Outside Looking In

by Anonymous

When alarm would go off in the morning I would reach for a small vibrator that was in headboard and hold it to her clit until she was moving her hips and pushing against it. I would bring her to the edge of climax then slow down. I would do this 2-3 times then just get up and get ready for work leaving her naked and with juice flowing from her pussy.

I worked a split shift at the time and would get home I wanted to keep my wife horny all the time so I came up with a plan that I slowly start to implement. around 2:15 each day. I would walk in and take her hand as I lead her into bedroom and take her clothes off before licking her pussy until she would be dripping juice into my mouth.

We would go to work and after work on the way home sometimes I would pull her panties down from under her work dress and finger her all the way home or I would guide her hand down and she would rub her clit and fuck her pussy all the way home. Next step was to get her to go take a bath at the same time each night before going into bedroom and going through the routine I got her use to.

I would go in ahead of her and put her vibrator and big dildo under her pillow, open window and put-up shade telling her to turn on overhead light and take her rope off in front of the window so I could watch her from outside. Then she was to lay down on top of blankets and play with her tits, sucking her nipples for me. Next step was to reach under pillow for vibrator and use it on her pussy until she was aching and wanting more.

Out would come the big fat black dildo that was 10” long and as big as a cuke. She would start to rub it up and down her slit and then work it into her tight creamy cunt. I would watch and listen from outside as she would start to fuck it deeper and faster, pussy cream would coat it sometimes as she fucked. Then I would come in and eat her before we fucked, some times she would suck my cock first making me cum from watching her. I added a blindfold after a while.

So, after a few weeks of this I came home one mid-day and said tomorrow I want you in bed masturbating when I come home. I came in real quiet and listened, I could hear her vibrator going when I walked in, she was quietly moaning as she played. So she got use to going in to take a bath at the same time and looking forward to fucking for me, she would go without being asked after a while.

We go to a party one night, I asked her to wear a skirt and stocking, no pantyhose. On the way there I am playing with her pussy, she gets so wet. We mingle for a while getting stoned and drunk, I say lets go outside to get some air. We walk into back yard of house and find a barn off by itself, we go down the side and find it opens into a small secluded spot.

We both take a leak and I pull her to me and start making out as I reach into her panties and rub her slick pussy some more, we then go back into party seeing some new faces. This guy starts to hang with us I watch him checking my wife out as we sit in a corner on a small couch him in a low chair across from us. My wife and I go back out a hour or so later and go back behind barn to piss again.

This time I play with her tits before sliding my hand into her panties and start to finger her deeply as I whisper in her ear how I want to watch her playing for this guy. She starts to move her hips pushing my finger deeper into her pussy, I keep telling her how turned on I would be watching him eat her and her sucking his cock, she climaxes with a gush soaking her panties.

I take her panties off and hang them on a branch, we go back in and sit in same spot, my wife lays her head on my shoulder as she is pretty wasted by now. I keep watching this guy checking out my wife’s legs, I slowly start to work her legs apart as I push forward to hand him a joint we have going, I then whisper in her ear to spread her legs more so he can see her lightly haired pussy.

She does and I watch as he gets a hardon watching her pussy. I then say we should get going and head for the door, once in truck I take her skirt off and lay her down watching her as she starts to rub her pussy on her own. I ask her if I can invite him over, shes so wasted she says who? I go back in and ask him if he would like to come over, he says sure, I say give us a hour then come on over.

She plays all the way home, I ask her to go take a bath when we get home telling her a friend is coming over. I ask her strip in front of window and play for us before we come in and fuck her. We watch as she turns on overhead light and drops her robe as she stands in front of window then gets on bed and puts on her blindfold before getting her vibrator out.

We stand there and watch as she starts to move her hips and listen to moan as she starts to get herself off. Next comes the dildo, she is fucking it deeper and harder as she gets so creamy. The guy has his cock out pump it as he watches her. He cums letting out a loud groan as he shoots long streams of com on the lawn.

We go inside and into bedroom, I move up to my wife’s face and suggest to him to taste her pussy cream. He goes down and licks her pussy like a starving man making her scream from pleasure as he eats her out. I slide my cock into her mouth, he comes up and sucks her tits before I guide his cock to her mouth.

She sucks his cock fast and hard before laying on his back as I guide her on top of him. He has a huge cock and she is whimpering as he pushes it deep into her aching pussy. She starts to ride him and fuck him hard. She climaxes several times before he fills her with his cum. I am behind them fingering my wife’s ass as he fucks her. We fuck her all night long.

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