Our Son

by Anonymous (Florida)

Our son Joey turned twenty one last week. My crazy hubby told him he would take him and five of his friends out to the strip club to celebrate and the night would be in him. The boys come to the house and hubby takes their keys and says no need for these since we have a limo and you’ll be staying here tonight.

I have their keys, the limo is here and off they went. I can’t sleep for two reasons. I’m worried about them and I’m horny waiting for hubby to come home and fuck me. It’s 4am and I hear a car and everyone is here. I’m disappointed since hubby went to sleep in the spare room. Joey comes in my room and asks mom are you awake.

I say yes did you have a good time. Joey said we had a great time and the guys will never forget it. I said I’m glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. I was laying on my belly and I was naked under the comforter thinking I was going to be fucked by hubby. Joey pulls the comforter down and starts to rub my shoulders.

Both he and hubby like to walk around in their boxers and I don’t have a problem with that. Joey asks mom how does that feel and I tell him great. Joey is now sitting on my butt rubbing me but he’s now rubbing the sides of my big tits trying to feel my nipples.

I said to him young man didn’t you see enough women tonight and he says yes but none were as pretty as you. He pulls the comforter down and is now rubbing my lower back. He’s still trying to rub my nipples and I won’t let him. All of a sudden he pulls the comforter completely of me and he sees my naked butt.

I jump up and tell him ok that’s enough. I didn’t realize I was naked and when he saw my big tits his eyes were wide open. He says ok mom I’ll be a good boy so lay back down and let me rub your whole body. He’s rubbing my waist area and goes up and down my legs. His hands feel so good and I don’t want him to stop.

He’s working my inner thighs and just missing my pussy. I was already horny thinking hubby was going to fuck me and Joey says ok mom time to turn over. I turn over with the comforter covering my front and Joey says do we really need to keep you covered up. I said yes I’m your mother.

He pulls the comforter off me and throws it on the floor and I ask him young man what are you doing. He says I have the sexiest mom in the world. He starts to rub my big tits pulling and playing with my big nipples. I’m getting so wet and horny as his hands are now traveling up and down my legs.

This time he’s touching my pussy and I can feel his cock is rock hard in his boxers. Joey stands up and pulls down his boxers and he has a big cock like his father. Joey puts two fingers inside me and grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. I look at him and say Joey this is so wrong and what are we doing.

Joey says mom I’ve always wanted to be with you. OMG with that I put his cock in my mouth and start to suck it. Joey says mom you suck a great cock and I tell him I’ve had plenty of practice. Joey puts his head between my legs and starts to lick and suck my pussy.

I ask him so I’m what are we going to do now, he looks at me and says mom I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. He climbs from between my legs, which are spread wide open and he’s rubbing my pussy with his cock. Joey says mom grab my cock and put it in your pussy.

I grab it and he slams his cock into me. OMG I cum instantly as he’s fucking me. Oh yes Joey fuck mommy give her all your big young cock. He’s fucking me when I feel his cum deep inside me. We both lay there but Joey has other plans for me. He rolls me over and his cock is still hard and he’s pushing it against my ass.

Oh no Joey not my ass when I feel his cock enter my ass. Oh yes son fuck mommy in her ass as he begins to pump my ass. I can’t believe this is happening but it feels to good to stop it. He cums in my ass and I cum hard and he pulls his cock out my ass and puts it in my mouth. Mmmmmmm I love the taste and it’s time for him to go.

Joey pulls me to the edge of the bed and says mom I’m going to fuck you one more time and then I’ll leave. I spread my legs and say give me your big cock son, fuck hour mother and he slams his cock deep inside me. I cum multiple times and he cums deep inside pulls his cock out of me.

Joey leans over kisses me putting his tongue inside my mouth and says mom I will be fucking you now on a regular basis and don’t you ever refuse me. I look at him and say mom will never refuse your big cock. He kisses me again, puts his boxers back on and says good night mom. Ok now my mind is running wild so what’s next for mom.

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