I really feel like it is home! I’ll head off to bed now . . I am one of those early risers . . just so you know!”

Off Tom went and first hit the bathroom . . pissing so loud it made us take notice . . then we could hear his bedroom door close.

“Joyce what were you thinking,” I began again!

“Oh hell Mike,” she answered me right back, “as soon as I knew . . you know when I tasted it and . . hell it was cum alright! I ran to our bathroom and rinsed my mouth out with Scope! But I have to tell you that I still have to soak his jeans because when I looked at them . . well you know a jock strap doesn’t have a back . . you know like your panties does . . well let’s just say that there WAS streaks of poop in back . . I guess Tom needs to learn how to wipe better!”

“Jesus Joyce did you smell his socks too?” I asked her, “What made you look at his jeans . . my God Joyce?”

“Well he only had two pair and one was turned inside out and the . . well you know . . the butt area . . hell Mike they must have ridden up into his butt cheeks because how else could his poop get on his jeans?”

“Enough of this Joyce,” I told her, “let’s get to bed too sweetheart!”
That night while we were making love I found myself slipping my fingers into Joyce’s butt cheeks.

“I’m clean Mike . . you won’t find any poop between my butt cheeks . . but if you keep humping me like you are . . well there will be cum in my pussy for you to finger and taste too!” Joyce whispered to me. As I heard her whispering dirty thoughts to me I shot my cum as hard as I ever had . . then I felt Joyce pushing me down to begin cleaning up her crème pie pussy!

The next morning after Tom left for work Joyce and I we still were setting in our kitchen when Susan called.

“So,” Susan began, “how did things go on your first day?”

“Well, pretty good Susan,” Joyce answered, “Tom liked Mike’s cooking and he said his room was big enough and this morning he told us he really like his bed!”

“So no issues or problems . . well that is great!” Susan spoke next.

“Well I wouldn’t say no problems . . shit Joyce tell Susan . . yes tell her!” I told Joyce.
“Well the only issue was that Tom asked if we would do his laundry too . . and when I emptied his bag of clothes . . well . . he had cum all over his jock straps.” Joyce told her.

“Shit Joyce tell her that . . here give me the phone!” I told Joyce. “Susan, Tom had cum in all of his jock straps and one . . was . . well Joyce told me that it . . he had beat off and shot his cum into a jock strap and then put it into this dirty clothes bag!”

“So Mike are you mad that Joyce found his cum soaked jock strap and not you? Shit Mike I didn’t know you were into men’s cum . . but what the hell that just might work out for the best!” Susan replied smartly!

“Don’t be stupid,” I told Susan, “Joyce is the one that tasted . .” That’s all I got out before Joyce grabbed the phone away from me!

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