by Annon (England)

Mum was on the phone when I arrived home, I went into the lounge and flopped into an armchair, totally shattered. The door was open and I could hear mom responding to her caller.........

"You did WHAT! Oh you dirty bitch......what was he like?........No!..honestly....God!....you must have been gagging to do that."

The more I heard the harder my cock became and I wondered who mum was talking to.

"What was he like when he went down on you?.......Bloody hell hon...slurrping! You must have been runny then.....No! I’m wet myself now, you mucky slut.

I felt my dick seeping precum into my boxers but I resisted the urge to go to my room and wank myself off. Who could mum be talking to? I wondered.

"You let him undress you, what, up in your bedroom?......was it big? Oh my God! Never, past your wrist? Jeeeez!........well I might have known you sucked it, I mean you would suck cock for England you horny bitch......yes well it makes a change from licking and eating pussy as far as you're concerned."

It was no good, I had to do something or I’d erupt in my pants. I went out into the hall and stood behind mum, she fluttered her free hand as I pushed my bulging crotch against her big soft arse, tightly encased in her grey leggings.

"He made you WHAT? but you never do that, ever....will it ruin anything? Oh well if it’s only the bottom sheet then no problem, now you'll thank me for getting you that polythene cover for the mattress. Is he good then when he gives you his Goodies.......oh great......Four times!! Christ! He must be good...."

By now I’m groping mums ample tits with one hand while groping her crotch which felt damp as she leaked through her knickers and leggings, with the other wandering hand. Mum was evidently loving it as she parted her legs and pushed back against my aching crotch......

"Do you want him to call again, Ha! Ha! I bet you are you slag, you'll be walking bandy legged after the fucking he gave you, Oh Nooooo! Still...down your leg, oh my lord, what! You’re not going to shower yet, God you really are a randy cow, but I love you Sweetie. No, I’ll call you later on tonight...No I’ve got something that needs looking after....Yes...Yes Ok, Bye my love...Bye.

Mum disengaged herself from me and turned to face me.

"You were ear wigging weren't you?"

I nodded as I unzipped my jeans and fished my painfully beating dick from its confinement.

Mum looked at me, sank to her knees and softly nuzzled my jerking dick.......

"Mmmmmm! I know that smell, I know it so well"

So saying, she took my manhood in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the rim of the glans until I thought my legs were going to buckle. Instead, mum stood up, stepped back a pace or two and stared at my naked crotch.

"Bet you don’t know who I was talking to, do you!?"

I shook my head, suddenly aware I was about to be shocked out of my socks/

"Would you be surprised to know that it was Tammy calling me? yes That Tammy, my very own dear sweet darling sister who you have been busy ravaging and ravishing all afternoon.....you impressed her my lad, you certainly impressed her...and more, making her do that in her bed, she's never done that before, squirting while cumming, and then you have the almighty cheek to maul my tits and grope my crotch while I’m still talking to her, you might at least try not to be greedy and want more. "

Saying this, mum took my hand and led me upstairs.....she had something that needed looking after, as she told her sister.

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