Our Trip to Monterey: Part 1

by John G (Fresno, Ca. USA)

My step sister Sara and I have always been close in fact a lot of people at first glance they would consider us a couple as we flirt and tease each other all the time if they didn't know us, I was 28 6'2" and around 204 pounds, she was 26 5'7" with brown hair, brown eyes divorced with two kids ( boy and girl). One day I called her up and asked her if she would like to go to Monterey with me for a three day weekend? Sara replied well my ex has the kids for the whole weekend so Hell Yeah! are you sure you can get a room this close to Labor Day?

Have some faith in me will ya? see you Saturday morning around 7:30, Okay you better come thru or I'll kick you in your private parts! after she hung up I placed some calls to hotels in Monterey and got lucky in the last place I called as they had just gotten a cancellation so I booked the room packed up some stuff in a bag and got some sleep. The next morning got up showered, ate something and drove over to Sara's to pick her up got there just in time to her ex drive off with the kids pulled up knocked on the door and went in. She was standing there wearing a tank top and shorts next to three suitcases.

Jeez what did you do pack the entire house?, Shut up and carry them out to the car will ya! I picked up the suitcases OOF these way a ton!! that earned me a punch in the arm and a laugh. I loaded everything in the trunk we piled in and took off. It was a three hour drive there and we joked, teased each other and laughed the whole way. We got to the hotel, checked in went up to our room and found out that the room came with only a queen sized bed! Sara said what are we going to do? I called the front desk to see if there was something else and they were booked up, I told her they are booked up lets just throw our stuff down and go have some fun and we will figure this out later.

So we walked down to Cannery Row and she proceeded to drag me through every shop that she could find somewhere during the morning I reached out and took ahold of her hand she didn't resist she just smiled and we kept walking. We wound up at the Aquarium took the tour, had lunch. Since it was only 1:00 pm we decided to head back to our room change into our suits and hit the beach so we walked back holding hands the whole way.

She went into the bathroom and changed first came out wearing a one piece suit with a tee shirt over it she spun around how do I look? I took in the sight before me the suit clung to her figure from her perky breasts to her beautiful ass and toned legs, You look fantastic every guy on the beach will be looking at you! She blushed and said thanks now change and let's go!

I managed to change quickly and we drove to the beach. We parked and walked to the beach put our towels down and laid out in the sun after a while Sara looked at me want to race me to the water? Sure wants the bet? Winner gets the bed she replied and then she took off running, I scrambled up and took off after her I caught up to her just before the water's edge and we both dove in at the same time we surfaced and she was like I WIN and I was NO i WIN!! we both laughed splashed and dunked each other for a while before we got cold and headed back up to our towels and laid out.

Periodically she would get up and walk down to the water to cool off and I found myself looking at her (along with several other guys) thinking Damn she has a great ass! and getting aroused. Finally around 4:00 the fog started to blow in and we decided to head back clean up, change and go have dinner we got back to the room, showered and headed to a seafood place for dinner then walked around some more before heading back for the night.

When we got back I said since I won I get the bed she said no I won I get the bed loser! Well neither of us fit on that couch so what do we do? I asked Sara said lets both of us use the bed you on one side I get the other she grabbed a shirt and went into the bathroom to change I stripped to my underwear climbed into bed.

Sara came back out saw me please tell me you wearing something! Yeah I always sleep in my underwear, She paused then shrugged her shoulders climbed in the bed and turned off the light said good night and rolled on her side facing away, I was facing her back and could see her figure under the blankets. After a hour I thought she was asleep and I was too excited to drift off I slowly moved my hand under the covers and placed it on one of her ass cheeks and squeezed it so lightly.

She didn't react so I ran my fingers up and down her thigh this elicited a soft sigh and my cock getting hard after several minutes I took a chance and slowly ran it up her stomach under her shirt and found out she wasn't wearing a bra I cupped her right breast gently squeezing it and rubbing her nipple to erection she moaned softly in her sleep.

I stopped for a minute so I could reposition my body so that my cock was right against her ass and then resumed fondling her tit as I began rubbing my cock against her ass dry humping her slowly after several strokes I eased my hand down her body until it rested on her panties then I slowly worked it under them and began to rub her cunt starting with the lips then zeroing in on her clit.

I began rubbing it causing her to moan and start grinding her ass against my cock suddenly she said I was wondering when you were going to make your move I stopped you're awake?! Yes I am so don't stop what you doing! I picked up rubbing her clit she began moaning and she reached around grabbed my cock and began jerking me off.

She suddenly stiffened and cried out I'M CUMMING! as a powerful orgasm surged thru her body, After her orgasm was over we just looked at each other than began kissing while frantically removing each other's underwear then I positioned myself on top of her and pushed my 9" inch cock into her pussy and began fucking her hard as I could because I was so aroused I came after a few strokes.

After my cock was done pumping her pussy full of cum I gasped I'm so sorry I came too soon she replied don't worry then she flipped me over on my back, straddled my legs took my limp cock into her mouth and began sucking me off as soon as it was hard she straddled me reached down positioned my cock at her entrance and lowered herself down on me.

She rode me as hard and fast as she could I rubbed, pinched and sucked on her nipples as we fucked. We were both groaning and moaning as orgasms approached we both cried out as we came together her cunt muscles clenched and released as I pumped more sperm into her cunt as her orgasm rippled thru her finally she collapsed next to me where we spent the next cuddling and kissing until we both fell into a deep sleep.

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