Palm Springs Unexpected Events: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

The next morning at breakfast he heard about a Swinger Convention in town at the Holiday Inn. They were to also have a large sales display with about 50 booths! So we both dressed and headed over the convention.

Once inside, the first booth that had something of interest for us as they sold Sex Swings! I suggested Susan give it a try as the man selling them egged her on too! Susan, as usual had on a hippie style dress and of course no panties!

“Susan, I need to pee, so I won’t be a minute,” I told her walking away.

The Sales Man helped Susan lay back into the swing and then fastened her legs into the two binding straps! Then he placed her hands into the other two binding straps. As he pulled on a rope, Susan’s leg were pulled apart and as she tried to pull her dress down to cover her hairy pussy . . which was quite wet now beginning to drip.

The Sales Man pulled on the second rope and her arms were pulled to opposite sides of the Sex Swing. All this time she had been facing inwards to his booth. But he then turned the Sex Swing around facing outwards and as I walked up I quickly counted no less than 25 men and women snapping pictures of Susan.

“Look at her hairy pits and that hairy pussy, wow!” several people spoke while they continued to take pictures!

Just as I was almost made it to Susan I watched one girl step forward, dropping to her knees and started eating her pussy!

“Welcome to the Palm Springs Swingers Convention Susan!” The salesman yelled. I finally worked my way through the crowd of onlookers and spoke.

“We’re not Swingers, we are just visitors at the Desert Sun Nudist Resort, we’re nudists!” I told the Sales Man!

“Oh I am so sorry Susan, I thought you were a swinger so full disclosure . . you know . . pictures of your hairy pussy and well . . actual sex with another woman was right up your alley!” He said. Yet as he spoke Susan was still open to anyone walking by and their cameras . . and yes the girl was still eating and licking away at Susan’s pussy!

“Would you mind turning me around, now!” Susan yelled. I pulled the girl away from her now sopping pussy, and the Sales Man had Susan back towards the booth I watched what turned out to be his wife . . hell yes pushed a couple of fingers into Susan’s pussy . . as the Sales Man began taking a close up of her hairy pussy being finger fucked!

“Please untie me and help me from the Sex Swing.” Susan told him without sounding mad! I watched the Sales Man untie all the binders and help Susan sit up.

“Before you leave, may I show you how well the Sex Swing works for Anal Sex too?” He asked.

“Bob this second round is all for you dear!” She told me laughingly.

Susan took my hand and left the chair and then whispered to me, “drop you shorts Bob and climb in baby!” I followed her instructions and once I was laying on my stomach on the Sex Swing I watched the Sales Man switch it positioning with the ropes and found my ass cheeks sticking somewhat upward! I felt the swing begin to move and I saw it was Susan swinging me around to the crowd!

“Ok all you swingers, here is the free Boi Pussy on the menu for today!” I heard Susan yell. In less than a minute, I felt someone push their cock into my asshole and begin fucking me quite hard. “Sweetie don’t mind the crowd; I worked out a deal with this man . . the Sales Man . . for the free taste of my pussy for his wife AND your free ass as long as the line continues . . each fucker buys a Sex Swing . . well you enjoy while I do some more shopping. Turns out the Sales Man’s wife told Susan about a booth that had new Clit Jewelry she might like. His wife told me later that Susan did in fact find some Clit Jewelry she liked and was getting fitting help!

“Well Bob, I couldn’t believe it at the Sales Booth, I began speaking with the mother but she got a phone call, so the daughter took over. She helped me find 3 different Clit Jewelry sets and then offered her expert fitting assistance! She took my hand a lead me to a Changing Room . . grabbed a chair for me to set on . . and then she dropped to her knees and spread my legs. While her head somewhat under my dress she took the first set and began to stroke my clit . . to enlarge it then I felt her lean in even more and begin sucking on my clit!” Susan was getting excited just sharing this much with me!

“So I pulled my dress off over my head giving me full view of this girl attaching the first Clit Jewelry! Oh Bob, once she had it in place, she told me to stand up and feel the weight of it on my clit! As soon as I stood the jewelry fell to the floor; she told me I was just too wet. Bob she put her hands around me waist and pulled her mouth to my pussy . . sucking any and all wetness from my hairy pussy! Bob as she was going down on me I saw a few women walk up close to us and began taking pictures of this event! Yes it was sexy for my pussy to be on full display earlier today . . but her mouth was amazing . . yes the best pussy eater in my life! Then she put the second set of jewelry on and when I stood up it too slipped off my clit and dropped to the floor!”

“Bob this girl told me that for the Clit Jewelry to stay on my clit was going to have to get bigger so she lean back in and I felt her put her teeth around my clit and she . . the girl actually bit down . . I mean quite hard she bit on my clit! Bob just as I began to scream in pain, I felt her shove some of her fingers into my asshole and start fucking me. Two of the women standing around watching had stepped forward and grabbed my nipples and pinched them like they were trying to rip them off! Oh my God Bob, my body and mind . . oh shit especially my pussy went into one giant spasm and I had the most wonderful orgasm! As I opened my eyes I watch her mother push her daughter aside and she knelt down and started sucking the pussy cum flowing onto the floor!”

“Bob it was the mother then that attached the last set of Clit Jewelry and asked me to stand up. When I did the jewelry stayed in place and as I started dancing everyone could hear it making chiming sounds . . oh how wonderful it was pulling on my clit! As the mother stood up the daughter went back down on her knees to give my pussy one last suck and a sweet little kiss!”

“We hope you enjoy your new Clit Jewelry Susan . . and my daughter . . Jill . . well of course me too . . are available for House Parties with live Demo’s with just a little notice! Plus with your purchase (no cost) today . . I will be sending you Royalties’ from the video we captured from today! You are the most beautiful model we have ever enjoyed!” The mother told me! With that the mother pointed at a small camera on the wall that had been aimed at us the entire time!

“Bob, we just have to schedule a Home Party, we must!” Susan told me in a pant! “Jill was so sexy and so seductive . . I mean throughout the entire event . . oh and her lips . . oh my Bob . . I know you’ll get off watching her work on me and other women but I pray she will use her lips on your cock too. Trust me it will be the biggest cum ever! . . even the mother . . oh yes make me cum again!”

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