Outed During Playing Cards

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan and I were now living about an hour outside of Boston, MA where I was going through my AIT Electronics Training during my time in the US Army. Like most young couples we were living off base renting an apartment; one of eight in this two building complex.

We were sort of close to some other couples renting in this complex; but the ones that still seemed sort of strange were Chip and Sandy. Chip was a large man looking like he was a walking damage machine! Sandy was cute enough in my book but she seemed quite rough around the edges or so!

Susan told me that Sandy had finally asked if we wanted to get together to play cards. So this coming Saturday night it was setup and the two of us was to head over to their apartment and bring some chips and dip. Once we arrived that night we played various card games until about 11pm when Chip suggested we close the evening and play a round of strip poker! Susan and I looked at each other in shock and began to make excuses!

“Come on you two,” Sandy began to speak, “Surely you two have played strip poker before and if you haven’t . . well shit . . Chip and I are just the people to teach you . . you know so that are aren’t embarrassed or anything!” Finally Susan told me maybe we should give it a try . . well because since Chip wasn’t in the service . . well I wouldn’t run into him on base or anywhere.

So Chip started dealing the cards and like clockwork Susan lost the first hand so . . not knowing we would be playing strip poker . . she wore her standard peasant dress with no bra and only panties! So here was Susan setting now just in her panties with her breasts on display . . and of course her nipples rock hard!

Chip dealt the next hand and Sandy lost so she slipped her shirt off over her head but she had a bra on . . even still it barely covered her nipples. Sandy then lost the next hand too and off came her jeans. Wow her panties were to smallest I have ever seen . . and she was wet . . I mean everyone saw the large wet spot in front when she pulled her jeans down!

Chip threw out the next round of cards and I lost that round so I took my tee shirt off. I was really thrown off my Chips comment that quickly followed!

“Dam Bob,” He all but shouted, “Your nipples are as big or . . shit bigger than Susan’s . . dam boy . . we might have to get you a bra!” I told Chip to shut up and just deal the next hand but I could see him and Sandy starring at my nipples which . . I guess made them even harder . . why shit I don’t know!

The next hand we dealt and Chip finally lost this round and he too took his tee shirt off . . and man what a chest this guy had . . rock hard for sure! The next hand came out and Chip lost again so he stood up and pulled his shorts down . . but instead of just his shorts his underwear came down too!

“Sorry . . hell,” he shouted, “Sorry about that you two!” But it was too late . . both Susan and I saw his monster cock . . shit it must have been 8” long still soft . . hell it was hanging like it was trying to reach the floor! He pulled his underwear back up but they did NOTHING to hide is big cock! Not as big but even Chip had a wet spot on the front of his underwear . . like Sandy . . what the hell!

Susan then told everyone that she needed to take a pee break which lead to everyone heading to the bathroom. Susan and I went in together and while she was peeing I couldn’t help but point out just how big Chip’s cock was.

“I saw it too Bob,” Susan replied. “My God how does Sandy handle that monster in her pussy . . she must be in pain the entire time . . well when their fucking!” We finished up and opened the door. Sandy was on her knees sucking Chip’s cock right in front of us.

“Sorry you two,” Sandy said, “You were taking too long and we got bored!” We watched her get up and walk into their bathroom. Still somewhat in shock we then saw Sandy set down on the toilet and begin peeing . . without closing the door! She finished and wiped then stood up and took her sweet time pulling up her panties . . as if she was flashing us. Susan and I went back to the table to continue the card game but we had no problem in hearing Chip pissing . . it sounded like a fire hose shooting at the toilet water!

Finally we were all back and ready to play cards again. Chip passed out the cards and I had the loosing hand. So I took my jeans off seeing that the two of them were staring at my underwear. I knew they could see I had nothing . . I mean compared to Chip I had nothing to show off!

I began to worry and sure enough the next hand was dealt and I lost again. All I had left were my underwear. “Ok I guess I loose and the game is over!” I claimed.

“No way Bob,” Sandy shouted, “We play until there is only one person that still has any clothes on . . then they are the winner . . we don’t count losers!”

“Come on Bob play fair . . just take your underwear off . . it will be ok sweetie!” Susan told me. So I stood up and pulled my underwear off.

