Pain And Pleasure

by Peter (Greece)

I was home on leave from the army, well, boy soldiers really and had just turned 18. I'd gone shopping to the local town's market and decided I had to visit the public toilets.

They were hidden down a back street off the market place. Inside were two urinals and two cubicals one of which was occupied. I took the second and slipped down my jeans and underpants to sit on the toilet.

It was then I noticed a hole in the wall to my right and I took a sneaky look through. I was amazed to see a huge cock being slowly wanted, clear fluid dripping from the piss slit at the end.

My breath caught in my throat and I felt a surge of excitement run through my body, my little cock hardened and rose to it's full four inches. I'd never seen anything like it before and I was even more amazed and truly shocked when the man in the adjoining cubicle stepped back a short way and I could see the nylon stockings and corset or Basque he was wearing.

His cock looked enormous and he moved forward again and fed it right through the hole. That hole must have been three inches in diameter and it was a tight fit for him and though the wall was brick and at least three inches thick, I reckoned eight inches of him protruded through.

My left hand was gripping and rubbing my own pathetic little penis and my right hand rose to gently feel that beautiful cock. I was mesmerized. I couldn't stop myself and I leaned my head closer, opening my mouth as wide as I could and engulfed his swollen, dripping knob-end.

I heard him groan and he started to thrust gently into my mouth as I eased my face closer and ever closer to the wall until his bloated cock lodged in my throat. He started face-fucking me and I sucked and drooled, saliva dripping down my chin.

Then, the first spurt of his spunk hit the roof of my mouth, he rammed his rigid cock into my mouth and every thrust brought a new jet of his cum. It squirted into my throat, filling my mouth and I gagged and choked and swallowed what felt like pints of his gooey, slimy spunk. I came too, my thin stream splattering over my hand and thighs.

He pulled his still hard cock back through the hole then leant forward and in a loud whisper told me to unlock my door! He wanted to come in my cubicle. With shaking hands I slipped my bolt back and he entered. He still only had on that Basque and stockings, his clothing in a bundle under his arm.

These he just dropped on the floor then standing between my legs, offered me his huge, spunk and saliva coated cock. It was a little softer and slid between my welcoming lips, straight to the back of my throat...then deeper! My tongue was out and I attempted to swallow as he pushed and his cock went gradually deeper and deeper until my tongue could lick his still spunk filled balls.

I'd never deep throated anyone before and thought I was going to suffocate but he instructed me to breathe through my nose as he withdrew then hold my breath as he thrust back down my throat again. I was in heaven! My inadequate cock was hard again and my hand slipped down again to fondle myself. He roughly slapped my hand away.

''Stand up, you little cocksucker,'' he said, ''I'll make you come properly. Like the filthy tart you are.''

He turned me to face away from him and bent me over at my waist. He spread my buttocks with his thumbs and then I felt his engorged cock at my virgin bumhole. I wanted to tell him to stop. I was frightened! But he grabbed my hips and with one huge push, forced his oversized cock into me. The pain was indescribable. Stinging, burning. I moaned and groaned, tears running down my cheeks. But the knob was in and he had stopped.

I glanced to my left and behold, another cock came through the hole. Smaller than the one jammed in my bum but still quite a size.

''Go on you little whore! Suck it! Get your dirty mouth around it.''

And I did. The pain in my bottom got worse as more cock was fed into me, an inch at a time and the drooling cock through the hole was deep in my greedily sucking mouth.

Oh God! I'd never felt so wonderful. The hard cock up my bum was going ever deeper. And he started fucking me. Hard long thrusts, pulling out until just the glans was in my bum, then in, very hard, again and again, deeper still until finally I felt his large balls banging against mine. He must have been eleven inches and he was fully in me.

That's when I started coming! I wasn't even touching myself and I started coming. My thin watery spunk spurted out, soaking my jeans and underpants. The cock in my mouth spurted too, jets of spunk into my mouth and throat and I swallowed greedily, relishing the salty bitter taste.

Then my fucker, my anal rapist, no, my lover pulled my hard cock on to his twitching swollen cock and hosed his spunk up my bum hole. I nearly collapsed. I was made to lick his cock clean then he dressed and opened the door to leave.

''Tomorrow, slut!'' He said. And I nodded dumbly in agreement and looked through the open door with trepidation at the group of men standing outside, waiting. Waiting to use me, their new little whore!

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