Our Trip to Monterey: Part 2

by John G (Fresno, Ca. USA)

The next morning, I woke up and when I realized I was alone in bed, I looked around the room looking for Sara I heard the shower running. After a few minutes the water stopped and Sara came out wrapped in a towel and rubbing her hair dry with another towel, she smiled you're awake! hit the shower get dressed and we'll get something to eat then head out for the day.

She drops her towel and is standing there in the nude I take in the sight before me her perky 34B breasts, flat stomach flaring out to her 36" hips, her neatly trimmed hair over her pussy to her firm ass and toned legs. She looked at me and smiled so, I reached out and grabbed her ass and began fondling it she laughed slapped my hand away and said later bro now go clean up I'm starving!

I showered and when I came out she had put a tank top and a pair of shorts I dropped my towel and began to get dressed she sat on the bed watching me I looked at her what? Oh nothing, I just wanted to see the dick that fucked me last night I faced her naked put my hands on hips well, how does it look? Wow you are hung! no wonder my pussy is hurting you're twice the size of my ex! She took my dick in her hand and stroking it lightly at first then as I became erect more firmly until I was fully erect.

She was like OMG I can't believe I had this big cock all the way in my pussy! Suddenly she stopped Okay get dressed let's go! Wait, what I can't go out like this! Okay wedge it in your shorts or beat off I'm going to get breakfast and with that she got up and left me standing there fully erect. I cussed, got dressed and headed out. When I got to the lobby she was already eating and drinking coffee at a table with another couple at the next table.

She looked up well bout time you got here, I got you eggs and bacon with milk. I sat down and ate with her talking about our day ahead soon the other couple finished and left. Sara watched them leave and then said we need to talk about last night, I said go ahead she goes last night was wonderful I didn't expect to get laid and certainly didn't expect that it would be my stepbrother!

She asked how do you feel about it? I told her I didn't expect it either and I have to admit I always fantasied about fucking you. Did you enjoy it? she asked well I came in you twice so I think the answer would be yes! She smiled good but you know we can't have any kind of relationship our parents would kill us and since my tubes are tied I can't and don't want to have any more kids.

I held her hands and replied you are right so as far as I'm concerned last night was a fantasy that came true for the both of us right? She smiled said yeah I have jerked off about you too! Then we don't have to feel guilty or anything we'll keep this to ourselves. Agreed then Sara seemed to be thinking we have the room for the whole weekend, right? Yeah so? How about this for the rest of the weekend we are a couple of newlyweds on our honeymoon that way we can have our fantasies fulfilled what do you think? I leaned over kissed her on the lips agreed! she kissed me back great lets get our day started.

We went sightseeing again just like yesterday only this time that was more hand holding and a lot of kissing people would be walking by no doubly thinking we were just a horny young married couple. We went to the beach in the afternoon played and made out like couple of teenagers in the water until the fog rolled back in so, we headed back in changed went back out for dinner.

We were kissing during the dinner and after several drinks our passions were definitely running high she told me lets head back before we start fucking each other on the table! so we hurried back to the room and the door had no sooner closed than we were all over each other running our hands all over our bodies then pulling each other's clothes off I sucked and licked her nipples while her hands were busy jerking my cock to erection she then dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth sucking and stroking me vigorously after several minutes she took her mouth off looked up and said enjoying that lover?

Oh yeah lover! Good and then she put my cock in her wonderful mouth and began sucking the head while jerking me off OOHH SHIT I'M CUMMING I gasped and then my cock exploded pumping my cum into her mouth, she swallowed every drop. She slowly sucked and squeezed any remaining sperm out of my shaft into her mouth.

She took my cock out of her mouth and said I never seen anybody come so much before!, are you always like this? Yep and now it's your turn with that I picked her up off the floor set her on the bed pulled off her panties and began sucking and licking her cunt and clit, within a couple of minutes she was moving her hips, her hands rubbing her tits and pulling on her nipples moaning then she lifted her ass off the bed screaming I'M CUMMMMMINNGGG as her orgasm hit her, she lay there breathing hard trying to come down when I stood up placed her feet on my shoulders and pushed my still hard cock into her pussy.

We both moaned as I sank into her all the way to hilt than I began fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. I slamming into her hard and fast, she was loving it THAT'S IT BABY FUCK ME HARD FUCK ME HARD TEAR MY PUSSY UP WITH YOUR BIG DICK OH SHIT OH SHIT I'M CUMMMMING AGAIN!!

I fucked her all the way through her second orgasm and then without giving her a chance to recover I pulled out turned her over on all fours re-entered her from behind and began fucking her doggie style hard and fast soon she was screaming she was coming again when her third orgasm hit her pussy muscles clamped down around my cock and that sent me over the edge I shoved my cock all the way to the hilt and held there as I filled her pussy with cum finally after the last stream of sperm was pumped into her I collapsed on top of her.

We lay like that for several minutes catching our breathes, she gasped that was a great fuck! I can't believe how much you can come! I pulled out and lay next to her kissing and hugging. We fucked several more times that night and then when she was taking a shower the next morning, I snuck in surprised her and fucked her in the shower so, needless to say we could barely walk to the front desk to check out not to mention the blowjob she gave me while driving home.

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