Palm Springs Unexpected Events: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan and I traveled to many cities during our year in California and Palm Springs was one of our favorites! We would always get reservations at the Desert Sun Nudist Resort for our fun and relaxing!

On our second day, we were out for our morning walk when I saw a woman carrying what looked like a picture or painting of some kind. Stopping her and speaking with her, she showed the picture, from a local artist that among other things showed a woman on her stomach with a leopard on her back, displaying his hard and long cock inside the woman’s pussy!

“Is this painting for sale?” Susan asked.

“Why yes, I just picked it up this morning from the artist and was bringing it to my studio.” She replied. “He put a $1500 dollar on it, would that be ok with the two of you?”

“Yes, that would be fine,” Susan shared, “Could you deliver it to the Desert Sun Resort later today? We still have a few more miles on our walk this morning!”

“Nudist are we,” She asked smiling, “Me too as I visit there quite often!”

That afternoon we received the painting in the front office, with us nude and Kathy, the Gallery Owner, fully clothed!

“You have an amazing body Susan, very nice!” Kathy shared. She acted like I wasn’t even there! So I left the two of them to chat and I carried the new painting back to our suite, wrapped it in a towel and pushed it under our bed. As I was coming out two men stopped me at the door.

“We heard in the office that you had just purchased an oil painting with a woman and a leopard engaged in sex, is that true?” They asked.

“Yes we did and well . . if you step inside I will get it out and show you.” I relied. With them walking behind me, I went to my knees and grabbed the painting. I put the painting on the bed and as I turned to get up one man already had it impressive cock hard and pushed against my lips! “Since you’re on your knees already . . you’ll blow me . . yes?” He said.

I looked at his cock for just a few seconds before he had pushed his cock fully into my mouth and started pumping in and out! With my eyes open I could still see our front door still standing wide open and our double window front window with its drapes pulled wide open too! While he was busy fucking my mouth I not only saw two women walk by our windows but I also saw the second man rubbing his cock producing his massive erection ready I assumed for the next blow job in line!

“He looks like he has done this before Tom,” The second man Paul said!

“Yea he’s doing a pretty good . . . oh err . . ah ah oh God . . .” Tom moaned pumping my mouth full of cum! I swallowed as much as I could but did feel some running out onto my chest. I began to look at Paul expecting his cock to move my way, when Tom pushed my shoulders around and facing the bed and next to our new picture, I found myself hanging off the edge of the bed and Paul moving between my legs!

“Get ready because you are becoming my new Pussy Boi!” Paul yelled as he buried this full cock up my chute! “My God Tom, too bad you’re not into anal sex because her pussy is the tightest I have felt yet!” Listening to Paul carry on I then could hear Tom speaking over by the door!

“Well no this instant a private party . . I mean we really just got here ourselves and Paul isn’t finished with . . hey what is your name little girl?” Tom said.

“Bob I finally moaned out.” with Paul still pounding his cock into my asshole!

“Sure come on in and join the party it’s not like we own him yet . . do we Paul?” Tom asked. I looked back over my right shoulder and saw 3 more men stroking their cocks awaiting their turns! It was when the next to last man that was standing ready to be next when my Susan walked back to our room.

“My God Bob, you should have at least shut the front door and drew the blinds!” Susan yelled, as she did both. Then as if Susan knew the last man she asked his name.”

“Julio and with Desert View Landscaping working here today, I happened to walk by your room and I could see this gringo giving up ass and I just to get in line!” He told Susan. “If you will hold my place in line I will tell . . the other 7 men in my crew to come over here to spend their lunch hour or hours!”

With that I heard the front door open and close and saw Susan standing behind the man fucking me as if she was actually saving Julio’s place in my fuck line!

“Bob I assume you want me to let everyone in that comes to fuck you . . right dear?” Susan asked me! “Bob how did they find out you wanted to have your first bisexual experience during this trip to Palm Springs . . did you tell someone. . I mean one of the first men today?” She kept asking me questions when the door opened again, not locked you understand, and Julio walked back in.

“Thank you senorita for holding my place,” He said. “This you man . . husband yes? With the current cock pulled out from my asshole Susan watched Julio move up behind me. “Senorita, you hold my phone por favor, the camera app . . it is open . . you make video of my fucking this new pussy . . I say thank you!” “Oh senorita you pussy is very sloppy but are still good fuck! He spoke. Maybe it was because of his lunch hour time because grabbing my hips Julio began to cry out. “Ooo ooo ooo see, Bueno carajo!” He moaned as he pulled this Hispanic cock out of my pussy and continued shooting cum all over my back!

“Bob, how about you take a break since Julio is the last man here?” Susan asked me. I had just climbed into the shower when there was a knock at the front door.

“Hola senorita, we come to fuck pussy, podemos?” He asked. Susan told me later both of these men had the cocks out already and both were hung like bulls! She was still nude . . bent over our bed . . taking one man’s cock into her mouth and the other man pulled up behind her shoving his cock deep into her pussy!

“Wow Susan should I get this on film?” I asked her just in time to watch these men trade positions.

“Bob they came to fuck your pussy and I gave them mine instead . . do you mind dear . . I mean you want to experience more breeding . . is that a yes little gurl?” Susan asked.

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