“My God,” Sandy said, “Chip Bob doesn’t have a dick . . shit Susan . . where is Bob’s cock . . I mean just how tiny is he girl?”

“Sandy give him a break,” Susan replied, “So what Bob has a tiny penis . . shit not everyone can be hung like Chip . . shit girl . . how in the world can you handle his monster cock fucking you anyway . . I mean where does it all go?”

“I guess there is only one way to find out . . right Chip?” Sandy said almost laughing. “Susan I can tell you had no idea what a real man’s cock feels like . . so Chip help Susan out!

I was in shock as I watched Chip stand up . . pull his underwear off again . . and moved up next to Susan with his cock right in her face!

“Go ahead Susan,” Sandy encouraged her, “Just suck it and get an idea how wonderful a man size cock can be . . go ahead!” Chip then pushed his cock head against Susan’s lips and then I saw her open her mouth and begin to lick it! Chip allowed Susan to get to know his cock as I saw Susan take ahold of it . . shit with both hands! Now that Chip was hard she had room to hold him with two hands and was still sucking several inches of cock into her mouth!

I was amazed how Susan was now sucking his cock and even moaning . . now she used her hands to grab his ass cheeks and was pulling him in and out of her mouth! I had never seen Susan so turned on . . God her moans were getting louder . . then Chip unloaded his cum into her mouth and though she was trying to more cum was shooting out of her mouth than was going down her throat!

“Chip stop . . you hurting Susan!” I yelled. But Susan didn’t let go of his ass cheeks. She had a death hold on his body and was still trying to suck him and swallow at the same time! Finally Chip pulled his cock out of her mouth and I thought all was done . . but he reached out taking her hand . . then I watched the two of them walking into the bedroom.

“Susan,” I started to yell. But Sandy quickly moved up to me . . kissing me and told me to follow her. She pulled me by the hand into their bedroom too. She laid down on the bed and told me to get down and eat her pussy! Even though I wanted to taste her I was frozen watching Chip begin pushing his cock into my Susan’s pussy. I guess I was surprised that he was actually being gentle with her and didn’t act like he was raping her at all!

“Fuck me Chip,” Susan screamed, “my God fuck me with you big cock . . oh . . uh . . oh shit yes!” I couldn’t see much more because Sandy pulled my mouth down hard on her pussy and it was wet . . no leaking but . . shit her pussy juice was actually running out into my mouth! I was swallowing as much as I was licking . . Susan never was this wet . . I mean never!

Although my mouth was quite busy I could still hear and could I hear! Susan was crying out . . no screaming with desire . . I think she was fucking Chip more than he was fucking her! The bed was shacking like it was about to fall apart . . Sandy and I were both bouncing up and down . . being taken on the fuck ride along with Chip and Susan!

“Uh . . oh God . . uh uh . . oh Bob . . my God Chip . . don’t stop . . please don’t stop!” Susan was now all but crying as she was lost in her orgasms! Finally I did fell the waves settle down on the bed and could hear Chip moaning out loud as he emptied his cum . . this time into my wife’s pussy!

Sandy pushed my head away and then pulled me up on top of her! “Come on Bob . . you want to fuck me too . . right sweetie . . can’t you get hard . . out shit Chip he is hard and he still doesn’t have a cock . . my God!” Sandy was holding me tight against her body as I felt Chip pushed between our legs . . oh shit!

“Susan you think Bobbie should find out just how great my cock feels . . what do you think . . he should . . right?” Chip was taking to Susan but he wasn’t waiting for her answer.

“Ooooooh shit,” I screamed, “Stop stop stop . . oh shit . . Susan help me!” But she didn’t or wouldn’t ask Chip to stop. He wasn’t fucking me with all his cock but he was pushing in enough so it felt like I was being ripped apart!

“Bob just let Chip fuck you sweetheart . . it hurts now . . but I bet after just a few more times . . I know you will beg him to fuck you honey!” My Susan told me! “Bob I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful his cock felt . . shit filled me like you never have . . never could sweetie!

“Susan love,” Sandy spoke, “You and Bob can have Chip fuck you but you have to get over here and eat my pussy . . in payment . . oh yes Susan I knew you would be a good pussy licker! Hell I bet Chip . . I bet Susan will turn lezzie before to long . . shit Susan your eating my pussy like a pro already . . my God girl . . you go!”

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